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Family Zebra Finches For Sale With 4 Babeis


West valley, UT | 22 Mins
Family Zebra finches with 4 Babeis with Cage. for all 60.00 more
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I Have 8 Babeis Canary Birds For Sale 90.00 Each


West valley, UT | 41 Mins
I have 8 Babeis canary for sale 90.00 each their are healthy 4 Months Old more
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Nursery/Hospital Brooder


Roy, UT | 11 Hours
I have an amazing Bird brooder that I no longer need as I am no longer raising birds if you buy these new they will run you 600-800 dollars I am letting this one go for 250.00 used everything works I can turn it on and run it for you when you come and see it there is a digital temp gage and also I am including the temperature gage I kept inside please call or text with any questions more
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Baby Corral Brooder


Roy, UT | 11 Hours
I loved this little Brooder never had any issues with it while I was using it and if the power goes out it stays warm for up to 4 hours so it is also good to have around just for that reason I am asking 125.00 for this Brooder it is very nice and in great condition! Call or text for more info more
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hyrum, UT | 11 Hours
White leghorn roosters $5 each one is a year and a half old and the other is about six months more
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Large Aviary Cage


Payson, UT | 12 Hours
This is a very large indoor aviary type cage. I once housed 21 parakeets in here with plenty of room to spare. I am moving to Oklahoma and only need a small cage for my remaining 3 birds that I kept. 100 is a great deal for this massive thing! These cages are typically around 200+Cage will be thoroughly cleaned before going to new owner. more
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Bird cage


salt lake city, UT | 13 Hours
It's 4ft tall and 7ft long, feel free to call and or text if you have any questions. more
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Blue fronted amazon parrot


West jordan, UT | 13 Hours
We are moving out of state and can't take our parrot, he is 7 years old, very friendly, loves kids.Comes with big cage, small cage to transport, food, bird gym and toysHe is the perfect pet!!! more
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Handfed male cockatiel


American fork, UT | 13 Hours
Super friendly male cockatiel, whistles, says peekaboo, pretty bird, good boy. Enjoys having his head scratched. Just over a year old.Due to the time constraints of caring for my toddler and newborn I don't have time for him anymore. He's a fantastic bird but I can't make him happy when I'm so busy all the time.He comes with supplies and a cage. $125 firm. $100 for just the bird, must being an appropriate carrier to take him home in.I have a very large cage as well(39x36x34), not included in $125 price. If you'd like the large cage I'm asking $300 for everything. Text for pictures of the large cage.Text only please. more
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2 Roosters and 4 layer hens


Roy, UT | 14 Hours
Roy doesn't allow Roosters and I have had them since they were a few days old. They were born in april. I also have 2 layer hens that are over a year old that lay daily. My 2 roosters are small Bantams. They already crow. more
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Young Pair of Green Singer finches


Washington, UT | 15 Hours
Young Pair of Green Singer Finches more
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Large Bird Cage With Toys


South Jordan, UT | 15 Hours
It's a really clean birdcage and the toys are included the price negotiable as well more
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Cinnamon Quaker Conure Parrot Handfed


Washington, UT | 15 Hours
Awesome Cinnamon Quaker just got done hand feeding. Could be a great talker and pet . more
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All wood Cage


Sandy, UT | 15 Hours
Solid wood hand made Split double or large single beautiful, easy to clean chew proof, furniture type cage! more
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Small to Medium size birds Hook bill or Soft bill


Sandy, UT | 16 Hours
I use to breed many different birds. I kept all my wonderful equipment in great shape for later years however I'm getting older and it is to much for me now .Many cages, stands, seed catcher trays, water bottles and hangers, water dishes, feeding dishes, breeding boxes hangers and nests for Small to Medium parrot hook bills or Canary, finch type soft bills. Cages can be split in two breeding sides or a small flight cages. They break down and fit in a Tub for storage and easy cleaning. Some of the bigger cages can be used for small critters or chicken baby chicks, wild or exotic birds, etc. too! I will sell it all as a breeding set or separate. more
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Gallegos Avian Conservatory


perry, UT | 16 Hours
We're officially setup at all of our facilities and will have many exotic and common birds available soon. Follow us on Facebook for updates on availability or give me a call at 4352390133 Here's what's available now:Male red billed hornbill 1,500Male white cheeked turaco 750Female red crested turaco( tame ) 1,000White crested hornbill pair 7,000Blue throated guan 950Purple backed jay 800Female White throated jay 900Common:Star finch pair 300Society finches 20 Zebra finches 20Lavender finches 100Gouldian finches 150Button quail 40Lutino parakeets 40White parakeets 40Feather displays Current in picture 200Earrings $20 a pair (able to fill large orders and ship)Aviaries3x3x6 1/4 inch wire aviaries $400 more
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Blue Fischer Love Bird


Herriman, UT | 16 Hours
It's only about 5 months old. Was not hand fed so he/she is a little wild but once out of the cage he/she is really friendly. Don't have the time to give it the attention it needs. more
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African Grey Toys And Big Gage


Salt Lake City, UT | 17 Hours
I bought this quite African grey last night I saw how she was playing and talking with the owner. As I do not have experience not able to talk with I will give to some that keep her happy as this my first bird with no experience do not want to keep her that she dose not deserve something please text at 8015773204 more
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Pair of Owl Finches for Sale!


Cottonwood Heights, UT | 18 Hours
I have a pair of Owl Finches for sale. These two are a wonderful pair and have raised 2 clutches together. They have a soft call, and the male sings beautifully! We bought the pair for $275, and we're only asking $200 for them. We just don't have the time for them anymore. Please TEXT ONLY with any questions! Thank you! :) more
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Provo, UT | 19 Hours
HABLO ESPAÑOL, HAND FEED, TAME, NO BITE, BABY PEACH FACED LOVEBIRD, 45 days old, color: Aqua turquoise, can be weaned and ready to a new home in a week, $75.00, í can hold the baby to you until weaned for 50% deposite, JUST PEOPLE INTERESTED TEXT MESSAGE 801 623 9633 more
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Parrotlets Babies


Albion, ID | 19 Hours
Beautiful hand fed baby parrotlets! Pastel pied females and turquoise/blue males. These birds are so sweet and enjoyable to have. They don't squawk and make huge messes and make the prettiest little chirping. There is a possibility I can meet somewhere around Ogden as I am in Idaho. more
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Rare color beautiful Lovebirds,


Salt Lake City, UT | 20 Hours
They are from 4 months to 1,5 old birds, young enough to train be tame or mature enough to breed, come pick your pair before its gone.$80 - $100 depending an color more
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Bird stand


Ogden, UT | 20 Hours
4 foot bird stand, perfect for your feathered friend. Stand is in wheels so it's easy to move around. Text or call. 8018213971 more
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7 Year Old White Capped Pionus Parrot


Layton, UT | 20 Hours
7 Year Old White Capped Pionus ParrotNot hand tame but with some time, patience and some work she could be.I do handle her to trim nails and wings she will bite but usually not very hard.My 12-year-old daughter can handle her fairly well.Asking 400 OBO no emails please text or calls only must be able to come see her in person I will not ship her anywhere for her safetyThank you more
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