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New 300 Win Mag Brass


Centerville, UT | 12 Mins
REALLY ............ iits 80 CENTS APIECE. I just couldn't help doing that, but it is a great price being all this Brass is Long Range Prepped by being weight sorted & the necks trued to .010 neck thickness and flash holes deburred. It's time consuming to do all these steps. If you want really cheap once fired brass I have Federal Match once fired for 40 cents with a minimum purchase of 100. If you want it cheaper than that I'm sure there's some out in the west desert somewhere. Thanks for your patience.... hope you had a laugh, life is too serious sometimes, treasure each day , Really ..... Thanks Kelly more
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26" Stainless Hart Barrel 6MM Rem


Santaquin, UT | 2 Hours
Lightly used 26" Stainless Hart barrel, Sendero contour, Remington 700 threads, 6MM Remington chamber, 6 deep flutes, muzzle brake & thread protector, 1:10" twist, maybe 200 rounds. Decide to go a different route. Text or call. $240. more
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Oehler P-35 chronograph set


Tooele, UT | 3 Hours
Oehler P-35 chronograph set with carrying case, tripods that hold the unit to bench level, extra windscreens, diffusion panels, and extra eye and lenses. more
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50 BMG Brass for sale


Stansbury Park, UT | 3 Hours
227 pieces of 50 BMG Brass for sale. LC once fired from Tac 50 bolt gun. Deprimed and clean. Ready to FL Size and load. Show me any other 50 Bmg brass for only 0.75 cents per piece of once fired brass! more
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NEW 308 Redding Competition 3 die set


Stansbury Park, UT | 3 Hours
Rededding competition 3 Die set 308. New in box. more
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Springville, UT | 11 Hours
I have 284 WIN213 once fired brass.9 unfired rounds.14 bullets.284 WIN die set. more
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Socom 16


Salt Lake City, UT | 13 Hours
DESCRIPTIONThe SOCOM Upper Receiver is a flat top, law-enforcement grade, drop in receiver, ready to be mounted to any Mil-Spec AR-15 lower receiver! This fully mil-spec compliant receiver provides a high-quality upper for any level budget or shooter. Comes complete and assembled with Forged Upper Receiver, Forward Assist, Ejection Port Door and Barrel Nut. These uppers also come installed with Radical Firearm’s FGS Free Float handguard, which features QD points at various points along its round exterior. Barrel is machined from 4150V chrome moly steel, melonited, has a 1-7 twist & is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. Barrel has a SOCOM Government profile. Upper & barrel feature M4 feed ramps. A2 flash hider is attached via ½-28 threads. Mid-length gas system & 12” handguard.Includes BCGBCM charging handleMagpul sights.Text is best. more
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Dupont handloaders guide


Farr West, UT | 16 Hours
1971-72 loading guide. I have other items for sale and will make a deal on multiple items. more
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.308 FMJ-BT 147g MilSup M90 Bullets - 250


Benjamin, UT | 17 Hours
I have two bags of 250 bullets each for $40/bag or $80/both. These are only the projectiles, not a loaded round. They are military surplus pulled bullets meant to be fired from a .308 or 7.62 NATO rifle. Some people shoot them from their .30-06 but others say that is bad. They all are in good shape and have not been tumbled clean. 147g is the weight and they are full metal jacketed rounds with a boat tail end. more
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9mm Stainless Barrel Blanks


Benjamin, UT | 17 Hours
I have two Barrel blanks for 9mm. And I know what these are unlike some of my other listings! They are from Stainless Steel and remain unchambered. One is 18 3/4" and the other has been cut to 12". I'm asking $20 each or $40/both. Check my other listings for other barrels. more
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.22 Barrels, 23.25" long, unchambered


Benjamin, UT | 17 Hours
Okay, these APPEAR to be .22 barrels by measurement. They are 23 1/4" long and are unchambered even though it appears they were crowned at one point. Rifled, they are perfect for your custom project. $20/each barrel $40 for both. Check my other listings for more barrels. more
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.44 Magnum Stainless 18.5" Barrel


Benjamin, UT | 17 Hours
Stainless Steel Barrel is 18 1/2" long, has 3 dovetail cuts for front sight, rear sight and...? Marked .44 Mag but I have no idea what it is meant to fit. Buy it for your own project! Check my other listings for more barrels. more
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FN-49 8mm Mauser Barrel with Gas Block


Benjamin, UT | 17 Hours
23 1/4" long replacement barrel for an FN-49 rifle. If you have been feeding your FN-49 some of that corrosive surplus 8mm ammo, then you may need this sooner rather than later. Check my other listings for more barrels. more
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.410 Shotgun Barrel 3" Chamber


Benjamin, UT | 17 Hours
I don't know what receiver this was meant to fit but if you have a custom project, here's a Barrel for it. Brazilian manufactured .410 shotgun barrel. Blues Steel, 28" long, marked 3" chamber and full choke. Check my other listings for more barrels. more
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.22 Rimfire Barrel Liners


Benjamin, UT | 17 Hours
I have four (4) barrel liners I purchased from Sarco about 15 years ago. Used some, but these 4 are left. They are supposed to be used in a shot out barrel by drilling out the old rifled portion and silver soldering in the new liner. Then cut the chamber and you are shooting again. They are 10" long and are rifled but do not have a chamber cut. The diameter is .375" and I'm asking $10/barrel. $40 for all of them. Check my other auctions for other barrels. more
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40 S&W brass


West jordan, UT | 18 Hours
400 plus 40 S&W brass clean and Polished ready for loading 4 dollars per hundred more
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Hp-38 8# jug


Riverton, UT | 18 Hours
Pistol powder. Stopped reloading selling my remaining full jug. $150 more
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Sandy, UT | 18 Hours
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250 AA 12ga. WADS


Sandy, UT | 20 Hours
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Lyman Aluminum Load trays


Sandy, UT | 20 Hours
I have 2 Lyman Billet Aluminum load trays. paid over 30 each, and they are basically new.Holes are .485, so great for 30 caliber loading. Very well made, red in color.$50 for both more
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12g Hulls once fired - about 2000


Sandy, UT | 20 Hours
I have 4 full buckets plus overflow bucket. you can keep the 5 gallon buckets as wellREM STS green and gold and Winchester AAall once fired. more
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300 Pounds lead ingots


Sandy, UT | 20 Hours
300 pounds in 5 gallon buckets.cast from wheel weightsWilling to separate if you buy at least 50. $1 per ingot more
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Shotgun Primers


Sandy, UT | 20 Hours
about 1800 shotgun primers more
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MEC 12g Sizemaster


Sandy, UT | 20 Hours
Excellent condition, barely used. 3 load bars plus 4 bushings. extra large shot containerWill throw in a Lyman shotgun load data bookWill also throw in a bonus of 12 cast slugs and buckshotAlso some various shotgun powders, some are full more
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