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Old Fashioned Manual Food Processor


Fruit Heights, UT | 2 Hours
Old Fashioned Manual Food Processor3 grating and slicing blades and strainerCash only. Nothing larger than $20s please.Text only. I don't answer unknown numbers. more
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* Canning steamer / Juicer *


west Jordan, UT | 3 Hours
Used in good condition Canning steamer juicer. Text preferred. Local only... more
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Canning Jars


Ogden, UT | 14 Hours
Quarts, pints, jam and jelly. Kerr, Ball,. Regular mouth. Very clean in excellent condition. No e-mails or texts please, call 801-399-1989. more
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Canning Jars With Cooking Pot


Ogden, UT | 14 Hours
2 dozen wide mouth quart jars with rings and 7 quart pot. Very clean excellent condition. No e-mails or texts please, call 801-399-1989. more
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Potato Sacks Grain animal feed


Taylorsville, UT | 14 Hours
Woven poly reinforced feed bags. They hold food products and are safe to store potatoes, grain etc.50lb bags $1 each (I have a few dozen left)They are used and had animal feed (grain pellets or corn) in them. more
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5 Vintage Tin Grain Storage Containers


Sandy, UT | 17 Hours
All are in good, useable condition. Use for vintage look or to keep rodents out of your food storage. Each holds about 35 pounds of wheat.Selling all 5 as a lot for $30Cash and carry only. more
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The Harvest 72" Food Rotation System


Provo, UT | 18 Hours
As new! Our version includes two adjustable side shelvesPriced new at $475 on http://www.thrivelife.com/variety-can-systems.htmlNeed to collect. more
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15 to 55 gallon fuel food or water storage barrels


ogden, UT | 18 Hours
15 Gallon HDPE FOOD GRADE SAFE blue plastic barrels closed top with 2" bung plug, approx. size 14" dia and 27" high. See my other listings for the other sized plastic drums. I get 15 gallon 30 gallon 40 gallon and 55 gallon. All are priced at the same $10.00 for any size or quantity. if you don't see the other listings Call me (Art) cause I may have them but just not listed on ksl. at this time. These ONE TIME USE barrels / drums was used in production by a manufacturer / distributor of food and/or beverages.They are made of #2 HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic barrels that is certified and considered safe for food and drink by the standards set and controlled by the USDA FOOD ADMIN. The 15 gallons are blue and have a closed top consisting of one handle and one 2 inch bung plug with the center threaded to insert a 3/4" spigot valve (requires punch or drill out a plugged 1/2" hole in center of pre-threaded bung plug). they measure about 27 inch high and about 14 in diameter.Due to the smaller size the 15 gallons make excellent portable water / liquid container for times like camping when you need portable water or portable fuel storage container or just grab and go. I also use them to store grains, rice, beans, items for our long term food storage that can be poured in and out of the 2 inch plug.Also make a excellent container for those salt water fish enthusiast needing salt water aquarium tank change barrels. The other day I was at the hardware store and seen 5 gallon plastic gas cans were selling for $18.95 each. Buy this container to hold an equal amount to 3 times the plastic gas containers. Plus they were also selling these same 15 gallon container for over TWICE the price I have them listed for ==========================Call Art at 801 737-3098please no emails. ========================== more
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Water storage barrel


Salt Lake City, UT | 19 Hours
Black Poly, 55 gal. more
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Weston apple and fruit crusher


Salt lake city, UT | 19 Hours
New in the box more
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Food grade 4 1/4 gallon storage buckets with lids


Honeyville, UT | 19 Hours
Food grade 4 1/4 gallon bucket with lid and handles. Lids seal tight and are easy to remove. Buckets and lids come in sets of 10 for $25.00. more
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Food Storage Collection - save 65% off new!


Salt Lake City, UT | 20 Hours
Large food storage collection for sale. All items unopened and purchased over the last few years and stored in a cool, dry basement. Most items have a 30 year shelf life. Moving and unable to take this with us. Our loss is your gain! Spent $760 on items new. See the list below. Offering at 65% off. First to come get it. Text is preferred. Thanks!BucketsRed Wheat 45lbs $56 each new 3 totalWhite Wheat 45lbs $25 each new 2 totalBrown Rice 43lbs $58 new 2 totalQuick Oats 23 lbs $33 new 2 totalCansWhite Rice $4 new 2 totalDry Milk $18 new 5 totalRed Wheat $3 new 2 totalPinto Beans $6 new 1 totalWhole Eggs $12 new 1 totalQuick Oats $3 new 1 totalBlack Beans $6 new 6 totalSpaghetti $3 new 6 totalPotato Flakes $5 new 6 totalMacaroni $3 new 6 totalOtherWater Containers 5 gallon $15 new 2 total25lbs Salt $5 newSugar 2,000 packets $15 new5 gallon buckets $8 new each 2 totalGamma Seal lids $10 new each 2 totalLid Opener $2 more
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Bountiful, UT | 21 Hours
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Canning jars


Bountiful, UT | 22 Hours
Quart size canning jars 8 dozen total jars. 6$/dozen both wide and narrow mouth. Kerr, Ball, Mason brands. Some have rings. Also a dozen pint size available. more
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Hard Red Wheat


Farmington, UT | 22 Hours
Hard Red WheatIn bulk only 10ยข per pound!I have 1500 pounds.You can buy during moving sale on Friday (10-4) or Saturday (10-2) at:1389 N. Main StreetFarmington 84025Bring your own containers, please!Cash only. more
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Western stoneware 20gal antique crockpot


Murray, UT | 23 Hours
Rare..Antique glass 20 gal food crock.Western stoneware more
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Sour kraut crock


Eagle Mountain, UT | 23 Hours
Sour kraut crock 5 quart like new. With stone. more
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Metal 55 gallon barrels - Food Grade


American Fork, UT | 1 Day
I have 3 metal 55 gallon barrels. These are clean, food-grade barrels. Two of them (white ones) have locking rings. These were used for food storage. more
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Chef's Choice 310 Compact Diamond Hone Sharpener


Centerville, UT | 1 Day
Chef's Choice 310 Compact Diamond Hone Sharpener more
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Juice Factory 2000 - Excellent Condition


Centerville, UT | 1 Day
JuicerJuice Factory 2000 - Excellent Condition more
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Fillrite FR152 Hand Fuel Transfer Pump - New in Bo


Centerville, UT | 1 Day
Fillrite FR152 Hand Fuel Transfer Pump - New in BoxScrews into barrel, drums, etc.Heavy DutyTwo Year Warranty20 GPM more
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Honey Unfiltered, Cold Extracted And Raw


Herriman, UT | 1 Day
Honey, Alfalfa, Clover & Orange Blossom Raw & Cold ExtractedLocal Raw Alfalfa Honey 18.50 per 5lb or $100.00 per 30lb case.Clover Honey (from South Dakota) $21.00 per 5lb tub or $115 per 30lb case!Orange Blossom Honey (from California)! $130.00 per case of six 5lb tubs or $23.50 per 5lb tub.Variety cases upon request!All honey is Unfiltered and Cold Extracted. Raw cold extracted honey hasn't been heat-treated and "purified", so still contains it's full complement of enzymes and antioxidants, and still has all of it's antibacterial properties. If you are interested or would like some please call or text for any questions 801-503-4137! more
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Variety of Raw, Unfiltered, Cold Extracted honey


Herriman, UT | 1 Day
Honey, Alfalfa, Clover & Orange Blossom Raw, Unfiltered & Cold ExtractedLocal Raw Alfalfa Honey $3.33 - $3.70 lb.Clover Honey (from South Dakota) $3.83 - $4.20 lb.Orange Blossom Honey (from California) $4.33 - $4.70 lb.Variety cases upon request!All honey is Unfiltered and Cold Extracted. Raw cold extracted honey hasn't been heat-treated and "purified", so still contains it's full complement of enzymes and antioxidants, and still has all of it's antibacterial properties. If you are interested or would like some please call or text for any questions 801-503-4137! more
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5 gallon S/S balllock Home Brew Cornelius corny soda beer keg syrup tank stainless steel


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
Art?s Brewing Supplies 642 South Washington Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 801-533-8029. If you buy 20 the price is $1300 total($65.00 each). If you buy 12 kegs the price would be $810 ($67.50 each). These are used and sold as is. We do not guarantee that they do not need parts. We do guarantee that with new parts the kegs will hold pressure. Parts are still in production for these kegs and we can sell them to you or you can get them your self. If it does not hold pressure with new parts, then we will fix the keg so it will hold pressure or if we can not fix it we will replace it. THESE ARE STAINLESS STEEL. The kegs are great for storing just about anything and with a CO2 cylinder and regulator you can remove the oxygen from anything you put in them for storage or carbonate any liquid you want. They have a lid that you can put your fist in. the kegs are great for making or storing wine beer soda or water. Shipping will be regular ups charges plus $2 handling charge on each keg for shipping. All shipping charges are the buyer?s responsibility. We are only selling kegs that you can still purchase new replacement parts. No plastic lids, none with the pressure relief that you can not buy (by the way we still carry the pressure reliefs that you can not find any other place, if you need some, at least while they last), no race track lids, no single handle ones unless you want one handle kegs we do have a few & no kegs with the 2 piece male quick connect. In other words these are the best most desirable kegs. Simply put the best kegs at a good price. If you get a keg that with new parts is leaking then I get a chance to fix it and if I can not then we will give you the new parts you bought and another keg to work with. If you are going to buy a system please check with me first because I think I can give you important info so you are not wasting your time and money because of things such as a smaller 5 pound CO2 cylinder and a delivery gauge of 0 to 60 psi. I have even figured out how I can make pin lock carbonators. We will be here to help those that have kegging problems even if we did not sell you the kegging system. All you have to do is ask! Email at art@artsbrewinsupplies.com and the phone is 801-533-8029. Any questions please feel free to ask. more
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