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west jordan, UT | 1 Hour
Must be gone today make offerWill trade for bathroom towels or nice pots and pans more
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Marsh Manual Stencil 1/2" Machine


Hyrum, UT | 1 Hour
Marsh Manual Stencil 1/2" MachineExcellent condition$150.00 more
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tooele, UT | 12 Hours
1 bitcoin = 2000 dollars .... Do you know why ? I do, and that's why I think you should buy some now!Bitcoin is poised to become the worlds international currency. Unlike the dollar you can not print more bitcoin when you run out. Also, it is a lot easier to divide into fractions then gold and silver, sneak through airports filled with jackboot thugs in uniform, and can not be sized by governments or frozen by leftist bankers. I sell bitcoin. 35 dollars a transaction per 1.0 btc. The price changes every day but my fee stays the same. Also, Join the SLC bitcoin meetup every third Saturday of the month at the Impact Hub on state street. We have pizza and fun ! The Salt Lake City Bitcoin meetup is the best way to learn about local projects . Need help purchasing bitcoin ? Contact me or setup your own exchange account. Join coinbase with my referral please ! https://www.coinbase.com/join/540be7bb7cce101de5000001Want to invest your bitcoin ? Let traders do the work for you ! Do not let your bitcoin sit in a wallet without making you profit. Use my referral to have the pros trade with your bitcoin! www.gladiacoin.com/DavidNVice Yes, I am in the Gladiacoin program. Ask me how it is going. more
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Ride needed weekdays Springville to Lindon A.M.


Springville to Lindon, UT | 14 Hours
Hi,My name is Christina. I am looking for a ride each weekday morning to Lindon. I currently take the bus but could save a lot of time if I could catch a ride. I need to be in Lindon by 9:00 a.m. I work in the Mortgage Industry. I am fine grabbing the bus home , just would like to get a ride to work. Price is negotiable. I would be willing to pay more for the convenience. more
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Nascar Memorbilla of Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr.


Layton, UT | 14 Hours
I have boxes of Memorabilia of Dale Earnhardt and Earnhardt Jr. I have numerous items and too many to list. Several Die Cast cars, car haulers, Die cast car shadow boxes, Lots of nick knacks and so on. Way to many to list. Phone calls only please. I also have one of a kind portraits and several other plaques. Prices will be determined at time of looking at these. PLEASE SERIUOS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE.. $1500.00 or BEST OFFER. more
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3000+ Sports Card Collection


Salt Lake City, UT | 23 Hours
I have over 3000 sports cards. Baseball, basketball, and football. Lots of Jordan, Bo Jackson, Original Dream Team, and more! Selling all for $200 bucks. I know they are worth way more. Feel free to hit me up. Would love to trade for car audio or a boost mobile phone. Any offer considered. more
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Motorcycle Jacket


Salt Lake City, UT | 23 Hours
This jacket is in brand new condition. Is size small, has padding on elbows, shoulders, and back. Asking $80 o.b.o. Would love to trade for car audio or a boost mobile phone. Any offer considered. more
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Crosby Jersey


Salt Lake City, UT | 23 Hours
Actual game jersey with riot strap on back. Size 50. $150 o.b.o Would love to trade for car audio or a boost mobile phone. Any offer considered. more
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If it fits in a 6x8 in sheet its $100 special!


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
I'm a freelance tattoo artist looking for people interested in getting some tattoos done I'm doing a special if your tattoo will fit on a 6 by 8 inch sheet paper it's $100 or less depending on a tattoo if it's bigger it's more obviously text me only serious inquiries only 385 557-9280 or call and let's get rolling more
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I Want to Lease Your Hidden Valley Country Club


Salt lake city, UT | 1 Day
I am wanting to lease a Hidden Valley Country Club membership. I would be opens to a 1-3 year lease. Call or text @ 801-598-0699. more
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Ez Pawn 32$ credit slip-Need to trade it for $$


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
Ez Pawn credit slip for 32.04$. Can use at any Ez Pawn Shop location. Like a store credit. I am in need of cash and wanting to trade the 32$ slip for 32$ cash. Text if interested, (801)-403-7137. Texts only please more
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Handy Man


Kearns, UT | 1 Day
Searching for a professional handyman? years of home custom skilled labor! I offer Interior & Exterior services -plumbing and electrical refinishing and painting and more!PAINTING, REPAIRS, RENTAL REPAIRS, PLUMBING, CLEAN-OUTS, HOUSE REPAIR, FROM GARBAGE DISPOSALS & CEILING FANS, LIGHTING, DOOR REPAIRS AND MUCH MUCH MORE.I WILL DO FREE ESTIMATES IN THE SALT LAKE VALLEY. OUTSIDE OF THAT WILL CHARGE FOR TRAVEL. more
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China Set For A Lawn Mower And Weed Whacker


Clearfield, UT | 1 Day
Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany China - Floral Splendor pattern. That's China is selling for almost $700 for my set online and that's at the replacements official page for Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany China sets. This is the website http://www.replacements.com/webquote/johfls.htmI have the 45 piece starter set, and the completer set, minus the coffee pot. They are all in their original boxes.I've had it for 19 years and never used it, and I don't know how long my mom had it before me, I'm assuming it's only been used a couple of times. Would love to trade for a lawnmower and/or weed whacker !! Also need chicken wire!Let me know if you have questions. Text is preferred. Thanks! more
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buy or trade - vintage gibson acoustic guitar (s)


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
i have two of them here: 1946 archtop acoustic valued at about $1600. The other is a 1961 LG one I value at about 1200. Let me know what you have? more
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Have A Few Things To Trade


Layton, UT | 1 Day
Check the pictures out I have several PS4 games which are:Dark souls 2No mans sky Mass Effect andromeda Shadow of mordor Dishonored 2 The division I also have a bass amp it is a nice 35 watt ibanez soundwave swx35 bass combo amp Send me offers for what you want. Or look at my other ads for what I would like in cash. more
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Need floor leveled. - wood flooring installedTRADE


Salt lake City, UT | 1 Day
I need 423 sf floor leveled. with lath and mortar, then laminate flooring installed.I will supply all materials, trade for your labor.This is NOT a cash job. You supply the labor and take care of the $239 RCI transfer fee for your week.. I supply the materials and resort time..I have extra time space banked with RCI for a timeshare rental week.The limitations are:The week can only be booked 30 days prior to the start date, usually a Saturday start date..RCI does charge a fee, currently $239, to transfer the resort week to you.I have paid the, up to $35,000, purchase price, $730 annual maintenance fee and the $139 annual RCI membership fee.Hawaii and SoCal have almost NO availability. ;-(There is a good selection of resorts within driving distance of SLC. Also, Rosarito and Puerto Penasco, Mexico are driveable, but you'll need passports.Inland USA and Florida have a great selection of resorts, if you're flexible on the exact resort/location. But, you'll need to add airline tickets.Mexico has a great selection of resorts and the Peso is almost 19 to the Dollar, so, it is a fantastic bargain. I LOVE Mexico!We're ready to start the floor immediately.. The carpet is out.Texting or email work best.This phone is NOT monitored, but forwards all TEXT and VOICE messages.I do return all messages.I go by J R(These photos are from 3 weeks in Mazatlan, Mexico. 1 week in each of 3 resorts in January.) more
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NEED:: flooring Labor HAVE: Resort Condo Time


Salt lake City, UT | 1 Day
I would like to get laminate flooring installed in our kitchen, family room, hall, entry and 2 bathrooms. I have some extra rci.com timeshare resort condo time, which I'd like to trade for your flooring installation labor.I will pay for any materials, just trade for your labor ;-)I have extra timeshare credit space banked in rci.com, which can be used worldwide. Timeshares are different from booking hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are overbuilt and way in excess of demand. You can always get a hotel room, wherever you want to go, just walk up to the desk. Timeshare resorts are few in number, because of the high cost of building an entire resort vs a single hotel. So, you have to book/hold a resort in advance, plan your trip around it, then book your airfare etc.Some areas of the world are overbuilt, like Florida, inland USA and Mexico, thus, you almost always have a good selection of resorts, even in the high season (Summer). Other areas like Hawaii and SoCal, have highly inflated real estate costs and, thus, few resorts and POOR availability. For a timeshare resort to work for you, you need flexibility in the start date, usually a Saturday, and the area of the world you want to go.These are fabulous destination resorts, not dinky hotels. You can spend your entire week there and not go off property. I have paid the initial timeshare cost, which can be up to $35,000. I've paid the $730 maintenance on the week and the $139 RCI annual dues. The only cost you'll have is the RCI transfer fee, currently $239, to transfer the week to your use. The booking is "short notice", within 30 days of the start date, because, that's when RCI discounts the resorts to a reasonable cost. Outside of 30 days they are waaaay overpriced and not a good value.But, the good thing is...everything is discounted. High Season is the same cost as Low Season. Gold Crown resorts are the same cost as standard resorts. A studio is the same cost as a 2 or 3 bedroom.It's a great deal, if you are flexible, and I've got extra resort time available, to trade for your labor.This is a computer phone. I only answer, if sitting at the computer. Please LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE! I return all my messages, if I can make an intelligent guess what it's about ;-)Text and email work great!email allows me to send you resort search results.I go by J. R. I'm retired and around most of the time, when we're not traveling. ;-) more
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;TRADE: Cabinet, counter top, flooring labor.


Salt lake City, UT | 1 Day
I HAVE extra weeks space banked with RCI.com for any available timeshare world wide. Any available rating... Gold Crown, Silver Crown, Award or Standard. Red, Blue or White weeks.Any available size, Studio, 1 Bedroom or 2 Bedroom.RCI discounts their available resorts at 30 days. All grades and sizes become the same cost!All you pay is the $239 RCI transfer fee. (I have paid the up to $35,000 purchase price of the time share, the $730 annual maintenance fee and the $139 annual RCI dues. Plus I will pay for the supplies and materials)These are beautiful beach or mountain destination resorts, not hotel rooms. They are full suites, with kitchen and resort facilities.I have a large kitchen island/counter/back splash, which need counter tops and cabinets.I have a family room/kitchen which need painting.I need wood flooring installation.I need cabinet installation.I need pathway top railing welded in place.I need deck railing.I need cement coating and refinishing.I will pay for the materials, you will only trade your labor. Fit it in between cash jobs, as a bonus for your family.Please text or email, but if you call, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE, so I can get back to you.I go by J R.Here’s what I need to do a search for a TimeShare week.Number of people (and ages of children):Geographic areas to search (broader the better):Check in date window (include at least one Saturday): more
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****Need: Welding Labor---Have: Condo Vacation Week


Salt lake City, UT | 1 Day
I have a cement pathway away from the house with the 1" upright poles already cemented in and need someone to supply the labor and equipment to weld a 1 1/2" top rail in place on both sides of the cement walkway. I'll supply the materials you supply the labor/welding. I think I have enough 1.5" pipe for the top rails.I have some extra timeshare weeks space banked in RCI. The season, location and size of the units are variable, so you need to be FLEXIBLE! They are way overpriced, until about 30 days before the start date, when RCI discounts their weeks. Then they become tradable.You're only cost is the $239 exchange fee to RCI. I've already paid the $139 RCI annual dues, the $730 maintenance fee and purchased the, up to $35,000 Time Share ownership.If you're flexible, there are fantastic resorts available world wide.Text or email works best, because this is a computer phone, you can only leave a voice mail. Please leave a message.I go by J RHere’s what I need to do a search for a TimeShare week.Number of people (and ages of children):Geographic areas to search (broader the better):Check in date window (include at least one Saturday): more
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Safety harness


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
I have a nice safety harnes and a lanyard for sale or trade. Comes with an extra lanyard. Text anytime. Check all my ads. Make offer more
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Aluminum levels


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
I have 4 aluminum levels for sale or trade. Text anytime. Check all my ads more
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Star wars banks


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
I have 4 star wars banks for sale or trade. I have 2 Darth maul and 2 qui gon jin. Make offer on one or all. Text anytime. Check all my ads more
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Concrete and stucco tools


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
I have numerous concrete trowels and stucco drywall tools. Concrete wood floats towels brushes etc. Make decent offer or trade. NO LOW BALLERS. TEXT ANYTIME.check all my ads more
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Mash 4077 pictures


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
I have a bunch of mash 4077 pictures in black and white for sale or trade. Text anytime. Check all my ads more
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