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experianced skilled capenters helper for hire


sugarhouse, UT | 13 Mins
I'm a skilled carpenter/carpenters helper with 5yrs of residential home remodeling experience in need of work A.S.A.P Fsrom flips, Equity build ups, updating or just fixin up.Willing to work in surrounding that most wouldn't. Including all phases from start to finish. Rough carpentry:Framing" Roofing, Decking,Railings,windows,Doors an so on.. Finish carpentry,Base,Case,Trim,Molding,etc... All aspects concerning modification, renovation,remediation, additions. Email me address of site an location. I can start immediately. Please email me for fastest response. Thank you for reading my add and have a wonderful day!!(801)7018835 more
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Study: Show's Housing Shortage Across The USA!!!


Logan, UT | 56 Mins
Attn: Contractor's or Business Building Marketer's of the Construction Industry The Housing Market Is Making A Hugh Come Back!*** Motivated to Sale!*** This Patented Invention is For Sale for one low price of $150,000 Out-Right "No Royalties"!!! This product need's to go to a New Owner that can bring it to the Market!!! Purchase the Patent Right's to this awesome new product that will save contractor's everywhere Time, Money, Costly Mistakes, and will take away the tedious hassle away from marking foundation boards. No more searching for the Misc's tools to get the job done!* This is a Great Tool that will pay for itself the very first time it get's used and will benefit ever person that use's one!* Take what I have already created and take it to market Utility Patent is Done! Drawing's are Done! And a MFG is ready to start making the product to sell!*** The Key to this Invention is the Quickness of Marking the Foundation Boards the other tool's are just the extra bonuses that one get's to make the job easier!!! * Offering one (1) Granted Utility Patent and Drawing's for One Low Price $150,000 Out-Right Sale No Royalties!!!I have a MFG in the U.S.A. that is willing to MFG this New Tool for the Construction Industry at a good price allowing one to make good profit's from each tool sold.MFG Cost To Build The Construction Tool!1,000 each $9.54 each2,500 each $7.96 each5,000 each $6.68 each10,000 each $5.14 each25,000 each $4.69 each50,000 each $4.54 eachThe Marking pin cost's $0.1 0 each with larger Qty's and Packaging is around $0.20 each or less depending how ones decides to package it?*** If you are already a MFG with a CNC Machine you can do it yourself. If you have a pallet changer that will make the process quicker and allow you to make more tool's quicker and bring down the cost of Manufacturing!Example: The 10 N 1 Kwick Marker tool could sale Retail: $29.95 each and Wholesale for: $14.99 each.There are over 5,000,000 Million Contractors in the USA alone. This New Tool invention will attract the construction workers that simply want a better way to do their job in a better manner to get the task done quickly and correctly!ROI: Return On Investment a $5.00 profit from each tool x 30,000 each tool's = $150,000 than the rest is pure profits!*** Construction workers will loose them, misplace them, loan them and never get them back and they will get buried in the dirt and mud and won't be found etc...*** There was a story on KSL that said that by 2020 there will be in need of 2,000,000 Million Contractor's to fill the Job's nationwide.This is a New Tool that will mark "Foundation Boards"/"Sill Plate Boards" and save up to (75%) of the time it takes over the old method. Takes away the tedious hassle and makes one's job a whole lot easier than the old method. This tool has ten (10) convenient tools built into one (1) making one's job easier and quicker no searching for tool's to get the job's done around the job-site!1: Marks: 2x4 Foundation Boards2: Marks: 2x6 Foundation Boards 3: Marks: Brick Lay Foundation Board4: 3/4" Open Ended Wrench to tighten or loosen nut's or bolt's5: 15/16" Open Ended Wrench to tighten or loosen nut's or bolt's6: Replaceable Marking Pin7: 1/2" Box End Wrench to Remove a Skill Saw Blade or other nut's and bolt's8: 9/16" Box End Wrench to Remove a Skill Saw Blade or other nut's and bolt's 9: Two (2) 10" Rulers10: Can be used as a Straight Edge or a Header stud markerLite Weight (8 oz's) Made of Steel Easy to Carry, Stores Easy!!!Some of these tool's can do other task's besides the one's list above.*** This tool is more effective than the Speed Square, Tape Measure and Pencil.*** $150,000 Out-Right Sale "No Royalties"!!!***All Reasonable Offers Will Be Considered***Example: Take just Twenty (20%) of the five (5) Million Contractor's and they purchase just one (1) new tool = 1,000,000 each tool's and profit $5.00 more
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Women Entreprenurs: Great Art's & Craft Business!!


Logan, UT | 56 Mins
Attn: Women Entrepreneur's: Purchase these Two (2) Granted Utility Patents Three (3) MFG Production Molds a Web-Site and a little product of each size. Ready Made Business for Art's & Craft's Business etc...*** Motivated to Sale! Make a Reasonable Offer?? Would like to see it go to a Motivated Entrepreneur that see's the Vision!!! *** "Turn Key Business" "Do it in what ever City or State that you desire"!!!These are mold's that are used to produce a plastic product to sell to the million's of consumer's in the USA and around the world!Have you have ever wondered how big of a pain in the butt it is to receive a Patent from the USPTO? Well I'll tell you it's not as easy as one would think let alone that other's will lead you to believe! The first Patent took six (6) years to even get it to issued and the second 2nd Patent took just over two (2) years to issue. The Patents are broad and have some good claims!*** If you have ever wondered how hard it is to do all this? Than you should spend the next ten (10) year's of your life developing a idea of your own? And Hope you get a Patent!!! Or you can just take this idea where it is and run with it!!! *** This product is already created and if you are a Good Marketer than you should be able to take it to the market with no problem!!!I hear it all the time that people say you can change the product by 10% and you will be able to get around other's peoples patents! That is not true in all case's! It's hard to get patents and cost a lot of money to fight to get them and win the patent right's!!!The MFG Production Mold's are produced and ready to MFG products right now! There is no waiting for mold design's to be done or to have the Production molds built to start making products to sell to all consumers.This is where one can start making money right away from all the sales!!! * Large Production Mold: 40,000 unit's per month 24x7 Requires a 240 Ton Press to make this product .60 lb's per shot (1x1 Family Mold) 60 second cycle Poly carbonate or SAN Material. * Business Card Mold: 80,000 unit's per month 24x7 Requires a 150 Ton Press .31 lb's per shot (2x2 Family Mold) 60 second cycle Poly carbonate or SAN Material.* Baby Production Mold: 40,000 unit's per month 24x7 Will need to be figured out!!!"Need's a Good Marketer that know's what they are doing"!!!If you are a Online Marketer or can take and sell in Major Store than this is for you!!!*** If you are Motivated and want to Own a Business that is ready to go! Then this is it!!! Great for a Women Based Business!!!***All Reasonable Offers will be Considered***Serious Inquiry Only!!!!! E-Mail: info@imagequbes.com Web-Site: www.imagequbes.com*** This is a product that can be sold in several different marketing avenues such as: Office, Promotional, Advertising, Wedding's, Floral Industry, Gift Industry, Fundraising, Candy Companies, Packaging Companies, Box Companies Restaurants, Digital Scrapbooking etc... *** Million's can use them and benefit from them for a lot of different thing's such as Gift's, Advertising, Marketing, Special Events etc...This is a Endless Product and offer 1,001 different use's!Example: There are over 300 Million people in the USA alone and if only (3%) where to just purchase just one (1) of these products each it would = 9,000,000 @ a $3.00 profit = $27,000,000 this is just one of the products!There are three (3) different product's and two (2) are the most popular and will sell really well with a Good Marketer!!!*** This is Ready Made Business!! And need's a Great Business Owner and a Savvy Marketing Person to bring it to the Market!!!*** The Reason for selling this Granted Utility Patented Invention is that I am out of Money & Time to bring this to the Market!!!Thank You for your Interest! more
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2015 Mobil kitchen


Dinosaur, CO | 1 Hour
24' X 8.5 Mobil kitchen, all equipment New in 2015, flat top, fryer, refrigerated sandwich prep table, passes the Colorado health inspection. Plus a shed full of catering needs. more
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Food Truck / Step Van


Logan, UT | 4 Hours
FOOD TRUCK FOR SALE...$26,500 FIRM....We're selling our CASH BOX! Our loss is your opportunity .... We've worked the truck through the winter and hate seeing it go just as things are really heating up. If you've had a dream of running a restaurant, try the truck first!!! Low overhead, go where your customers are, use it to really rake in the cash at events such as art festivals, car shows, rodeos, food truck rallies, University athletic events, weddings, business partys....etc I can't name all the ways you can make money with a food truck.This truck is turn key....Full size fridge, 2 deep fryers, fire suppression system, 4 burner propane cooktop with detachable 12" flame broil grill and 12" flat griddle. This thing can do it all. Comes with more counter space than any truck of this size, Stainless 3 compartment sink, hand wash sink, iPad bracket (IPAD NOT INCLUDED), rope lighting.This truck has been designed for multiple setups. Large window with hydraulic awning, front passenger side door has custom removable step that can be left in place if you want to use window as ordering station. Drivers side seat is removable if you would like to use drivers side door/window as a drive up order station. Many, many options.The truck also comes with a built in Generator that is under the floor of the truck for space saving. Runs 220 volts / or 110...truck has 12 volt battery back up and can be plugged directly into a 110 outlet. Truck has approx 15 gallon propane tank that we could run on for 1 week straight. Large freshwater water tank and double sized grey water tank. Great truck for the price...if you can find one cheaper with all the amenities, BUY IT.Set up for easy banner hanging or you can spend a little more and wrap it or paint it...Also comes with a tow hitch to pull behind a refer trailer for large events or a storage trailer for tables, chairs, coolers etc.Time for partners to change direction, One getting married and moving to Provo....One heading to school out of state....Hard to split the truck in half and take it both places, so we are selling.Truck runs great, generator runs great. Jump in and start your business today.One issue....water heater froze and has a crack...New ones are approx $400THIS BEAST WON"T LAST....CALL or text for more info.Mileage unkown....odometer not working. more
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Taco/Food trailer


SLC, UT | 4 Hours
I have this beautiful taco or food trailer up for sale. It has never been used, but it was registered and cleared to be used. My grandpa just didnt have any note ambition to continue on selling food. I dont know the exact measurements, but I'll get more detail on it. It has a flat top stove, food containers, hot and cold water. A mini fridge, there's also a canopy where you can order and pick up. The price is OBO and maybe s trade if it sparks interests. Send me a text. Thanks 385-439-4613Tags: Trailer, food, taco truck, trades more
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Chef Ming Chinese Restaurant For Sale


Sandy, UT | 7 Hours
This wonderful restaurant is for sale. Located in a prime spot, between Smith's and Shopko, your customers will always have an easy time getting in and out of the complex. There is a loyal customer base, along with new customers all the time. With a great reputation established both in the local community and online (Google has us rated at 4.4 stars), Chef Ming is already a popular Chinese restaurant in Sandy. Everything from the dining tables to the cookware is included. more
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Landscape Curbing


Riverton, UT | 9 Hours
TURN KEY CURB BUSINESS. BE YOUR OWN BOSS - all the tools needed to start work today! Clientale is already lined up for you to start your own business. This business has been very profitable for me. Everything is in great condition; there are plenty of supplies provided with purchase. I'm busy on other projects, so I no longer have the time to keep up with the requests coming in. I will help train and turn over ANY and ALL referral business to you. 801-870-0697 **Tools included with purchase ***Curbmate 409EX Gas Machine3 Standard Forms8 Trowels7 cu ft Whiteman Poly Drum 8hp Honda Mixer Trench Master Bed Edger F780 8hp HondaOpen Trailer 12,000 GVW6 Texture Rollers7 Impression Tools1 SP20 Sprayer (concrete sealer sprayer) Powder Release Agent ***Also includes ***Designer Series Brochures Two shovels Two Kolbalt wheelbarrows Asking $10,000. Call or text Rick at 801-870-0697 **More pictures provided upon request. Serious inquires only. Don't let this pass you by. The sooner you have the equipment, the sooner you can start working. more
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My Father Passed & We need it all gone ASAP


Salt Lake City, UT | 20 Hours
There is currently around $250,000 invested in this venture. Our Dad passed away after getting this up and going. The artist is paid in full on this project, the trademarks and patents are solid. Currently we have over 15,000 signs, we are asking $1.20 per sign, all the extras come free.Whoever chooses to purchase this has an opportunity to do a quick flip and make $100,000 selling these signs as a discount. In this market, it is not unheard of to charge $8.99 - $14.99 per signSo why don't we do that? First reason is time is an issue, we can no longer pay to store this inventory.However we are consulting with several consignment locations. If you wish to consign this inventory please call or text.With this purchase you receive:Over 15,000 Fun Signs ---Everything below this line is freeAround 20 display racksPoint of Sale equipment (CC Reader)Shipping scaleOffice equipment (desk, chair, filing cabinets)Over 300 FramesSome shipping materials (bubble wrap and envelopes)Feel free to call or text with questions or to set a view time. more
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E.Galaxy Fooda


clearfield, UT | 20 Hours
Hi, Everyone! Hey if you have a restaurant and you are looking for a company to process your produce, we do everything from diced onions to pototoes slices for fries we have 30 years of experience we are DOA FDA approved please give us a call more
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Candy machine route


Richfield, UT | 22 Hours
Candy machines plus routes for sale. Current routes range from Salt Lake to Saint George. Please call or text Duane for info. 435-979-4720 more
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Established Commercial Wedding Cake/ Cookie Bakery


Murray, UT | 22 Hours
Established commercial wedding cake and cookie bakery. This comes with everything you need to start your own bakery today! It includes all the commercial equipment, huge weekly cookie client, lots of recipes, and training. Just part of the equipment included is:-Commercial 3-door fridge-Commercial Stand mixer-Commercial Fondant sheeter-Double ovens-Commercial Stainless steel tables-Airbrush machine-20+ cake stands-Decorating supplies-And MUCH moreIt would cost well over the listed price just to purchase this high-end equipment alone. With the steady cookie client you can pay for this business in no time. I am happy to sit down with interested parties and discuss details and provide a detailed list on inventory. This is one of those great opportunities to make as much money as you want or keep it fairly simple and do it on the side. You can easily setup and run from your own home, which means low overhead and a tax savings to you at the end of the year, or lease a separate space. Wedding, birthday and celebrations cakes, cookies, macaroons, cake bites---- the options are endless. Feel free to call or email for more info. more
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Casio SE-S700 Cash Register


North Ogden, UT | 22 Hours
Up for grabs is a Casio SE-S700 cash register in phenomenal shape. I bought it from a friend who had a virtual golf business that closed. He used it for a couple months, and it has sat on a shelf since then. Text messages PREFERRED at 801-875-2459. :)$40 takes it home. Located in North Ogden. more
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Tire/Service Store Sale/Lease


Afton, WY | 22 Hours
Established tire and auto repair store for sale/lease option in beautiful Afton, Wyoming. Partial owner financing available for this profitable business. Star Valley is growing at a rapid pace and is a desirable place to raise a family... Call/Text for details more
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Very Nice 2008 Lincoln Towncar limousine


South jordan, UT | 1 Day
I have a very nice limousine for sale. It is ready to go and start making money immediatly. It has two TV'S and LED lighting. Leather interior with no holes. Carpet and flooring are in excellent shape. It runs and drives excellent. Only selling because I am moving. Title is free and clearText me if interested. more
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Looking For A Mentor


Salt lake city, UT | 1 Day
I want to Day trade Stocks for more than a hobby. I'm looking for someone to help me learn how to break into this field. I don't really want to trade FOREX I'm looking to trade stocks penny stocks or NYSE. more
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Colon Hydrotherapy Business for Sale


American Fork, UT | 1 Day
Sale of business includes:-Angel of Water Hydrotherapy Device 2009 with Manual -Client List-Business Name-Phone Number-Sink and Cabinet -Furniture-Training on Device Operation and Cleaning more
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Boat, rv, Trailer Storage


Clinton, UT | 1 Day
Bring your old trucks, tractors whatever you need to store! $45 dollars a month. more
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Large Lot of Wooden Step Stools


Orem, UT | 1 Day
We are selling the inventory from our business that we recently closed down. We moved and no longer have woodshop space in our home to continue making these stools. We have close to 500 wood step stools. Just under 300 of them are assembled, sanded and ready to be painted or stained. The other 200 are parts that are somewhere along the assembly process. There are several different kinds of stools from single steppers to 2 steppers. Some are made of alder wood and others are made of MDF. These stools are specially designed so that they don't tip over easily. The legs flare out as they go down so they are very stable. We sold thousands of these mostly on Etsy but on a few other sites too. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaffyDaffy/soldWe are also including the wooden templates for all the different step stools types so you can continue to make more. We are just selling the inventory but if you buy the whole lot we can share with you our production and finishing techniques. We also still receive requests from previous customers so we would pass those on to you as well.All of these stools are unfinished but in the pictures we show some that are painted and personalized just to demonstrate the finished product. These stools sold from $60 up to $150 depending on the size, style and material. Total inventory would be valued at $37,000 if they were all finished and were sold at the prices we were selling for on Etsy.We are willing to sell them individually or a few at a time if you don't want the whole lot. For individual sales we can offer the stools at about 70% of our Etsy prices for unfinished stools. Here are the prices if sold individually:MDF7.5" Tall single step straight$25.20 7.5" Tall single step curvy$25.2010" Tall curvy single step$35.70 15" 2 step curvy$66.50 12" 2 step curvy$52.50 12" 2 step straight$52.50 Alder7.5" Tall single step straight$35.70 7.5" Single step curvy$35.70 10" Tall curvy single step$46.20 7.5" Tall oversized single step$56.00 5" Tall Platform single step$70.00 15" 2 step straight$84.00 15" 2 step curvy$84.00 12" 2 step curvy$70.00 Bulletin board frames$7.00 more
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Slat wall new slat wall white


Salt lake, UT | 1 Day
This slat wall is new we have more then 6 more
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Wedding and Event Furniture Rental Business


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
Firefly Event Rentals LLC is for sale. Turn Key business so once you buy you start making money immediately. I just started this business and I got a new job and I don't have the time to dedicate to it. The business Includes over 80K of Tables, Chairs, Dance Floor, string lights and poles, trailer, website, social properties, contracts. I have a lot of bookings for this summer that can be yours. I also get a am sending out a lot of quotes for this wedding season. The rentals cater to both weddings and business events. I have built up an awesome business. All of the furniture is the top of the line quality. No PVC cheap chairs and plastics,, all the best and high quality Wood. chairs. 80% OF MY INVENTORY IS BRAND NEW NEVER USED. The Company has Zero debt.Here is the website of everythingwww.fireflyeventrental.comHere is what is included in the Sale:17 FarmWood King 4ftx8ft tables40 Farmwood Benches30 6ft Round Tables20 5ft Round Tables - used200 Chiavari Chairs600 Chair Pads - White, Ivory and Black150 Iron Chairs (See picture)200 - White Wood Resin Chair w/ white pad200 - Dark Wood Resin Chair w/ ivory PadPremium wood Dance FloorStages800 ft G40 String Lights10 Cocktail Tables6 Presents tables6 Rectangle Tables10 expandable poles with cement weights2015 Haulmark 16ft TrailerDolly's, table Carts and push carts60 table cloth Linens (white, Ivory and black)Website - Go Daddy domain for 3 years - Wordpress for 3 yearsSocial PropertiesPaid advertising already on Wedding WireI have just under $10K in booked weddings already for this summer that can be yours. I just started this and it is already booming. Make your own projections but I think you could make your money back in two years. I'm asking for less than what all the inventory is worth.Own your own business in a fun and exciting environment. This is a OBO/Best offer sale. Let me know your best offer..Call Text or E-mail anytime more
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Quarter Vending Machines


Salt lake city, UT | 1 Day
7 Double-headed stands ($75/2-headed stand which is equivalent to $37.50/head).Retiring after 21 great years! Stands and machines are in good condition and working order. Buy all 7 stands and I will include 2 New Machines, 2 New globes, 1 New base, extra keys, extra coin mechanisms and miscellaneous parts for only $500. This is equivalent to $31.25/head! more
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Amazon account with Business


Provo, UT | 1 Day
We have a 6 year old seasoned Amazon.com seller account along side an established brand generating income that we are ready to sell to someone who knows (or wants to be trained) the crazy money making potential of selling through the 100 billion dollars last year amazon.com platform.What you get.We setup our amazon account in your business name. You get instant income from our current sales both of our brand (EmaJane) and any other sales we are making through various products we have listed and are shipping into amazon.com.You get 145k worth of inventory (Ema Jane brand).You get an almost limitless opportunity to make money exponentially on amazon.com due in part to our ungated in almost all categories seasoned seller account.We made 1.75 million in 2013 with Ema jane brand alone (no other products). This opportunity is not just about owning a solid brand, but owning the crazy income stream you can make through being ungated in many categories with a seasoned amazon.com account.Text to setup a call for serious inquiries only. Don't bother us if you don't have access to at least our asking price.Also interested in a private investor option if we can't find the right buyer. more
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Hot Dog Stand


St George, UT | 1 Day
Good condtion, just needs water heater fixed, everything else works. more
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