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2 plots-Holladay Mem. Cemetary *CUMORAH SECTION*


Holladay, UT | 23 Hours
2 separate burial plots in the Cumorah Section of the Holladay Memorial Park Cemetery, 4900 Memory Lane, Holladay, Utah. Each plot is double-deep for 2 people. The Cumorah Section is the oldest in the cemetery with plots selling through the cemetery for $4,800 each. These plots are discounted more than 40% and available for $3,000 each, or $6,000 for both. Price includes perpetual care & title transfer fee. My parents have not lived in Utah for over 40 years & desire to be buried elsewhere. more
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URGENTLY WANTED: one burial plot at the Wasatch Lawn Memorial, 3401 South Highland Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84106. http://www.wa


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
URGENTLY WANTED: one burial plot at the Wasatch Lawn Memorial, 3401 South Highland Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84106. http://www.wasatchlawn.com/SPECIFICALLY SEEKING: Rest Haven Park section of the cemetery, but location is significant.GOAL: my dear friend Ryan, 33-years old at his tragic death (27 Feb 2009), is buried in Rest Haven Park section (112-4 west) and I want to spend eternity immediately next to him. He died in an ultralight plane crash in Torrance, CA, but none of his friends in California knew of all of Ryan's friends around the nation. Ryan was popular. I learned of his death five-months after his death by reading about it in the newsletter of a pilots association that we both belonged to.I am 50-years old and hopelessly single and there is no one else in my life that I want to be with more than him. The older I get, the less likely it seems I will meet Mr. Right and I am convinced that Ryan was my Mr. Right. Please help unite Ryan and me for eternity. We had planned to start an aviation business together and he died pursuing our aviation goals. As we cannot spend our lives together, sharing our future eternity would give me piece of mind. Ryan held several FAA ratings already and was going to instruct me on the ratings once we started the business.There are a number of adjacent plots that would put me at one side of Ryan or another, so please be open-minded about helping me get near my friend. ABSOLUTE BEST SPOTS 1. (112-3 West) (Not filled) [to the right (south) of Ryan from the road], 2. (113-1 West) (Not filled) [to the left (north) of Ryan from the road]. 3. (89-4 East) (Not filled) [to the right (west) of Ryan from the road], Then, if those are already in use, I would like to find4. (112-4 East)[to the top (East) of Ryan from the road], Then the next four better spots would be: 5. (112-3 East)[to the right (south) of Ryan from the road],The plots/sections surrounding Ryan are: 88, 89, 90, 111, 113, 136, 137, 138. URGENCY: I am about to buy a plot that is 20-feet from Ryan, but I want to be beside him, not 20-feet away. The plot is the only one left for sale by the cemetery, but other individuals might own one adjacent to Ryan and I must find one of those to ask if it possible to be with him. Before I make a contract to buy that other plot, seeking a plot immediately adjacent to Ryan is my goal.PRICE: the ksl.com site requires a price to be listed, but I don't know how to place a value on being with a dear friend for an eternity. My heart hurts so much that when I think of my friend, a lump comes into my throat, tears come to my eyes, and it almost seems hard to breath. I miss him desperately. As I am a "professional college student," I am not wealthy.Please help me unite with my friend.Please call Brennan 502-762-2093 (no texting on my phone)UPDATE: Today is 26 Feb 2017 and it is the 8th anniversary of my friend's ultralight plane crash. He died hours into 27 Feb 2017. All of these years later, I love him more each day and I do not want him being alone for an eternity in that cemetery. The life of a gay man can be terribly lonely, but his death should not be that way too. I want to be by his side forever. Please help me get a plot that touches his precise plot. I do not want to be 10 feet away, but by his side.About six months ago, a wonderful Utaln called to give me a plot in another cemetery. As a Veteran, I can be buried at countless cemeteries for free around the world. I should not be alone with strangers, I need and want to be with Ryan so we both have someone that cares about one another. I hope that makes sense. Please help unite me with my friend.Sincerely,B more
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Memorial Estates


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
4 adult internment spaces, Inc endowment care, protection agreement location Mountain View cemetery more
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Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park


Taylorsville, UT | 1 Day
Beautiful Burial Plot for Sale. Eligible for double deph. - can buy two with small extra charge to Wasatch Mortuary. Tier of Lot 618 in Olympus Park section. Valued at $3,500.00, will sell for $2,500.00. Call Diane after 5:00pm at 801-269-1909 - no emails or texts more
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2 burial plots at Layton Linquist Memorial Parks


layton, UT | 1 Day
We have 4 burial plots and no longer need 2 of them as our children now have their own families. The plots are 3300.00 for both plus a 50.00 deed change fee. The price is firm and is what you would pay if you bought them from Lindquist. Please no calls. Text or email 801 390 1426 or 801 390 9666 whitesidesfamily@msn.com. Thank you more
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1 plot Larkin Sunset Gardens Sandy Utah


Layton, UT | 1 Day
Plot for sale.1200 obo..retails for 2300.00 approximate location indicated by an X on attached photo. North West of last supper (this area is sold out). more
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Genola, UT | 1 Day
I am asking $2,000 for my two unassigned burial plots in Memorial Estates on Redwood Road and I will pay the mandatory transfer fee to the cemetery. They can be transferred to the other Memorial Estates Cemeteries also. Please call for more information. Thank You. more
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Wasatch Lawn


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
Double burial crypt with cement vaults installed. Section: Olympus, Lot #628. Plot in beautiful Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park facing towards East mountains, beside tree, beautiful, quiet and peaceful area. Current price of plot $3495. selling for $2950. more
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Double-deep burial plot


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
Beautiful lot in the middle of Park Section Mountain View at Wasatch Lawn Park. #4 West Tier more
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cremation plot


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
East Half of #3 West Tier Lot #154 in beautiful Mountain View Park Section at Wasatch Memorial Park. It is perfect for a cremorial as it can be used for two urns. more
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Mountian View Memoril Estates


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
2 lots, 4 spaces. Double deep. 4 vaults included. Located in the garden of Reverence ( nicer area of the cemetary) 3115 E Bengal Blvd. Cash only. more
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2 burial plots


WVC, UT | 2 Days
I have available 2 funeral plots side by side available for sale. they are at Valley View Memorial in West Valley City. they are in a nice location under a tree. they are valued at $4,000. each for a person to buy direct from Valley View. I would like to sell together and would be willing to come down on price to sell together. Both plots can be upgraded to have 2 persons buried in each spot.If interested give me a call or email. Todd 801-694-8745. more
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Memorial Estates Burial Plots (2)


Cottonwood Heights, UT | 2 Days
Two Memorial Estates burial plots. Located at the Mountain View Mortuary & Cemetery; 3115 East 7800 South; Cottonwood Heights, UT. May transfer to any of three other Memorial Estates cemeteries: Lake Hills (Sandy), Lakeview (Bountiful), or Redwood (Taylorsville/Salt Lake Valley). See www.memorialutah.com for more information on these sites. more
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Memoril Estates


West Jordan, UT | 2 Days
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Two Larkin Estates Plots


South Jordan, UT | 2 Days
Two side-by-side burial plots at Larkin Memorial Estates in the Gethsemane portion of the cemetary which is located in Sandy at 1700 East and 10600 South. . Will sell for $3.600. All transactions to transfer ownership will be done through Larkin Mortuary. Call Steve at 801-254-5533 or text,messages to 801-879-4611 more
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Holladay Memorial Park - Nauvoo Gardens - 2 Plots


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
2 side by side plots in Nauvoo Gardens more
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Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park - 3401 S Highland Dr


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
2 plots side by side - in the Garden of Roses more
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Bountiful Lakeview Memorial Estates Burial Plots


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
Two assigned burial plots plus two vault options for sale in Bountiful Lakeview Memorial Park and Cemetery for burial of two to four people. Plots are located in Garden of Reverence 240C 3 and 4, valued at $1,8000.00 each. This area is sold out. The closest available spaces are in an upgraded area with a listing price of $2,600.00 each. In addition to the plots, there are also two vault options included for $1,500.00 each. The two vault options can be converted to two burial plots or used for two vaults. Each plot can be used to bury two people deep, for a total of four with an additional cost charged by the cemetery of $900.00 each for the additional two people. Total asking price is $6,400.00. Transfer fee paid by seller. If interested call 801-538-2700 ext. 222. more
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Memorial Estates Burial plot plus second internmen


Bluffdale, UT | 3 Days
Need to sell Memorial Estates burial plot w/second internment current value is $3,600.00. the price we are asking includes the transfer fee of $250.00. Please give us a call. more
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Springville Evergreen Cemetery


Springville, UT | 3 Days
6 plots for sale in Section F, Lot 129, Spaces 2,3,6,7,8, & 1. Will sell 2 for $800 each or 4+ for $750 each plot.Call Delores at 760-401-3980 or Debbie at 714-488-5264 if interested.The City of Springville has cleaned up the perimeter of the cemetery and built a beautiful brick and wrought iron fence that makes this a wonderful location for a final resting place for you or your loved ones. more
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Burial Plots in Lake Hills Memorial Park in Sandy


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
We have 4 burial plots including vault in Lake Hills Memorial Park 10055 South State Street in Sandy, Utah. They are located together in the Fountainview Park area of the cemetery. We will sell all four together or in pairs. We are selling them for $1449 per plot including vault making the total $2898 for two or $5796 for all four. The current price from Lake Hills is $1800 per plot plus $549 per vault--for a total of $2349. The vault installation cost is not included in the current price or in our price. You will save $900 per plot. You are safe in buying these, as the deed transfer is handled by Lake Hills. We will pay the transfer fees. more
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Sandy City Cemetery Burial Plot


Sandy, UT | 4 Days
Sandy City burial plot for sale. The Sandy Cemetery is sold out, last pricing was at $795 per plot. This plot is in section D, the west side of the cemetery. Expansion is in progress to the west of this area but will not go on sale until mid to late summer and will be priced higher than $795. Excellent price at $645 Call 801-259-0034. more
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Larkin Sunset Gardens - 2 plots


Sandy, UT | 4 Days
2 plots in Sermon on the Mount, Section 177, Lot A, $1600 each. These were purchased by my grandparents in the 1950s. more
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1 lot in Redwood Memorial estates


Layton, UT | 4 Days
Can be a double tier plot, I will pay transfer fee, in Reverence Section more
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