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IBC Storage Totes


Roy, UT | 1 Hour
I have several of these storage totes for sale. If you have questions feel free to text me at 8017100542 since I am usually at work but I have pictures I can send and if you buy more than one i can do $75 a tote more
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Herriman, UT | 2 Hours
Great more
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Set of 5 mugs


Spanish Fork, UT | 3 Hours
Purchased at ikeaText only. more
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10 50 Pound Containers Of Wheat


Herriman, UT | 4 Hours
ALL more
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gal steel can w/lid 31 gal food storage,bird seed


ogden, UT | 4 Hours
31 gallon for food storage,pet food ,bird seed,dry storage approx 27'x 20 light steel and 55gal cardboard drum more
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AquaMagic Water Generator


Alpine, UT | 10 Hours
THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR YOUR HOME WATER STORAGE - CLOSEOUT PRICING ON THIS MODEL -MSRP $2500Please text for fastest reply!AquaMagic Water Generator produces potable water from ambient air - no plumbing required! It's the perfect water storage solution that doesn't need to sit on your shelf for a disaster. It can be used every day to produce up to eight gallons of ultra pure drinking water in 24 hours. It can also dispense hot and cold water. It has a 3-gallon holding tank and runs on AC 110. Measures 22" wide by 21" deep.HOW IT WORKS: Ambient air is drawn through a washable electrostatic filter onto a condensing water magnet which extracts the moisture from the air and vents purified air out the other side. This initial step removes nearly all airborne particulates. The extracted water then passes through an activated carbon filtration system which effectively removes remaining pollutants and impurities. Next, the water is exposed to a germicidal ultraviolet light produced by a mercury vapor lamp to effectively disinfect the water. From there, it is stored in a sanitary holding tank and automatically recycled periodically to maintain purity and freshness. The products are intended to operate within an environment with stable temperature levels and will perform best where there is adequate air flow. The technology employed within the products reduces water-borne pollutions and produces ultra-pure drinking water virtually free from all biological contaminants including bacteria, viruses, algae, mold, yeast, fungi, parasites, and other deleterious organisms.AquaMagic water analysis performed by the National Testing Laboratories clearly shows how clean, fresh and safe AquaMagic pure water is. Results can be emailed to you.Independently tested by QinetiQ (pronounced kinetic), Europe's largest science and technology organization. After rigorous testing including the harsh desert climate of Oman in the Middle East, to the highest peak in Australia, Mount Kosciusko. Their conclusion: that even in the harshest climatic regime, there is water vapor present in the air for harvesting. more
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Pork Whole or Half


Eagle Mountain, UT | 11 Hours
Whole or Half a pig for sale. Large Black/Berkshire cross pigs processed the way you want. Raised on our farm, free range, antibiotic and hormone free. Whole pigs hanging weight will be between 150 and 180lbs and cost $2.50 lb plus the processing fees to butcher, cut and wrap and any curing that you want done. The last ones we sold averaged $3.35 lb after all the fees were added in to process. The pigs were taken to the butcher today and will be processed tomorrow and will be ready this next week. You won't find better pork. You can cure the bacon and ham yourself or have the butcher do it. It's the best way to fill your freezer with pork. Get to know where your meat comes from. We are located in Eagle Mountain. You will have to pick up your meat by next Friday or Saturday. more
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2 Year Supply WEEK SPECIAL


Kaysville, UT | 11 Hours
Limited Time, Hurry and order today. ONLY 6 LEFT801-444-1444deseretfoodstore@hotmail.com more
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Kaysville, UT | 11 Hours
This is the best deal we have EVER HAD. 5 FREE SLEEPING BAGSClick Herewww.deseretfoodstore.com more
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Scratch and dent food clearance


slc, UT | 17 Hours
Cleaning out our over stock and clearance items just .50 cents and $1 each (retail normally $2-$12 each) People can also visit our Page at fb.me/Utahdiscountdeals for weekly sale on additional items All money goes to charity programs more
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1 Gallon Buckets (with snapping lid)


South Ogden, UT | 22 Hours
1 gallon (white) buckets with lids.Price: $1.00 eachSpecifics:Handle? YESGood alternative to avoid packing around heavy food and/or small storage items.Condition:Used once. Initially, each held banana, cheesecake, eggnog, or pumkin-base for flavoring for ice cream.Washed out immediately and sterilized with quat-sanitizer.Used for nothing else.In great shape, but should be washed out due to dust.--------------------------------------------------Great for:Food storage container holders.Crate shelves.Parts, tools, and Misc. item storage.Etc.--------------------------------------------------CALL or TEXT or EMAIL me anytime,Thanks,Mike more
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Storage Crates


South Ogden, UT | 22 Hours
Firmly stacking Black Heavy-Duty crates.$2 each.Condition: Used, but in good shape. These are tough crates.Inside Dimensions:12" x 12" x 10.5" deep.Outside Dimensions:13" x 13" x 11" deep.Great for:Food storage container holders.Crate shelves.Parts, tools, and Misc. item storage.Etc.CALL or TEXT or EMAIL me anytime,Thanks,Mike more
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Raw Honey


American fork, UT | 1 Day
6 - 5# tubs raw Clover Alfalfa Honey, unfiltered and unheated. Amber color - mild flavor. Comes from South Dakota. Also can purchase by the tub - 5#. 801-787-0612 - Taking orders ( honey will be here in a few weeks.) It will go quickly since quantities are limited. more
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Powdered Milk - 6 Gallon Bucket - MYLAR & GammaLid


Lehi, UT | 1 Day
THRIVE Powdered Milk is a non-fat, just-add-water mix, made from dairy. Since it's perfect for cooking, you'll always want to have it on hand to make your favorite recipes. THRIVE Powdered Milk is intended for use in cooking and baking. However, it is also great mixed with water for drinking.This product is sealed within a heavy duty mylar bag, inside of a 6 gallon poly bucket with a GAMMA LID (twist and seal). This packaging ensures protection from air, moisture and light. The gamma lid provides easy access and long term storability.SHELF LIFE:Closed: 25 yearsOpen: 2 yearsSERVINGS: 43728 pounds net weightIngredients: Non-fat powdered milk. CERTIFIED GLUTEN NO GMOs: no bioengineered ingredientsNO artificial colors or flavorsGUARANTEED FRESH - Ordered brand new for each customer.Michelle: 801-602-9252Call, text or email.Cash or credit card. more
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1 year supply food storage - 2000 calories per day - customizable


Lehi, UT | 1 Day
1 year BRAND NEW food storage supply. This has not been sitting in someone else's basement or garage, but is built and packaged once ordered.Plans are 1800 - 2000 calories per day, for 1 person for 1 year.However, several plan variations are available for shorter periods of time or a different amount of calories. A variety of options to customize all plans based on your individual needs is available. Including certified Gluten Free Plans.Each food storage plan should start with a solid foundation of the basic necessities:GrainsMilkLegumesSugars / SweetenersFats and OilsBaking Essentials These basic 6 food storage items provide all of the vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy diet.Packaged for long term storability, these plans create the base of your food storage, and should be considered the first priority.All plans are completely customizable, with "luxury" add on items available as well; including meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, etc.Monthly payment plans are available!http://myfamilyprepared.blogspot.com/p/food-storage.htmlContact Michelle:Email, call or text: 801-602-9252 more
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Freeze Dried Yogurt - 6 Flavors - Brand New!


Lehi, UT | 1 Day
PERFECT FOR EMERGENCIES, PREPAREDNESS, CAMPING, OR SIMPLY EVERYDAY USE$30 for individual #10 cans$168 for the #10 (gallon sized) 6 pack$102 for the #2.5 (quart sized) 6 pack6 #10 sized containers of a variety of freeze dried yogurt.Each pack includes 6 #10 (gallon sized) containers of yogurt bites, containing one of each of the following:- Strawberry- Pomegranate- Blueberry- Passionfruit- Cherry- VanillaGUARANTEED FRESH - ORDERED BRAND NEW, DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER!Sample all our delicious flavors of Yogurt Bites with our Yogurt Can 6-pack! This pack contains a each flavor of Yogurt Bites. THRIVE Yogurt Bites are a sweet snack straight from the can, and they rehydrate in minutes for deliciously creamy yogurt.REHYDRATION DIRECTIONS:In a small mixing bowl, combine 2 tablespoons water and 1 cup freeze-dried yogurt. Let sit for 5–10 minutes until fully rehydrated. Whisk until smooth. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Adjust water measurements to reach desired consistency.SHELF LIFEClosed: 25 yearsOpen: 1 yearShelf life on all freeze dried products is up to 25 years if kept in optimal storage conditions (cool and dark).SERVINGS#10 cans (1 gallon each): 6Total Servings: 158 servingsDESCRIPTIONAll products are: Certified gluten-freeNO GMOs: no bioengineered ingredientsNO artificial colors or flavorsCall, text or email Michelle: 801-602-9252Cash or cardShipping available upon request.$30 for individual #10 cans$168 for the #10 (gallon sized) 6 pack$102 for the #2.5 (quart sized) 6 packCheck out my other listings for more great deals! more
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Vegetable 6 Pack - Freeze Dried & Dehydrated Food


Lehi, UT | 1 Day
PERFECT FOR EMERGENCIES, CAMPING, PREPAREDNESS, OR SIMPLY FOR EVERYDAY USE!6 #10 sized containers of a variety of freeze dried and dehydrated vegetables.Each pack includes 6 #10 (gallon sized) containers, containing one of each of the following:dehydrated carrot dicesfreeze dried cauliflowerfreeze dried chopped onionsfreeze dried sweet cornfreeze dried green peasdehydrated potato chunksGUARANTEED FRESH -ORDERED BRAND NEW DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER!SHELF LIFEClosed: 8 - 25 yearsOpen: 1 yearShelf life is based on optimal storage conditions. The carrot dices have a shorter shelf life (8 years), but all others are 25 years. All vegetables have a 1 year shelf life once opened.SERVINGS#10 cans (1 gallon each): 6Total Servings: 243DESCRIPTION & INGREDIENTSAll vegetables in this kit are:Certified gluten-free NO GMOs: no bioengineered ingredients NO artificial colors or flavorsCheck out my other items for more great deals!Call, text or email Michelle: 801-602-9252$74 - price is firmCash or card more
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Canning Jars


North Salt Lake, UT | 1 Day
I have 16 wide mouth, and 9 standard jars with rings. Also 6 boxes of flats for the wide mouth jars and 5 boxes of flats for the standard. Take all for $25.00. Contact me between 9 am and 6 pm. more
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GOT WATER STORAGE 55 Gallon Barrels


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
Contained salt solution. Great for water storage know need to clean just rinse and fill. (Free Delivery within 20 mile Radius from South Ogden with minimum purchase 10 barrels)EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COORDINATORS Will Delivery FREE up to 60 miles from So. Ogden with order of 48 plus barrelsLimited time buy ten and get an additional FREE barrel Satisfaction Guarantee or complete refund.These barrels are superior to any other used barrels that contained syrup or other food grade items. The salt solution that was in the barrels is soluble and of food grade. Sodium Chloride is a natural preservative not allowing for bacteria to grow in the containers and leaving KNOW RESIDUAL ODOR OR TASTE, these containers are considerably thicker than what you can buy from ES or any of the local stores.Rinsing instructions and water storage recommendations provided. 35 years professional experience in water treatment and controlling bacteria. It is always best to control bacteria than to try and remove it.#2 HDPE plastic best for water storageBarrel Rack plans available at know charge.Kent 801-718-2465 more
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Food Storage - Moving and must sell


South Jordan, UT | 1 Day
The only reason I am selling this is because the movers were unable to take and store it for me (mover policy). This food storage is in excellent condition. The boxes have writing on it (from the movers), but other than that they are all in mint condition. The food was all packed in 2015 or 2016 and all of these items have a 30 year shelf life. It has been stored in my cold storage since purchase (cool/dry room). The total price of all of this is over $300 with tax. Willing to sell all of it for $250 OBO. I have the following cases (6 #10 cans per case): White Rice=6 cases, White Beans=1 case, Potato Flakes=1 Case, Quick Oats=1 case, Black Beans=1 case, Spaghetti Noodles=1 case. No low-ball offers. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks- more
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Buckets and water jugs for sale


Spanish Fork, UT | 1 Day
Selling food storage buckets and 5 gallon water jugs. We no longer have use for them. call or text. more
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water barrels


Layton, UT | 1 Day
3 water storage containersthe 2 big ones are 25.00 each the small one is 20.00 or take all three for for 60.00 text is best more
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#10 Can with metal lid


Pleasant Grove, UT | 1 Day
Food Grade for your home storage canning. Plastic Lids-$ .25 each. more
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55 gallon drums w/pumps


Clinton, UT | 1 Day
Two drums. One stored outside for $35. One stored in the garage for $50. Both include a pump. more
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