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Pork For sale!


Santaquin, UT | 2 Hours
Hormone and antibiotic free! February 2nd. more
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Canning Jars


wvc, UT | 3 Hours
9 plus dozen 3.00 a dozen more
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Orem, UT | 3 Hours
Looking for someone to help me in my garden. Too much work for me. Help me plant, maintain, reap the harvest and get paid $15.00/hr for your efforts. Garden is on a watering system and I will cover all cost. I live in Highland, so you should live close by. Looking for one or two hours during the evening, three or four days a week or as demand warrants. more
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Tilting display table on casters


Orem, UT | 3 Hours
I have two of these display tables, looking to sell one of them. They have multiple tiers that fold out or they stay flat like in the picture, these are very heavy. Call our text whenever for more. more
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FRESH&HEALTHY RedWiglerCompostingWorms:ONLY$39.95!


Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Hours
These photographs show eisenia Fetida - red wiggler composting worms in worm bins. We sell thousands of pounds of compost and worms each year. See 'A-Worms-Tale.Com' for additional information !!!YOU CAN HAND PICK YOUR OWN Red Wigglers from one of the large 4' x 8' composting worm beds! Price is $39.95 per pound of worms. If you have a worm bin, please bring it if you would like to have the worms installed in it.For an additional $10 we can provide one of our Ready to use Rubbermaid 18 gallon plastic worm bins.We can also supply custom blended worm bedding with feedstock. Special price is $2.50 per gallon.Knowledgeable customers prefer to pick out the largest breeder size worms as the worms are sifted from their bedding. It is easy to pick a pound of large worms in about 5 minutes. A great deal can be learned about worm behavior and care as you pick out your own worms!Obtaining worms from a local grower can assure that you get a full pound of worms if you see them weighed in front of you, clean as spaghetti.Be wary of producers that add bedding material and give less than an honest weight. One pound of clean worms in a ball will fill more than a 16 oz measuring cup.We often check the actual weight of worms sold by other growers. When we sift out the bedding from their mail order worms, usually the clean worms average about 4 to 6 ounces of worms with 4 to 12 ounces of peat moss!The full weight of the worms with bedding included seems to always be less than a full pound!There should be at least 16 ounces of worms and contain at least 16 ounces of peat moss!We can help you set up your bin with your worms for free, even if we have not supplied your worms!Worms are available per pound ($39.95). We will sift them fresh from a working bed and weigh them in front of you.18 gallon plastic bins are $10.Up to 4 gallons (regularly $4 per gallon) of ready to use blended bedding with feedstock is available with each pound of worms for $10.00. In 3 months this becomes finished worm castings valued at over $50.00. You can bring your own bedding, shredded newspaper or broken apart horse manure.We sell 1 square foot of worms, cocoons, castings and bedding directly out of a working bed for $99. That is a great value (approximate value: $250.00+). (It is easy for us to sell them that way).Our introductory special allows you to purchase MaximGrow@ enhanced fresh worm castings for about half the normal price.Please us know:How many pounds of worms are needed.Volume of castings needed.If you want us to supply a worm bin.If you need custom blended high nutrient bedding [special: $10/4 gallons].We live at approximately 14th West 440 South in Salt Lake City. Please call or text before coming. more
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++Double++ Plant Growth: MaximGrow® Worm Castings


Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Hours
20 MILLION POUNDS READY TO GO! $6.00 PER QUART, $10 PER HALF GALLON, $18.00 PER GALLON, $25.00 PER 2 GALLON BUCKET, $35 PER 4 GALLON USPS LARGE EXPRESS MAIL BOX, $45 PER 5 GALLON BUCKET. LIMITED TIME~INTRODUCTORY PRICES! See 'A-WORMS-TALE.COM' for additional information. Shipped nation wide.A Worm's Tale® Organic Fertilizer And All Purpose Plant Food: the ultimate revitalizer and conditioner for your plants and garden. AmazingWorm® Castings brings your soil back to life with millions of beneficial bacteria and good fungi. Professional grade soil ammendment. 20 million pounds of fresh out of the bed worm castings are available! $5.00 per quart, $10 per half gallon, $18.00 per gallon or $45 per 5 gallon bucket. Stored in plastic containers, buckets, 1 and 2 cubic yard lifting bags.Price per cubic yard: $1,000. Use 1/4 inch to cover your garden for amazing results. 25% in potting mixes doubles plant growth. Backed by extensive university testing and research. (Cornell, Cal Poly, Washington State, University of Florida and more currently under testing) Provides beneficial nutrients that enhance flavor profile, color, growth, vigor, revitalizer and conditioner for your plants and garden.Quality high protein feedstocks from alfalfa, corn, soybeans, oats, barley, fruits, vegetables, proteins and maple leaves, produce large healthy worms for sale and the resulting castings out produce all other castings growers have compared them with. We feed no fillers, dirt or peat moss to bulk up our castings.Check what goes into your worm castings if you want high quality organic castings that maximize production!Over the next five years A Worm's Tale® is releasing 20,000,000 pounds of high quality MaximGrow® and AmazingWorm® Castings that have been produced over a 20 year period. Greenhouses that have done preliminary tests say they have not found anything comparable. Medical marijuana growers throughout the United States are buying semi loads for grow facilities which are larger than football fields! They report that their production increases substantiallity by adding 25 to 35% MaximGrow® Enhanced Multisource AmazingWorm® Castings! (50+% pure castings with added special nutrient, mineral, growth, bloom and budding ingredients).Click on the photographs to read descriptions and explanations.Available thoughout the United States via our trucks delivery.I live at 1421 W Pacific Ave #D (440 S) in Salt Lake City and in St.George. Please call or text before coming. more
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Tomato and Pepper Plants


magna, UT | 21 Hours
Tomato and Pepper Plants.Celebrity,Rutgers,Ace 55,Moscow,Jetstar,Hamsom Tomatoes.Bell,Jalapino,Big Jim Peppers $1.50ea.Discount for 10 or More. more
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Certified Black Angus Beef


Payson, UT | 22 Hours
Certified black Angus Beef for sale. 2.75$ a pound. This includes processing, available in 1/4's 1/2's or full Beef. Amazing tasting beef with wonderful marbling. 1/4 beef weigh around 200+ pounds, 1/2 a beef weigh around 450 pound. Full weigh around 840 pounds. Thanks for looking. Please call for more information. more
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I will Build a "drought proof" garden for you.


Riverton, UT | 1 Day
I will Build a “drought proof” garden for you. I have a method of building a big or small garden in your back yard... which is essentially “drought proof”. You know we live in a desert. Water is precious here. I can build garden beds in your yard that soaks up water... rain water or water from your garden hose. And it holds the water for a long time. And it releases the water back into your veggies and flowers a little at a time. It’s a totally natural and does not require any fancy get-ups, electricity, or pipe work. It makes use of logs, twigs, grass clippings and leaves. How much is this worth to you – to grow your own food... natural... organic... with tasty, vitamin-packed and low maintenance?Low maintenance means you most just step outside and pick your tomatoes, lettuce, kale, flowers, melons, squash or what every you want to enjoy each day. Listen... You can do it yourself... go here to see my complete method: http://permaculturenews.org/2012/01/04/hugelkultur-composting-whole-trees-with-ease/#more-6825Or call me and let’s talk about the small investment you can make to have a beautiful, wonderful garden that needs very little water. Linwood 801-895-9598 more
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Riverton, UT | 1 Day
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Fresh Valencia Oranges, Pink & White Grapefruit


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
I recently returned from Palm Springs where I have friends with an abundance of citrus trees that they let me pick.All fruit was picked April 26-28th.No sprays were used on the trees.Currently have:-Valencia Oranges-Pink & White GrapefruitFruit is $1 per pound.Discounts on larger orders.Also have an assorted box 25 pounds for $20I'm located near the UofU stadium, but could meet elsewhere. Call or text Scott435-225-6005 more
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Food dehydrator


Sandy, UT | 1 Day
Older dehydrator. 19" W x 21" D x 36" T. Needs new cord. TEXT ONLY please for directions to pick up. Cash only, thanks. Check out my other items for sale. more
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Pork For sale !


Santaquin, UT | 1 Day
Homegrown hormone and antibiotic free pork for sale. Eveything from feeders to butcher ready pigs. PRICE VERYS ON WEIGHT OF THE HOG! Call for more details and prices! 8013769266 more
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Fertilizer and Revive


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
Fertilizer 50 poundsRevive Pro 40 poundsYou will not find these in stores at all. You might find something close if you look hard enough, but it won't be this good. $25 each. The supply is four, fifty pound bags of Fertilizer, and three, fourty pound bags of Revive Pro.Your best buy is buying the bags $25 a bag. Cash only. more
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warren, UT | 1 Day
fresh eggs, chickens are free range. 2.50 dozen more
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All Natural Utah Raw Honey


South Jordan, UT | 1 Day
60 pounds of raw, unfiltered all natural honey from Utah (Near the Unitas) for the lowest price per pound on KSL.. This is a combination of alfalfa and clover that has been sold in Utah since 1930! For $150 per bucket that's $2.50 per pound! You are getting it for much less than even Costco who sells their raw honey for over $4.00 per pound.We also have 12lb pails (1 gallon) for $35.No lower price in Utah! The supply of honey will probably run out by May, so get yours while you can.Please text and we really do get right back with you. We will have our Naturally Grown garlic, tomatoes and lettuce when they are in season. We can tell you where we get our grass fed, grass finished beef and lamb for about $3.50 per pound from Bountiful Utah and processed in Tooele County. Ask us for Information! more
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Free Membership to the Utah Co-op


slc, UT | 1 Day
Utah co-op Free Membership to locals 291 E 4500 S -Thursday-Saturday 10-6Pm-Sunday 10-2PmOver 6,000 items in store we price match Walmart to Wholefoods more
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Fresh Local Organic Salad Mix, Arugula And Mizuna


Farr West, UT | 1 Day
Organically grown lettuce mix all grown in Farr West Utah. Currently we have Arugula, mizuna, and our seasonal lettuce mix. Can supply enough for restaurants as well. Call or text anytime. $6 per lb$4 per 1/2 lb more
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Orem, UT | 1 Day
Fresh garden Rhubarb. Nice large stalks. $2.50/lb. Will pick per order. Cash only. Call or text Stein @ 801-836-3357 more
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free range chicken eggs


Farmington, UT | 2 Days
Free range chicken eggs for sale, all colors! $3 a doz more
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Angus beef


Delta, UT | 2 Days
We have great cuts of beef for sale, everything from ground beef to T-bone steaks, we have them at different prices but if you buy in bulk we can strike a deal. The meat is from 1.5 year old Angus steers. They were grass fed and healthy. more
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Homemade Candles In A Jar


Spanish fork, UT | 2 Days
Homemade candles in a 12oz jar. Scents I have available are vanilla with coffee beans, lavender, and lemon. Text if interested (559)457-9675. I can meet you. more
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Grass fed Texas Longhorn Beef


Payson, UT | 3 Days
Grass Fed Texas Longhorn Beef is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken,and even lower in fat than other beef breeds. Texas Longhorn Beef is high in Protein, CLA's, Omega 3's ,B12, iron, and many other vitamins and minerals. This is the red meat that is good for you. The CLA fats in grass feed beef is the esential fat needed for brain function and flexibility of arteries , Our animals are grass fed on range and pastures that are naturally fertilized without pesticides. We raise our own Hay to feed in the winter and our animals are never given Grain or fattened in unsanitary feedlot conditionsThat means all natural/Organic Beef. No growth hormones, steroids,antibiotics are ever given to our Cattle. We raise our purebred Texas Longhorns with love and care just the way nature intended it. The meat is professionally processed at Circle V meats USDA inspected. 1/4's, 1/2's, and wholes cut the way you want it. $3.50 per pound hanging weight cost includes the cut/wrap fee. No hidden fees. I am happy to deliver in Utah county Call to reserve your order and I can answer all your questions, Kind Regards, Van Beere (801) 362-6249PS Visit our website beerecattlecompany.com for more Texas longhorn information. Thanks, Van Beere more
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Fresh Eggs


Pleasant View, UT | 3 Days
Organic cage free, free range chicken eggs. Brown and white and Easter egg colored. Text for fast response more
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