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55 Gallon Water Storage Barrels


Ogden, UT | 40 Mins
Contained salt solution. Great for water storage know need to clean just rinse and fill. (Free Delivery within 20 mile Radius from South Ogden with minimum purchase 10 barrels)EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COORDINATORS Will Delivery FREE up to 60 miles from So. Ogden with order of 48 plus barrelsLimited Time 10% discount for 10 plus barrels ordered Or 1 FREE barrel for every 10 ordered.Satisfaction Guarantee or complete refund.These barrels are superior to any other used barrels that contained syrup or other food grade items. The salt solution that was in the barrels is soluble and of food grade. Sodium Chloride is a natural preservative not allowing for bacteria to grow in the containers and leaving KNOW RESIDUAL ODOR OR TASTE, these containers are considerably thicker than what you can buy from ES or any of the local stores.Rinsing instructions and water storage recommendations provided. 35 years professional experience in water treatment and controlling bacteria. It is always best to control bacteria than to try and remove it.#2 HDPE plastic best for water storageBarrel Rack plans available at know charge.Kent 801-718-2465 more
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L'equip nuttrimill


Saratoga Springs, UT | 8 Hours
Brand new never used more
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Shelf Reliance can holder


west jordan, UT | 14 Hours
This rack system keeps your can goods rotating and fresh. New.... CASH ONLY. more
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Michelangelo masterpiece aroma two piece cruet set


salt lake, UT | 15 Hours
Michelangelo masterpiece aroma two piece cruet set by Luigi bormioli. Made in Italy. more
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Food saver model v3420


salt lake, UT | 16 Hours
I have a foodsaver c3420 for sale. 60.00 or best offer. Works great. Check out my other ads. Contact me best at 3852672262 thanks again. more
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Hill AFB, UT | 16 Hours
Quart and pint jars in case never used. Must go $90 obo. Text Wendy at 385-319-1623 more
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50 55 Gallon food grade water storage barrel drum


ogden, UT | 18 Hours
I have 55 gallon HDPE2 Plastic water barrels they are 100 % safe food grade HDPE barrels and have only been used once in production of juice or beverages. They have been rinsed out. These 55 gallons come in either white or blue. The white ones are thicker plastic All the barrels are of superior quality HDPE food grade safe . All barrels are closed top with two 2" bung plugs with the center able to accept a 3/4 "spigots.All of them were only used once in the production of soda pop and or juices and have been rinsed out. All these barrels were recently emptied of original contents then rinsed. They have not been setting around for weeks months or even years. They are as close to new as one can get. Thus saving you lots of money from the barrels down town selling for over $60 each. Call me, you can come and pick them up within about an hour notice. ......(gives me time to get home in the event I'm down at the fabric shop....... My hardware store !!!) FINE PRINT : Price is firm.. Available to what I have on hand at the time. I can not take a waiting list. (to many people have ask for me to hold then never come and get them . They go to first come first serve. I can get them on a regular bases. Thank youPlease contact me by phone ..... NO EMAILS ThanksCherylA few different uses for these barrels: rain water collection long term storage supply fuel storage water supply food supply drinking water emergency preparedness portable water storage water barrels recycled water containers plastic water barrels blue plastic poly drums hunting camping. compost tumbler compost tea brewer potato onion carrot bins, salt water fish water aquarium change tank, 55 gallon drums 50 gallon doomsday prepping prepper disasters shortage collapse bugout survival Self Reliance crisis shtf animal watering trough more
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1 Year Supply


Kaysville, UT | 18 Hours
BEST FOOD IN THE MARKET.801-444-1444www.deseretfoodstore.com more
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2 year supply 995.00 ENDS TODAY


Kaysville, UT | 18 Hours
THANKS,JEN801-444-1444www.deseretfoodstore.com more
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In-line Home water storage - 129 gallon pressure tank, never used


Logan, UT | 19 Hours
New 129 gallon pressure tank available. Perfect for in-line water storage or can be used as a stand-alone storage tank. This tank has never been used and comes with a 6" top flange, plumbed for quick connection. Tank dimensions are 24" x 72".This is a great tank for those interested in emergency preparedness or who just want to add some storage capacity to an inconsistent water supply. more
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Water Barrels 55 Gallon


Salt Lake City, UT | 19 Hours
16 large water barrels have provided me backup water storage since 2011. Now they can do the same for your family. Bargain at $10 each. I'm draining them now, in garage and easy to load. more
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7- 55 Gallon Barrels


South Jordan, UT | 20 Hours
We are moving and trying to get rid of our water barrels. We have 7- 55 gallon water barrels. The outside is dusty but they are perfectly fine inside. $25 a piece or $150 for all 7. more
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Raw Honey 30LB Case or 5LB Tub


OREM, UT | 22 Hours
Mountain Springs Honey from Sanpete County Utah. Raw, unfiltered honey. $95 for one 30lb case of 6 (5lb) tubs. $17 for one 5ib. tub. Price FIRM. Cash only. Text or Call Toren 801-698-9780. more
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* Steamer Juicer *


west Jordan, UT | 1 Day
Steamer Juicer in used good condition. No email. Local only. Text preferred... more
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* Canning steamer *


west Jordan, UT | 1 Day
Fresh Preserving Canning steamer. Used in good condition. Stock photo. Text preferred. No email & Local only. more
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Hard Red Wheat food storage


Malad, ID | 1 Day
Direct from an Idaho farmer in Malad Idaho. Hard Red Wheat. Professionally cleaned and processed by Wheatland Seed in Brigham City. Sealed in 30 Yr shelf life buckets for retail business or for home use. We set aside 22 pallets at 36 (5 gallon) buckets per pallet and held on reserve for few years inside indoor storage. Product is guaranteed to be in excellent shape and freshness. Current buckets are sold for $23.00 - $25.00 each at your local grocery store. Purchase 1-35 buckets (less than a full pallet) Your cost is $16.00 per bucketPurchase full pallet (36 buckets) cost is $15.00Purchase 20-22 pallets cost is lowered to only $14.00 per bucket.Pricing is fob Malad ID 83252.For additional questions please call Kirk Corbridge at 208-851-6060. We would like to clear these out as soon as possible. Great opportunity to stock up on your Wheat food storage. more
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5 Gallon Buckets


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
Have good clean 5 gallon buckets without lid $2 each or with lid $3 each thanks. more
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Jack Lelanne Juicer


Provo, UT | 1 Day
Juicer. (New) owners manual included and box. more
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50 Lbs Dried /Powdered / Granules Potatoes


Murray, UT | 1 Day
We are selling 40 bags of dehydrated potatoes that each weigh 50 lbs. Each 50-lb bag is being sold for $25. . These potatoes are made by the Oregon Potato Company and retail for $75 per bag. They were manufactured Feb 2016. They are best if used two years after the manufacture date, and last 15 years if stored properly. Also called pearls, these potatoes make excellent mashed potatoes! Add a little butter, some chives, shredded cheese, and bacon bits, and you’ll have an awesome side dish for any meal. Works great in soups, casseroles and bread recipes as well.We are located right of the I-15 Freeway at 7200 south, just two blocks north of winco, the first road west of the freeway. Please give us a half hour heads up before coming over. Someone is normally there during daylight hours. About the ProductAn excellent nutritional food source for family preparednessEasy to prepare with a great potato tasteMay be used as whipped or mashed potatoes, in casseroles, or bakery recipes calling for potato flakeStore for up to 15 years unopenedEnjoy the freedom of creating your own healthy, inexpensive meals.These dehydrated potato granules are a wonderful product to have on hand. These potatoes are great for making your favorite flavor of mashed potatoes, such as garlic and rosemary or butter and garlic. Potato Granules are great to thicken up soups, stews, and gravy. These can be used to make potato pancakes or waffles. Use them in your favorite bread or roll recipe that calls for potatoes. This is a need for your long term food storage.Ingredients: Dried Idaho potato granules, vegetable mono and diglycerides, sodium acid pyrophosphate. Freshness preserved with sodium bisulfite and BHT. more
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50 LBS Dusting / Snow / Donut Sugar


Murray, UT | 1 Day
What most people don't realize, is that in times of crisis, it is a must to have comfort foods. We have 50 bags of extra Dusting Sugar left over from our Ward emergency preparedness workshop. Along with 50 pound bags of Powdered Potatoes. We are also selling Honey Powder and Powdered Potatoes. Please check "More by this Seller" to see the ad. You get a 10% discount for all purchases over $200 on what ever combination you choose of the Dusting Sugar, Honey Powder and the Powdered Potatoes. Have you ever sprinkled confectioner's sugar on the top of your brownies, baked treats and seen it melt away in front of your eyes and then wonder how the bakeries do it? The secret is Dusting / Donut Sugar which is also known as Snow Powder. Donut sugar is formulated to avoid moisture absorption which causes the icing sugar to melt.We have 50 bags weighing 50 pounds each of Dusting / Snow / Donut sugar. This Ultra White Donut Sugar Retails for $194 a bag. We are selling it for $20 a bag. We are selling it out at such a steep discount because the "Best By" use day is Feb 13, 2017. This batch of Sugar is one year old but if stored properly can last decades (like honey). Dusting Sugar does not have an "Expiration Date" only a "Best By" date, dusting sugar does not expire. The Best By" date is a mandatory FDA regulation but does not necessarily reflect quality deterioration in Dusting Sugar. This type of sugar is used in place of icing sugar for dusting cakes. Unlike icing sugar, it does not dissolve away so that cakes that are kept in the fridge, frozen or wrapped will keep the freshly dusted look.We are located right of the I-15 Freeway at 7200 south, just two blocks north of winco, the first road west of the freeway. Please give us a half hour heads up before coming over. Someone is normally there during daylight hours. This Ultra White Donut Sugar is made with a "Healthy" Sugar named "Dextrose". Body builders use this type of sugar in their workout routine. Dextrose is used to replace cane sugar for those who are informed of the benefits and who can afford it, as it is several times the cost of normal cane sugar. At the price we are selling this, you will find many new ways to enjoy it as a sweetener. It is more mild than confectioner's sugar, so if you want a super sweet taste, you can mix the two together. Here is a "Livestrong" Web site explaining the benefits of Dextrose: http://www.livestrong.com/article/484352-what-are-the-health-benefits-of-dextrose/Snow Powder can be sifted onto brownies, lemon tarts, ganached cakes, buttercream cakes and any other baked sweets that you can think of and it doesnt get absorbed. The sky is the limit what you can use this for!! Dusting Icing Sugar can be used with stencils and rulers to create beautiful patterns and designs by sifting the sugar over the top of the stencil. It looks and tastes great!Icing sugar tends to dissolve when frozen, thawed, chilled, wrapped or in high humidity conditions. Sweet snow is made from dextrose rather than sucrose, which is encapsulated to stop it from dissolving when used for dusting. Ideal when used instead of icing sugar for dusting cakes such as doughnuts, stollen and sponges where they are to be wrapped or frozen, or just kept in the fridge for a little while. more
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Butter Flavored Powder Food Storage Butter Buds


Murray, UT | 1 Day
We are selling 50-pound bags of Butter Flavored Powder (Butter Buds) for $20 each. We have twenty 50-pound bags available. This was manufactured May 2016, and has a 3-year shelf life. It can last up to 10 years if repackaged into a 5-gallon bucket with a moisture absorbing packet.We have these selling on eBay:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Butter-Buds-Kosher-High-Concentrate-Dairy-Flavored-Powder-Flavoring-Substitute-/172604518339?var=&hash=item283007efc3:m:muvWObudmKONLq_tpdUJ7rAWe are also selling Dusting Sugar and Powdered Potatoes, and Honey Powder. Please check "More by this Seller" to see the other ads. You get a 10% discount for all purchases over $200 on what ever combination you choose of the Dusting Sugar, Honey Powder, Butter Powder and the Powdered Potatoes. These premium products were left over from our ward emergency preparedness fair.We are located right of the I-15 Freeway at 7200 south, just two blocks north of winco, the first road west of the freeway. Please give us a half hour heads up before coming over. Someone is normally there during daylight hours. Butter Buds High Concentrate Powder is a natural butter concentrate. It can be used in meats, snacks, soups, and bakery products. Butter Buds Powder is ideal as a topping for warm, moist foods such as potatoes, vegetables, pasta, rice and hot cereal. Butter Buds may also be used as a substitute for butter, margarine or oil in low fat cooking and baking. This powder is perfect for those watching their diet from heart attack or stroke recovery.This High Concentrate powder is made with real butter, cream and cheese through an enzymatic process that releases the flavor components of butter from the fat and water. After the flavor is released, it is then spray-dried to a powder-like form. The resulting Butter Buds powder contains the original flavor of butter without the fat and cholesterol. One pound of this butter powder has the same amount of flavor as 80 pounds of whole butter. YYYYUUUMMMM!!!! Butter Buds contain maltodextrin (a carbohydrate derived from corn), butter, salt, butter flavor, rice starch, soybean lecithin, annatto and turmeric. more
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Honey Powder (Honey in powder form)


Murray, UT | 1 Day
Great for Diabetics!!! Use this honey powder as a sugar substitute for much healthier recipes. We have 30 boxes of Honey Powder (powdered honey) left over from our Ward emergency preparedness workshop. This honey powder retails for $200 per 50 pound box on Amazon. We are selling it for $70 per box. We are also selling Dusting Sugar and Powdered Potatoes. Please check "More by this Seller" to see the other ads. You get a 10% discount for all purchases over $200 on what ever combination you choose of the Dusting Sugar, Honey Powder and the Powdered Potatoes.This is the best Honey Powder you can buy for baking. The popular "Augason Farms" honey powder has a low honey content. The biggest ingredient in their honey powder is "refinery syrup", not actual honey. This makes their honey far sweeter, not healthier. They sell it for $4 a pound. The Honey Powder we are selling is made by "Natural American Foods Inc" and we are selling our extra boxes for $1.40 a pound . It is made with 70% Honey and 30% Wheat Starch and Calcium Stearate. The wheat starch and calcium stearate is used as a thickening agent and anti-clumping agent. Both of these are natural products. Our Honey Powder was manufactured on July of 2016 and has a 3 year shelf life if left in the box and up to 30 years if repackaged properly. Here is the Natural American Foods website:http://naturalamericanfoods.com/productsHere is the Amazon website:https://www.amazon.com/Natural-American-Foods-Percent-Powder/dp/B01MV40RQ0Augason Farms honey powder can be used as a syrup as all you need to do is add water (much like the Kool-Aid drink) do to their high refinery syrup. This honey powder is best used in baking as a sugar substitute with a 1 to 1 ratio. You just need to add 1/8 more liquid agent to your recipes to lighten the end result. We included pictures of a "Whole Wheat Nut Muffin" recipe using Augason Farms honey powder Vs Natural American Foods. On one batch we used the recipe's water amount and the next we used 1/4 cup more water for a lighter muffin. All this can be seen in the pictures. We are located right of the I-15 Freeway at 7200 south, just two blocks north of winco, the first road west of the freeway. Please give us a half hour heads up before coming over. Someone is normally there during daylight hours.Powdered honey is literally dehydrated honey. You can find this dry honey under the names “honey crystals”, “honey powder” or “dried honey”. Benefits of Honey PowderFirst: Honey is naturally a great sugar alternative. It contains many vitamins and minerals. It is also a natural sugar that has a lower glycemic index than regular white sugar. Powdered honey is especially great for long term storage and preserves treats very well. While powdered honey does not have the same health benefits as raw honey, it is a much healthier option when baking.Second: Honey Powder creates delicious baked goods! Powdered honey is an easy sugar substitute because it creates that sweetness while creating the same “bulk” as white sugar in a recipe. You can use it cup for cup. It is perfect for creating nice flaky pie crusts to super soft tasty cookies! Once baked, end products stay soft, moist and delicious! more
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Water barrels $10 each


Smithfield, UT | 1 Day
30 and 55 gallon. more
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Bags of dried milk,oatmeal,potatoes


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
I was going to dump these as they are all outdated, but then thought that perhaps someone would have purpose for them. I am one person and can't use that much storage. 9 large bags. more
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