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Bird cage


Layton, UT | 3 Hours
I bought this bird cage, but it turned out I can't use it. It comes with 4 little hanging toys a wall perch, and 2 perches that go all the way across. It has a tray that slide out of the bottom for easy cleaning. I'm asking $40 OBO. Thanks text is best. more
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Bird Cage


Provo, UT | 4 Hours
I have this bird cage for sale I'm asking $40 for it don't need it anymore it's just talking up space need it gone text Issac @ 801-471-1248 no calls or emails because of work and school schedule more
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Looking for nuns pigeons


Providence, UT | 4 Hours
We are looking for some German nuns or nuns pigeons. more
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Mated Cockatiels With Choice Of Cage


Roy, UT | 6 Hours
Born December 2011. We have owned them for 4 years. We purchased them from the original owners in 2012. They have had one offspring which we are keeping. We have two cages and you have your choice of which one you would like. The large cage is 54 inches tall 18" deep and 30" wide with wheels and two large entry doors with smaller doors on each large door. Cage is Black in color. The smaller cage is 20 X 20 square X 29" tall. Top of the cage opens where a stick can be installed and they love to hang out above the cage. Also comes with mating box and homemade play tree. They are really tamed, especially the father. Mother is a little shy but will get on your finger. more
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Silky polish Mix Cross Chicken


North Salt Lake, UT | 7 Hours
Check online for pictures of this special mix! Mother polishFather silkyWill be available beginning of June. 20 dollars for 1 week olds40 for 4 week olds available around July 4. I will only be hatching pre-orders. Perfect for owning two birds as they are very social. A lot of chicken lovers even diaper these birds in winter to allow them inside. The mother is very social and likes to sit on laps and be showered with affection. more
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Green Conure


American Fork, UT | 7 Hours
Green Conure with cage and food. Good with other birds, and animals. Very friendly and can say her name. Please text with any other information. more
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Brand new double macaw cage


Taylorsville, UT | 7 Hours
Color Black A&E quality brand double parrot cage with divider. New in box . 80 x 40 x 74 If interested please call or text. Thank you more
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Special Pallid Indian ringnecks cage/toys/food


Taylorsville, UT | 7 Hours
Very special grey and blue pallid (lacewing) indian ringneck babies.50% deposit will hold until weaned. Only 2 available of these special colors. If you have any questions please call or text. Please also check us our on fb facebook@tracisparrots4u.com to get to know us, our birds and our clients. more
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Bird Cage


Cove, UT | 10 Hours
Large bird cage. It is in pretty good shape. Comes with 2 stainless bowls. 22" wide 16" deep and 26" tall. The top opens up for easy cleaning. more
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Large bird cage


Salt Lake City, UT | 11 Hours
Large barely used bird cage for sale in good condition. I only used it to rehabilitate a bird for a short period of time, now I no longer need it. Dimensions are 23 1/2 (W), 23 1/2 (L), 53 1/4 (H) Lid is removable and bottom tray slides out for easy clean up. Has 2 vertical sliding doors, and 2 latch doors. Comes with 4 feeding/water containers, 2 wooden perches, a rope, and a wooden ladder. Call or text if interested more
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Lg. Bird Cage


Lehi, UT | 12 Hours
White bird cage, food and shavings! more
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Salt Lake City, UT | 12 Hours
Don't have birds anymore. more
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Bird Cage


Lehi, UT | 12 Hours
Relatively new bird cage. For sale at $25.00. We bought it for a cockatiel. Please feel free to text or email me with any questions. more
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Bird cage


West valley, UT | 12 Hours
Great condition bird cage 36T x 24W x 18DComes with everything you see. more
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Big Cage


orem, UT | 13 Hours
For 2 cocktails parakeet or Zebra! Is what I used to use it for! In good conditions Text only more
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Breeding pair of white zebra,


Salt Lake City, UT | 14 Hours
$30 for breeding pair of zebra, if you want cage and nest, its extra, call for detail more
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Breeding pair of Senegal,


Salt Lake City, UT | 14 Hours
Comes with cage nest box, they are not tame, $700 more
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Amazon Parrot for sale *sold with cage*


Orem, UT | 14 Hours
Casey is our three year old Amazon Parrot. He is very good natured and vocal. We have worked with him on speaking and singing and he can do both. We have handled him often and loved him as our family pet! Due to busy schedules and a big family I'm not able to give him the time and attention he needs and deserves. Please call or text to come meet him and we can find if he is a good fit for you. Sold with cage and accessories (paid $120 for it new - GREAT value) more
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Tooele, UT | 16 Hours
I have two hand fed lovebirds that I believe to be male. They are very cute and easily held and love to play with their toys. I have one cage that would raise the price to $200.00 because it is a big/new cage that they are housed in. It measures 19.5 d x 31.5 w x 54 t. All their toys, dishes, some food and millet would be included. I have a smaller cage that is included in the $150.00 price and it measures 16 d x 23 w x 16 t. It has lots of dishes and the toys that are in the larger cage. It is pictured by itself and that is the one that is included in the price of $150.00. There is one homemade nest box that they love to go into and chew on and a wood one that they also visit.. more
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Beautiful eclectus parrots


Ogden, UT | 16 Hours
Needs to go to a home where they can have alot of time spent with them. They can be loud when they want attention. I got Kazu in 1999, so I don't know his age. Scarlet the female was hatched in 2001. They are very loveable and need to stay together. They come with 3 cages(one which is a large outside aviary), breeding box, carriers, food, toys. Happiest when they are being handled and hanging out with people. Kazu is a good talker. more
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All cages most go, (trades welcome)


Salt Lake City, UT | 16 Hours
Looking to clean off my garage, all cages most go, can trade with love birds or fency finches, Cages start $45 and up, (it means if its big cage, cost more) more
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7 year old Maximiliqn Pionus,


Salt Lake City, UT | 17 Hours
Paco needs new home, someone who can work with him and know how to, he can talk but not clearly, he is semi tame, most be seriouse about this bird, no cheap ball offers please, he loves to talk to you and love getting attention, but hi is not tame, He likes to play but dont trust anyone to carry him. He know his name. Please read more about this parrot before you make a decition. I have more parrots that I am working with them to tame, so he cannot get that much time. He is $600 with cage, "trades welcome too" price can be negotiated only if you here, do not ask how much by texting, come see him.Here is info about this parrothttp://www.pionusparrot.com/MaximilianPionus.htm more
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Layton, UT | 17 Hours
Blue parakeet with cage and food just got him 2 weeks ago but keeps waking the baby not tame yet and wings are clipped more
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Payson, UT | 17 Hours
Found in Payson area about 5 days ago. Text preferred or leave message. more
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