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Need to sell my whole rig to pay the bills :(


SLC, UT | 1 Day
3200 OBO: It's a Javelin rig with a Sabre 1 170sq ft Main and like a 160 reserve.(??)The rig is in excellent quality and would be a great starter rig as you could potentially downsize to a 150, maybe even smaller. Check with your DZ. Pictures don't do this baby justice. Come on down and check her out.Uploading Pictures later tonight! more
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Cloud Hopper Parasail


Sandy, UT | 3 Days
This Cloud Hopper is a Beautiful Chute with a rainbow of color. Fun for the Serious Outdoor enthusiast risk taker.but, so much fun. Your heart won't stop pumping with excitement with the thrills this chute will give out. The stories you'll have to tell will never stop. Chute24 has a quick release and harness along with a carry bag. Set your sail for hours of thrills and enjoyment more
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Ozone Fazer 10


Heber, UT | 4 Days
Good condition. Never repaired. Always taken very good care of. more
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Ozone Fazer 8.5


Heber, UT | 4 Days
Basically new. Red, yellow, green. more
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Wills Wing Sport 2 155


Provo, UT | 5 Days
Wills Wing Sport 2$4,000Provo, UT (84604)Beautiful Sport 2, pampered to extreme, low air time 20 hours, with extra UV bag for protection. Always stored inside. Well trained in XC Call Lance: 8ol787ofoureighteight or email: dadds06@gmail.com more
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Used Paraglider package


Salt Lake City, UT | 8 Days
Package sold separately or all together. Paraglider is Sun Forte 2004, size M (max in flight weight of 230lbs). I last flew it in 2014, but it has been in the garage ever since. Nirvana harness (I am about 6 ft tall and it is a little small).Reserve chute is MayDay 18... has never been deployed other than one practice run when I first got it. more
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Sandy, UT | 8 Days
New paramotor with Italian 25hp Vitorrazi 185cc Moster engine or engine of your choice, these paramotors are ordered directly from Europe to your choice of engine and harness size.This is a state of the art paramotor. MacPara wings manufactured in Europe are also available here.Training requiredNo license or registration required, This motor allows paraglider flight on your terms. No waiting for nature to give you a lift. You fly calm air. Your paraglider flights are where and when you choose. The choices of spectacular places to fly are endless. more
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Mac Para EDEN 5 Dealer test flown....NEW


Sandy, UT | 8 Days
Huge discount on this over stock blow out sale. Mac Para Eden 5 Medium 26sqm (85-110 freeflight) (113-147 powered) with trimmers. This wing is for sale by the MacPara dealer. more
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powered parachutes


Orderville, UT | 9 Days
2 Skymaster excel powered parachutes with custom trailer, Rotax 582 engines, apco chutes, Icom air to air radios, inflight instruments, approx. 110 hrs on each, 20' trailer with rear ramp & side door, 40 gallon fuel tank & pump on tongue, extra 12 gallon fuel cells where rear seats were (easily switched back), approx. 110 hrs on each, fly from either seat when 2 people are aboard, many extas, illness forces sale. Located in Orderville Utah, 84758 Call Bob @ 435 648-2250 or Ken @ 435 691-1303 more
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Windmeter Kaindl Windtronic2


Grantsville, UT | 11 Days
Brand new condition. Text/call anytime at 8015296550-Luke more
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3 awesome military parachutes!!!!


Holladay, UT | 12 Days
1. pilots parachute in good condition. 1 reserve chute converted to sport. and finally we have 1 cargo chute. 250 for all 3! the reserve is a 150 more than that well used normally. these are awesome parachutes that im sure will make someone very happy. also trying to get rid of ammo cans. army bags. practice munitions. and more. more
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Paraglider Follow Cam, Birdi Paragliding Chase Cam


Ogden, UT | 12 Days
The Birdi Chase Cam is made especially for Paragliders. This camera will let you film your launch, flight and landing from a unique bird’s eye view as it flies along behind you. The chase cam hangs from a tether attached to the C Line of the paraglider. It can be ground launched from smooth or grassy terrain, or hand launched by another person on a rough or rocky launch site. The kit includes a "Break Away Snap" kit that is a safety precaution. If the Birdi Chase Cam were to catch in a tree or bush the safety release would snap off under 5-7 lbs of pressure. The biggest benefit to this Paraglider Chase Cam versus others is the 3-Point Bridle Stabilization!Video Footage of this chase cam can be found on youtube: "Birdi Chase Cam - Paragliding Winter to Spring" https://youtu.be/-t7m8ju98Wg Highlights/BenefitsThe unique 3-Point bridle assemble provides an extremely stable base for the camera. It almost totally eliminates the roll and bobbing seen in other single point designs. The Birdi is lightweight and compact. Weighing 3oz and measuring less than 8” x 4”. The tether, bridle and connecting clips, tensile strength, far exceeds the camera weight.The mounts allow 360 degree Yaw or Pan adjustment and 170 degree of Pitch or Tilt adjustment. GoPro style cameras can attach directly to the Birdi utilizing the action camera’s 3 prong mount or a 1/4-20 thread mount is also included.The Birdi Chase Cam is designed for easy storage and utilizes a built in line management system. The tether wraps around the acrylic base, providing a compact way to store the chase cam.Tether, snaps, and camera mounts are all included in the Free carry case. SpecificationsManufactured in the US from durable 1/8 acrylic, the Birdi Chase Cam is extremely light, weighing only 3 ouncesWhen collapsed it measures 3.375 in wide, 7.5 in long and 2.5 in deep. When the tail is extended, it measures 21.5 inches long. camera and camera housing not included InstructionsYou are supplied with the Green 30 lb tether line. One end has the snap attached. You will need to measure your glider and determine the best length for your tether.We have found two options. Both are measured with the glider laid out flat.1. - Make your tether 2 to 4 feet shorter than your total brake line or;2. - Make your tether 1 foot shorter than the bottom of your harness. Step by step directions:1. Lay your glider out flat on the ground and stretch out your lines.2. Hook up your harness and decide which option you want to use (Mentioned Above).3. Take your measurements with the Birdi laying on the ground by your harness. Run the line to the canopy and attach the safety release snap setup, using the Palmer knot shown. Don’t cut the excess line until you have test flown.4. Decide if you are going to attach to the C or D lines. Our test pilots always use the D2 line loop attachment point on the canopy. 5. Attach it to the D2 loop on the right side of the wing. See diagram in the attached pictures. This allows the chase cam attachment line to hang down in between EA3 and EA2 without touching or rubbing on any lines. 6. Grab the chase cam plate and turn fork mount two clicks to the left (Yaw adjustment). Now the camera will be centered on you while you fly. It is easier to click turn if you have the camera attached.7. Make sure the lines are not tangled. With the Birdi sitting on the ground, launch with the Birdi to the side of all of your lines. As the Canopy lifts, the Birdi is the last thing to lift into the air. 8. After test flying make any adjustment and go ahead and cut the excess line off. Call or Text. I live in morgan but can meet you in Ogden more
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Power 2 fly paramotor


Low hour paramotor. Very light weight excellent condition. Bought new in April of 2016 has 43 hours and climbing. Moster 185. Includes hitch carrier. Harness has some wear prom transport but I'm taking it in forvrepair. Also have a wing for sale same amount of hours its a sunglider boxer st awesome easy to fly wing only $1200 if you buy as a package. more
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Ozone Fazer 2 12m


Midvale, UT | 17 Days
It's time to sell my wing unfortunately. It is an Ozone Fazer 2 in the 12m size. I am the original owner. The wing has around 200 flights on it and was taken care of meticulously and was only ever concertina folded. There is a 0.5 centimeter hole in one wingtip's topsheet that has been patched. Other than that, the wing itself is in pristine condition.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or if you'd like to stop by and inspect the wing yourself, I would encourage it! Calling or texting is best at 619-857-twofiveeightzero. more
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