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Lot of 150+ Comics from 70s Marvel DC


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Hour
Lot of 150+ comic books Titles include Spidernan, Superman, Batman, Avengers, Hulk, Iron Fist, Star Wars, etc... Mostly marvel and DC heroes but some horror and movie based comics. Condition ranges from fair to good. some first issues and rare comics included bit condition is. average. Comics are for someone who wants them for entertainment and archival purposes rather than preserving in plastic. more
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16 Comics from 1990's in great shape


NIBLEY, UT | 1 Hour
I am getting rid of some of my childhood items and hope they go to a good home. I have 16 comics from the 1990's in almost perfect shape and in plastic covers and 1 comic from about 7 years ago. Here's a list of comics I am selling:X-Men Battle of the Atom (Hasting Promo) Variant 002 Chapter 10G.I. Joe Origins of Snake Eyes #144Spider-Woman #3 (Avenger on the Amazon, Volume 2)Captain America #421 vs. NomadX-Factor Random vs. Polaris #95Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Part 10 of 14 #103Avengers Terminatrix #3Venom the Madness Juggernaut Part 1 of 3 #1Avengers West Coast #102 Vol.2Iron Man (vol 1.) #296Fantastic Four Deadly Deep #385Spiderman Unlimited #4Daredevil #267The Uncanny X-Men #306The Maxx #1The Maxx #3The Maxx #6 more
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Original theatrical Star Trek poster


holladay, UT | 7 Hours
Original framed Star Trek theatrical half sheet. more
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Old Star Wars Comic


Orem, UT | 17 Hours
Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Comic. Call or text 801-400-1289 any time. Would like to sell today..25 cents! See my other ads more
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Star Trek The Q Gambit Parts 1 thru 6 Comics


Orem, UT | 17 Hours
Issues 1 thru 6 from Star Trek Comics. This is the "Q Gambit" Story Arc. Call or text 801-400-1289 any time more
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Huge Lot of Comic Books, Marvel, DC, Image and more


Taylorsville, UT | 21 Hours
The price of the comics are just the price on the cover, unless noted elsewhere. Most of these comics are from around 2002-2006. Update I found a bunch more comics many from the 80s and 90s too much of a hassle to list them all so come see what I have. I will not sell just 1 comic from a set (ex. I wont sell issue 6 of the ultimates separate since I have all issues 1-13, you�d have to buy all 13 of them)Any Questions Please ask.MARVEL:Ultimates 1-13Ultimates 3 1-3Marvel Knights Spiderman 1-20Marvel Knights Strange 1,2,3,5Marvel Knights wolverine punisher 1,2Marvel Knights 2099 punisher 1Marvel Knights ultimate daredevil and elektra 1-4Marvel Knights daredevil # 41Marvel Knights district x 1-5Marvel Knights ghost rider 1,2Marvel Knights 2099 mutant 1Marvel Knights wolverine 13Marvel Knights madrox 1,2Marvel Knights daredevil: father 1-3Spider man doctor octopus year one 1,2The pulse (Spiderman comic) 2Spiderman legend of the spider clan 1Spiderman blue book 1Free comic book day edition of ultimate Spiderman 1 $2.00Spiderman breakout 1Spiderman India 1Friendly neighborhood spiderman 1,2Amazing Spiderman 525, 526Get kraven 1Spiderman house of M 1-5house of M the day afteriron man house of M 1-3fantastic 4 house of M 1-3generation m 1ultimate spider man 62, 71ultimate six 1-7ultimate Iron man 1-4ultimate secret 1-4ultimate Elektra 1,2ultimate nightmare 1,2ultimate adventures 1ultimate war 1ultimate power 1ultimate vision 0ultimate x men 1-3 revisited issue, all one bookultimate x-men 14x-men unlimited 1,2Astonishing x men directors cutastonishing x men 1-27astonishing x men ghost boxes 1,2the end book 1 xmen 1,2new x-men academy 1-3xtreme x-men 16x-men ronin 2,4uncanny x-men 442x-men deadly genesisx force 1x4 1wolverine the end 3weapon x 1wolverine origins 1Excalibur 1Agent x 1Venom 1Incredible hulk 55Amazing fantasy 1,2Identity disc 1Rogue 2Thor son of asgard 1 Blade 1Silver surfer 4The new avengers 1 directors cut Daredevil (movie adaptation) 1Captain marvel 1-9,11-18, 25New Excalibur 1Captain universe/incredible hulk 1DC:Scratch 1-4 (batman)Batman journey into night 1Batman and robin the boy wonder 1,2 (frank miller)Robin 121-129 (the female robin issues)Ran-thanagar war 1Identity crisisInfinite crisis 1,2Countdown to Infinite crisisSuperman Vs Batman 1,2,4,6,7,8Superman all star 1Superman secret identity 1-4Superman godfall (Michael turner)Superman the 10 cent adventureSuperman vs darkseid apokolips nowSuperman action comics 81352 week one 1Justice league elite 1Justice 1,2Justice league of America 1Jsa all stars 1Jla classified 1Engine head 1Green Arrow 14Aquaman 1Green lantern 1,2Green lantern rebirth 1Richard dragon 1Space ghost 1,2VERTIGO:WE3 (graphic novel)Fables 6IMAGE:GI joe vs Transformers 1G.I. joe frontline 1GI joe 5Spawn 12-17,19Witchblade wolverine 1Streetfighter 2Micronauts 1,2Micronauts 2002 convention specialShidima 0a,2,4,5,6HatterM 1-4Masters of the universe 1The Magdalena 1Gen 13 #14The agents 1Mutant Earth 1Boof 1Halo Graphic Novel Hardback 20.00DW (dreamwave):Transformers 1-6Transformers war within 1-4Transformers Generation One #0Transformers war within dark ages 1 with certificate of authenticityFate of the blade 1Duel masters 1Teenage mutant ninja turtles 1Necrowar 1,2Arkanium 1,2Silent hill dying inside 1Sandscape 1ASPEN:Michael turner aspen sketchbook 1Soulfire 0,1Aspen Extended EditionDARKHORSE:Hellboy the corpseLone Wolf 2100 1-11Spyboy the manga affair 13.1Star wars underworld 5Trigun wolfwoodGhost in the shell 2WS (wildstorm):Wraithborn 1Thundercats 0Global frequency 1Robotech 0,1Stormwatch team Achilles 1HOMAGE: Mek 1ANTARCTIC PRESS: oz the mangaANARCHY: Xin 1BUY ME TOYS: the oz wonderland chronicles 1CROSSGEN: Abadazad 1,2Ghostbusters 1Rocket COmicsSyn more
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Daggers Drawn


Clearfield, UT | 21 Hours
A funny comic depiction of world events that covers 35 years, really funny, makes fun of our politics, very entertaining. more
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Large Collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics starting in the late 80s


Taylorsville, UT | 21 Hours
I have a large collection of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics from Eastman and Laird. All comics conditions vary but I's say all of them are in at least very good condition.SOLD The thick Graphic novels 1-4 SOLD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesadventure 1-31$15 6 issues of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles magazine$10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mighty Mutanimals comics 1-3SOLD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The movie and The movie II comics SOLD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles city at war #1$5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adventures special$5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet archie$25 takes everything I have left more
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Box of comics


Clinton, UT | 1 Day
Box of random comics I have accumulated over the years ranging from the 80s to the 2000s. Please call or text more
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Layton, UT | 1 Day
I have some dollar comics for sale. Text 801-513-7432 more
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Huge Comic book & CGC selection! We BUY SELL & TRADE!


Layton, UT | 2 Days
Over 100+ CGC graded comics & tons of key back issues in stock!Lots of Stan Lee signed CGC's too!Back issues start at $1We are an authorized member/dealer for CGC & CBCS come by & check our selections or submit your books with ours.We are an authorize Sideshow Collectibles & Hot Toys dealer & can pre-order statues for 10% down remainder when shipped.Open Monday - Saturday 11-742 North Main Street #2 LaytonGweedo's Comics(801)719-6631 more
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Suicide Squad Vol 4, Issues 1-7, plus One=Shot


American Fork, UT | 2 Days
Suicide Squad volume 4 is written by Rob Williams with various artists contributing to the comic book. They have been bagged and boarded and come from a smoke-free home. The Rebirth bundle I offer comes with the introduction one-shot, as well as issues one through seven. They came out during the movie so a lot of the antiheroes are similar. I ask for $15 but I also accept Best offers as well. more
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34 Green Lantern Comic Books


Salt lake city, UT | 2 Days
Selling comic book collectionSome are in the plastic still, all are in good condition34 Green DC Green Lantern Comics more
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1960s comic books..


harrisville, UT | 2 Days
1960s comic books excellent condition. Asking 40.00 for all. more
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21 Fantastic Four Marvel Comic Books


Salt lake city, UT | 3 Days
Selling Comic Book Collection21 Fantastic FourSome are in plastic, all are in good conditionMarvel Comics more
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38 Batman Detective DC Comics


Salt lake city, UT | 4 Days
Selling comic book collectionAll are in good condition38 Batman Detective more
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Huge Marvel Comics Lot About 160 Comics


Taylorsville, UT | 4 Days
Huge lot of Marvel Comics. Too many to list. About 160 in total. $400 Or Best Offer for all. Willing to sell in sections. $3 each Or Best Offer. Great condition. Call or text Shawn at 801-358-9668 if you have any questions. more
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X-Men Comics Lot Wolverine


Taylorsville, UT | 4 Days
Lot of X-Men Comics. $30 or Best Offer.Check out the pics.Call or text Shawn at 801-358-9668 in you have any questions. more
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DC New 52 Lot Villain 3D Lenticular Covers


Taylorsville, UT | 4 Days
Huge DC New 52 Lot of the highly collectable 3D Lenticular Villain Covers.$160 or Best Offer.Includes : Parasite, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Sinestro, Ra's al Ghul, Two Face, Man Bat, Ocean Master, Solomon Grundy, Mr Freeze, Cheetah, Black Manta, Riddler, Death Stroke, Joker, Bane, Doomsday, Darkseid, Harley Quinn, Joker's Daughter, H'el, Zod, Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Black Adam, Cyborg Superman, Penguin, First Born.Call or text Shawn at 801-358-9668 if you have any questions. more
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The collected work of buck Rodgers in the 25th cen


Salt Lake City, UT | 4 Days
These are the prices on Amazon for this book $75 is a great dealThe Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Hardcover)by Robert C. Dille (Editor), et alPrice + Shipping$105.61+ $3.99 shipping + $0.00 estimated taxShips from TX, United States.Shipping rates and return policy.WisepennyShip to:$105.63+ $3.99 shipping + $0.00 estimated taxShips from FL, United States.Shipping rates and return policy.$119.75+ $3.99 shipping + $0.00 estimated taxShips from GA, United States.Shipping rates and return policy.Brooke Books$119.95+ $3.99 shipping + $0.00 estimated taxNewsoftback book is in great shape has minimal ware on front coverArrives between Jan. 25 - Feb. 9.Ships from NY, United States.Shipping rates and return policy.frycook$207.17+ $3.99 shipping + $0.00 estimated taxArrives between Jan. 25 - Feb. 9.Shipping rates and return policy. more
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Pandora Hearts 1


Sandy, UT | 5 Days
Pandora Hearts vol 1 Manga. Gently used. more
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Spiderman sidways issues


Layton, UT | 5 Days
Looking to sell or trade my 2 Todd McFarland spiderman comics will take $20 each or possibly trades text or call only. Price is obo. more
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Rem8 comic books mint condition


e.m, UT | 6 Days
In excellent condition more
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Dr. Strange comics


Layton, UT | 6 Days
18 different Dr. Strange comic books all bagged and boarded in great shape text 801-513-7432 for more info on which #'s. Asking 65, but open to offers. more
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