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Cockatiel & New Acrylic Cage


Pleasant Grove, UT | 2 Mins
Beautiful male cockatiel with wire cage and brand new acrylic cage. Bruce, aptly named because he can whistle the theme to Bat Man, can also whistle the themes to Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. He likes to live alone and whistle for his human companions. The acrylic cage is worth $370 and is partially assembled. You get to choose the set up for the perches and toys. It comes with a small, filtered fan and with the acrylic surround, there is NO MESS to clean up Outside the cage. It also gives you a clear view of Bruce. Plus new feeder, waterer and food. more
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Better than Parrots


Roy, UT | 4 Hours
I have some birds that are BETTER than Parrots. These birds actually perform tricks or back flips on the ground so they are far more entertaining and they are only a fraction of the price. You can enter them in competitions and win prize money and trophies with them also. They generally sell between $100 and $500 dollars each. They are also cheaper to feed and they come in a variety of colors. They are called Parlor Rollers. I also have some beautiful and rare Blue Silesian Swallows and some very rare Tiger Swallows for sale. Call Travis at 801-668-1719. No texts please. more
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Antique Bird Cage


North Ogden, UT | 8 Hours
Beautiful antique bird cage. I love this cage but need to downsize. Same one sellong on Ebay for $500 plus $200 for shipping. Asking $350. Text is best 801-866-3562 more
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Bluffdale, UT | 10 Hours
TEXTS & EMAILS ONLY I rescued these babies on I-15 after (I suspect) their mother was hit by a car. I'm selling them for just the cost of all the stuff I bought for them. I saved the receipts. So I guess I'm selling the stuff and the ducklings are free! I won't let them go separately. They've been through enough. $60Comes with:•water bottle•corner dish for splashing•food dish•5lb bag of MannaPro Non-Medicated, Non-Antibiotic Starter Feed •12 cu ft of Mallard Creek Tripple Screen Shavings(used for bedding)•heat lamp•three ducklings that deserve the world because they'll never do anything wrong ever • +$60 if you want the tank tooEVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW BOUGHT 04/24/17 more
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Voorburg shield pigeon


Clearfield, UT | 10 Hours
Voorburg shield cropper pigeons.My name is AndyYou can get ahold of me at 1(801)698-2498 more
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Indian Ringneck With BIG CAGE


Murray, UT | 10 Hours
Great condition big cage with 2 green Indian Ringnecks they are gorgeous they will be scared of you at first but will get used to you after the male is 3 1/2 yrs old and the female is 4. If you want them with the cage it's $400 if you don't want the cage it's $250. Please call or text if interested. Thanks more
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(2) Female Love Birds


Springville, UT | 11 Hours
- 1 blue and 1 multi color love birdThe birds are $45 each and if you want a cage with bird $10 additional (2 cages available) more
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Violet Colored Love Bird


West Valley, UT | 11 Hours
This is a very beautiful unique color bird that needs a loving home. Don't have the time to train and spend with the bird. About 2 months old. -$75.00, If only interested in the bird more
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Birmingham and Oriental Rollers


Bountiful, UT | 11 Hours
I have about 15 pigeons. Most are Birmingham rollers, two are oriental rollers and 1 is a mix between the two. The two individual photos at the end are the Orientals. The first is solid white.$7 each for Birminghams $15 each for the Orientals more
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Emu Chick Pairs For Sale


West haven, UT | 12 Hours
These need to be with another young emu chick so I'm only selling them in twos for $180 cash ($90 per bird). Sexing is not possible at this age. They were hatched April 10th by their father and are healthy and a little wild. It's preferred I sell them at the same time because it's difficult to separate them from the dad. If you don't know much about emus they need a good fence. They are very tame when raised from chicks and they live a long time. Emus can live longer than 25 years. They can handle the heat and cold and prefer pastures to pick at. They eat rarities feed which is about $14 per 50 lb bag. My pair is 15 years old and going strong.Websites for more info are;http://www.hobbyfarms.com/ask-martok-how-to-raise-emus-2/http://www.sugarmapleemu.com/page.cfm?pageid=12Call or Text Kent between 7 AM and 10 PM at (801)726-4266 more
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Parrot Java Wood Tree/Stand


Sandy, UT | 13 Hours
About 4 feet tall, sits on wheels and used very sparingly. In New condition and extremely sturdy. These trees are hard to find these days. Text or Call 801-502-748 more
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Big Cage For Small Pets Or Birds


provo, UT | 13 Hours
Big cage for any bird or small animal, I bought it for $250 like 5 years a go, I have no use for it no more all my birds have die is in good shape I repainted it a couple of years a go & wrap it with chicken wire mesh so smaller birds such a canary's can't scape, is for sale for $80 i feel is a fair price cuz I know how expensive they are it will come with extra chicken wire mesh in case you need it but you won't need much the dimensions are. The cage as a structure is 52.5" tall. The animal space HEIGHT 34.5" inches, LENGTH 22" inches , WIDTH 22" DEPTH 22". I know this is a good deal if ur serious about acquiring it from me you can call me or text me (HABLÓ ESPAÑOL). FIRST COME FIRST SERVE more
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pigeons for sale


west vallley city, UT | 15 Hours
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Surfer crest cockatoo


Brigham, UT | 15 Hours
This is jewls he is a sweetheart loves to be held talks. he loves men comes with his cage and toys for more information please call or text 500 obo more
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Salmon crest Cockatoo


Brigham, UT | 15 Hours
This is otis he's a sweet heart we have to give him up cause my mom is allergic he doesn't really like men her was abused by his last owners he's very good with women he needs lots of attention he talks he says hello Otis or hi Otis he rambles all sorts of stuff for more information please call or text me. 500 obo more
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Fertile Black Swedish/Peking Mix Duck Eggs...


Manti, UT | 17 Hours
Dozen eggs, $3.More Alkaline than chicken eggs.Manti. Text preferred. more
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Canaries for sale


Sunset, UT | 18 Hours
Unsexed canaries for sale, green and yellow. Contact Arnold @ 801-564-4092 more
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Sun Conure


Bountiful, UT | 19 Hours
Philomena is an 11-month-old sun conure who loves to play and spend time with people. She doesn't bite and loves to be pet and handled. She was a hand-fed baby. She's also trained to go out on a harness, and we've taken many long walks outside as well as play trips to the park. This beautiful bird requires ample attention. She can also be loud. I love her and don't want to part with her, but a recent career change and getting married have forced me to make the hard decision. You won't find many birds that love people as much as she does. $600 includes her cage, toys, favorite food, treats, travel carrier, and avian harness. more
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Silver laced wynedote


Layton, UT | 19 Hours
Still laying eggs about every other to every two days. We are just looking for a good home for her because she is having a hard time getting along with our other hens. If interested text 619-674-4877 more
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Cage for berds


West jordan, UT | 22 Hours
Have for cage good condition call 801 916 9514 more
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Sweet Hand Fed Blue Indian Ringneck Cage/toys/food


Taylorsville, UT | 22 Hours
Now being hand fed blue indian ringneck baby. 50% deposit will hold until weanes. To learn more about these magnificent birds check out my stoey on my webaite at www.tracisparrots4u.com and like us on fb to get to know us and our clients. Thank you more
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ISO pair of parrotlet,


Salt Lake City, UT | 22 Hours
ISO pair of (male female) parrotlet, most no5 be related to each other, I am not paying cash, but I got Maximilian pionus to trade or parrot cages, If you don't know what kind bird is it, please google it, FYI- ISO means I am in search of, don't ask me if I am selling this bird, please read my ad before respond it.thanks more
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Female parakeet with cage and toys,


Salt Lake City, UT | 22 Hours
$50 comes with toys cage, she is fun bird more
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Parrot cages, all most go, trades welcome with bir


Salt Lake City, UT | 23 Hours
White $125, Black $200, Green $175White and black cages has birds in there, but can be removed and wash up before you take them.Offers accepted, but not cheap ball offers please. Loo how much they cost at stores more
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