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Orem, UT | 2 Days
Only $25/month not those expensive $49 Thanksgiving Point or UVU camps and they learn self sustainable survival skills. PLEASE SHARE:(hurry rasp and other Nutrient dense plants going fast only $3), 50 lbs Azomite Natural High Mineral plant pdr 50 lb bags 1/2 off $25 Sat pick up 5pm) *** fundraiser for Children's school to put in their Nutrient dense self sustainable Food Forest. VOLUNTERRS/vendors welcome @ NEXT SATS HANDS ON COMMUNITY LEARNING EVENT see flyer and bring the whole family with gloves, hats, sunscreen, shovels, plants, seeds...Our school www.permaculturedesignschool.org takes our 6 mos. Course students like Christina, Howard, Helen from Richfield and Judy that are designing their Food Forests for their 3 to 1/4 acre properties to this State Reclamation Native Utah Plant Nursery twice a year. New 6 month design your Nutrient Dense food growing Food Forest live and livestreamed Design Courses. Call 801-808-4424 for details to get $300 off. We will be buying Buffalo Berry, Elderberry, Service Berry, Choke Cherry, pollinator, pest predator, nitrogen fixing like Siberian Pea Shrubs and other plants we designed for the Sego Lily Food Forest , next week and would you like to help collect wood logs, manure, wood chips, straw, flowers, seeds free on ksl, dwarf fruit trees from orchards before they are cut down and more the school needs? Contact us at 801-808-4424Want to help the kids at Sego Lily School get their Food Forest? Watch FREE KSL ads and pick up free trees, berry bushes, & other perennial beneficial plants, organic veggie starts, seeds, Free wood logs, manure, straw, compost, good top soil, soaker hoses, garden tools, wheel barrels, small child gloves and tools, ... call 801-808-4424 to volunteer for media press releases, community calendars, , putting up flyers, and other important volunteer opportunities. " Is it possible your garden healed my CAR lol it had multiple things wrong with it when I pulled up and since I left it's acting perfectly fine. No problem starting, all noises stopped" mom Lyndsi that came to help and lwarn in the food forestAll Day Summer Camps for $25 mos. if preregister today at 801-808-4424 watch video for all ages at www.permaculturedesignschool.org in Orem, UVPCGG's Wed Family Permaculture Design Course is really involving the kids with their parents in learning how Nature works and how we can work with Nature. Summer Youth CAMP sign up starts April 3rd. Schools can sign up as well as Individual Families for group discount s. RSVP 801-808-4424 for more details. www.permaculturedesignschool. org will have Schedule of workshops and Summer Classes soon. Community volunteers can sign up now and get free access to Spring & Summer workshops. So thrilled to see young people work with their parents in designing their Forest Gardens. 801-808-4424 for address and appt. .CSE Community Supported Educationhttp://www.permaculturedesignschool .orgThis week might be last chance to dig up your free Comfrey starts in school garden! Trade seeds or cuttings or plants for Comfrey, Sunchoke, Raspberry or mint starts. Come 5pm before class with shovel, bag or pot with soil or call for appt to dig up. Are you able to trade help/ Red Bee Balm/herbs/seeds/plants for some Comfrey starts for your new garden/orchard/farm?? more
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Come learntoday 1pm Utah State Capital TRUE HEALTH


Orem, UT | 2 Days
People and parents wanting to take back control of their food are getting together today at 1pm. Salt Lake Utah State Capital Bldg Steps with doctors and experts that want to empower you to be healthy! www.permaculturedesignschool.org Come learn how easy Self Sustainable Organic Heirloom Rich Natural grown soil that grows the most Vitamin, Mineral, Proteins and Good Fats Foods are to grow!! For your children do something smart today. Come learn how you can grow healthy food too!!! Free Hands on Workshop also next Sat see flyer below more
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Barbie's Preschool in Sandy Now Enrolling for Fall


Sandy, UT | 3 Days
Barbie's Preschool in Sandy is Now Enrolling for 2017-2018 school year!Barbie's Preschool is now accepting applications for fall 2017. *We teach MONDAY /WEDNESDAY /FRIDAY 9:15-11:15 a.m.or TUESDAY / THURSDAY 9:15-11:15 a.m.*we teach abc's (recognition, writing, and sounds) *blending, numbers, shapes, sign language, nursery rhymes, reading, writing, etc....*We do fun crafts, celebrate birthdays and have tons of fun!*Each month there is a calendar that goes home so as parents you will know what your child is working on for that day. *Registration fee is $25*Monday / Wednesday / Friday - $100 a month *Tuesday / Thursday - $75 a month*We are located in Sandy approximately 103rd South and 500 East*Space is limited call Mrs. Barbie to reserve your spot today at 801-545-8651 more
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KiddyKeys Preschool Piano


Sandy, UT | 3 Days
KiddyKeys® is a fresh and innovative approach to teaching piano and music exploration to children 3-5 years old. Engaging, energetic and highly educational, the KiddyKeys program focuses on the piano, teaching music concepts and music appreciation to young children. By appealing to individual learning styles, this original music program enables children to explore the piano through improvisation and easily learn music concepts. It’s a great way to prepare children for school or future piano lessons. Our primary goal is to lay a solid foundation for your child’s education. more
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Provo, UT | 4 Days
Hi I am a student at Utah College of Dental Hygiene in Orem. We are looking for patients to come in starting in June on Tuesdays or Thursday's at 8 am or Wednesday's at 1 pm. The cleaning is $10 and includes x-rays, oral cancer screening, tartar removal, polishing, fluoride, and sealants (each sealant if needed is $2 extra) NO INSURANCE NEEDED! It saves you hundreds of dollars and helps us learn! Call or text me at 385-312-0776 to get more information! more
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Earn $250-$500 a day TRADING OUR MONEY!!!!


South Jordan, UT | 4 Days
Take Control of your financial situation!!! Take Control of your retirement!!Have you ever wanted to learn how to Day Trade but have been to afraid of the market? Do you think that you need to set up an office full of monitors to be able to watch the market and that has you intimidated.? Let us show you have you can trade with just a standard laptop or desktop computer. We have a one month day trading education and software package valued over $700 for just $9.00.We are so confident that we can teach ANYONE how to use our indicators, that after we train you and teach you, we fund a trading account for you using OUR money and split profits 60/40 or 80/20 (you keep 60%) You can reach me (Mike) by e-mail at luccatrading@gmail.com or on my cell (Text or Call) 385-529-6566. Text or e-mail for more information. Limited spots available to trade our money!Mike Smith more
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Piano and Voice lessons


Murray, UT | 5 Days
My name is Kelsey Koonce. I have studied music for the past 20 years and have been teaching for 10 years. I teach beginner to advanced voice and piano lessons. I love working with people and watching them learn. Piano lessons are $20/ half hour lesson once every week. Voice lessons are $25/ half hour lesson once every week. Students will learn piano pedagogy, technique, theory, proper vocal and diaphragm use, music history and so much more. For more information you can visit my website voiceandkeyswithkelsey.weebly.com If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call or text 801-783-7339 or email me at kelseybradykoonce@gmail.com. more
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Sunny Day Preschool in South Jordan, UT


South Jordan, UT | 5 Days
Sunny Day is an in-home preschool located off 1300 west and 10010 south in South Jordan, Utah. Mrs. Judy has her Master's degree in education and has taught kindergarten prior to opening her own preschool. The curriculum includes crafts, phonics program, and occasional field trips. Separate classes for 3-4 years olds and 4-5 year olds. The entire program has been built on referrals and word of mouth, there are only a few spots left for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Cost is $90/month. Please call or text Mrs. Judy at 801-759-2209 for more information. more
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Help A Dental Hygiene Student - $10 Cleanings


Orem, UT | 5 Days
Hey everybody, My wife is a student at the Utah college of dental hygiene and has two appointments available this week and can also schedule people over the next few months. The appointments available this week are: Weds 5/17 - 8am - 11:15am Thurs 5/18 - 1pm - 4:15pm The cleaning includes a complete assessment, radiographs, cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatment for just ten dollars. She can work on anybody ages 3 and up. Also this semester she is looking for people who haven't been to the dentist in a while or who have been told they need a deep cleaning, but everyone is welcome. If you are interested message me and I will get you in contact with her. more
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Annual yard sale


Pacific Heritage Academy is having their annual community yard sale this Saturday, May 20th from 9-4. Please come and support our school this Saturday. if you're interested in reserving please give us a call at 801-363-1892. more
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Participants wanted for relationship & risk for suicide study U of U


Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Days
Reserve component couples needed for study of individual- and relationship-related risk and protective factors for suicide. You are eligible if you are: 1) in a committed relationship where you and/or your partner are in any Reserve component (Army National Guard or Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve, or Coast Guard Reserve), living with your romantic partner or spouse, and both you and your partner are willing to participate 2) are at least 18 years old3) have reliable internet access at homeYou will receive $165 each ($330 per couple) for participating. Please email or call (801) 251-6928 to receive additional study information. This study is sponsored by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material CommandSTUDY FAQs1) Am I eligible to participate if I have never thought about or attempted suicide? YES, all Reserve component couples are eligible to participate regardless of whether either partner has never thought about or attempted suicide, has thought about suicide, or has attempted suicide.2) If I participate, will my data become part of my military record? NO. Though the study is funded by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command, all data collected in the study becomes part of your research record that is housed at the University of Utah. Your research record is de-identified, meaning not connected to your name, and completely separate from your military record.3) Are any members of my unit leadership involved in the study? NO, there is no military leadership involvement in any aspect of the study beyond sharing information about the opportunity to participate. We do not share any information with your leadership about any study related matters.4) Who are you? Our study team is a group of highly dedicated and motivated researchers with a long history of research in and involvement with military mental health, relationship science, and treatment of psychological disorders led by Drs. Craig Bryan and Brian Baucom. more
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16.5 NASW CEUs Ogden 17-19 May 2017 with meals!!!


Ogden, UT | 9 Days
Ogden Surgical-Medical Society Annual Conference includes Social Workers! This 3-day professional medical conference includes 16.5 hours of NASW authorized CEUs (and maybe more for DOPL)! At least 1.5 CEUs are Ethics/Law related. Being held at Weber State University. Breakfast and Lunch included! What a deal ;-) GREAT Speakers... For more information go to www.ogdensurgical.comWednesday, May 17Food Allergies: New Evidence for Early Introduction and Treatment (.5 CE) Douglas H. Jones, MDUpdate of the Recent Utah State Legislative Session from the UMA Perspective (.5 CE Ethics &/or Law) William M. Hamilton, MDPatient-Centered Visit (.5 CE) Arlen K. Jarrett, MDDigital Health - Future of Care Delivery Tension: The Energy of Innovation - How Harnessing Tension Accelerates Innovation and Fuels Your Creative Genius (1 CE) Chris Wasden, EdDThe Longevity Plan: Seven Life-Transforming Lessons from Ancient China (1.5 CE) John D. Day, MDTelemedicine Legalities (1 CE Ethics &/or Law) Emily J. Clegg, JD, MBA, CPHRMThursday, May 18Moving from Urgent Care to On Demand Care: Technology as the Catalyst (1 CE) John Barrett, MD; Joseph Vance, MHA; & Nate Gladwell, RN, MHADealing with Digital Distractions in the 21st Century: What Science Says (1 CE) Adam Schwebach, PhDRaising Children in an Entitled World - The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership (1.5 CE) Richard and Linda Eyre, AuthorsSKILL LAB: A Clinical Update on ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorders: Assessment, Treatment, and Support (1 CE) Adam Schwebach, PhDFriday, May 19Understanding Teen Suicide in Utah (I) (.5 CE)Gregory A. Hudnall, EdDUnderstanding Teen Suicide in Utah (II) (.5 CE)Gregory A. Hudnall, EdDTraumatic Brain Injury Evaluation Tools, Rehab, & Treatment (.5 CE) Benjamin D. Christiansen, PsyDOvercoming Adversity: The Elizabeth Smart Story (1.5 CE)Elizabeth SmartGenomics (1 CE)E. Robert Wassman, MDInternational Doping (1 CE)Bruce H. Woolley, PharmDSkill Lab: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Resources in the Community (1 CE) Kimball Gardner, JDSkill Lab: Minors… What You Need to Know (1 CE Ethics &/or Law) Julie Ritzman, MBA; Jeremy Hodder, RN; & Jaryl Rencher, JD more
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Free seed exchange, Start exchange, easiest planti


Orem, UT | 11 Days
www.permaculturedesignschool.org in Orem has Sat Free exchanges and workshops every Sat. Youth camp and more. 801-808-4424 for details more
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Midvale, UT | 11 Days
Equal Opportunity EmployerBackground check and drug test requiredMust be legal to work in the U.S.Send Resume to: thompsonmarble@yahoo.comDwight Thompson 801-860-4182 more
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Photo Album


Orem, UT | 12 Days
Great for senior graduates Photo Album Never used itGreat Condition Hard front; can use as standing picture frame Selling for 10$ or Best reasonable offer more
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Lemonade stand rental


St. George, UT | 14 Days
Rent this awesome lemonade stand for your next party. more
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Aspire Preschool


South Jordan, UT | 17 Days
Conveniently located just off of 10600 south and 1300 west in South Jordan. Aspire academy strives to provide your child with a strong foundation of values and a love of learning. Our program includes reading, writing, math, science, music, social studies, and art. We help develop critical thinking skills and build self-esteem through structured learning. aspireacademypreschool.com more
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Tutoring For Math


fruit heights, UT | 18 Days
Hi my name is Alixx. I'm a senior in high school about to take my AP calculus test. I can tutor in math from grades K-12. Charge $25/hr more
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Earn $250-$500 A Day Trading Our Money!!!!


St. George, UT | 19 Days
EARN $250-$500+/DAY – TRADE OUR FUNDS - LIFE CHANGING!Begin earning $250-$500+ per day – quickly grow to $1,000+ per day, trading only 1-2 hours/day!Imagine having your own trading business (with NONE of the traditional business costs or headaches) where you reach your financial goals trading the financial markets – mainly Forex and Futures - only 1-2 hours a day on your schedule, in the comfort of your home or office – or the beach – or anywhere in the World you choose – and then, spending the rest of your time pursuing your dreams – doing what's truly important to you – being with your family, friends, hobbies, traveling – whatever you wish!We've made all of this real for thousands of our trading business owners around the world – let's make this happen for you! We will help you start and then FUND your trading business! We will train you on our Proprietary HIGHLY PREDICTIVE Trading System and then FUND Your Trading Business with OUR money – up to $100,000 and YOU KEEP 60% to 80% of the profits. Our traders typically earn hundreds/day in the beginning and quickly grow to thousands per day! NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT WE DO – NOT EVEN CLOSE!We even allow you to TEST DRIVE OUR SYSTEM at NO RISK to you (and significant cost to us) for a full 30 days.We've been in the trading business for more than 9 years - Why do we do this? There is only ONE possible explanation - and that is - Our System of Indicators is FAR Superior to anything else available - and simple enough to learn, that even our NEW Trading Business Owners are VERY Profitable! By the way - If you lose money (and practically everyone loses a little as they are learning), you lose OUR money (which, by the way, you NEVER have to pay back). Naturally, since we both are HIGHLY interested in YOUR Success, we work hard to ensure that you don't lose money, but are consistently profitable. We'll show you ACTUAL RESULTS from our traders! We will also show you our System in action and even take several trades while you watch. We have LIMITED availability. So, time is of the essence. We'd be happy to share our system with you personally at our Thanksgiving Point office or, if you prefer, through an online Webinar. Either way, we look forward to speaking with you! Until then,Mike - 435-414-1822 more
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Dental Cleaning


Orem, UT | 19 Days
I’m in dental hygiene school and I need patients who would like to get their teeth cleaned or who are due for a cleaning! Starting in June, I will be seeing patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 am -12 pm (need patient for full 4 hour period), and on Wednesdays from 1-5 pm (need patient for full 4 hour period).The cleaning costs $10 and that includes x-rays, an oral cancer screening, polishing, fluoride, dental exam, etc.Sealants are $5 per tooth (if needed) and Panoramic X-ray is $15 (if needed).My school is in Orem, Utah, just off the University Parkway exit. If you are interested, please message me. I would really appreciate anyone who can help me out! more
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Fall Registration -Dry Creek Elementary Preschool


Lehi, UT | 19 Days
Are you in search of an educational, hands-on, developmentally appropriate Preschool program for your four year old in the fall? Then look no further than Dry Creek Elementary in Lehi. Our preschool classes provide experiences that promote academic growth in a safe, loving and developmentally appropriate manner. Parent involvement is encouraged throughout our school year. All of our classroom learning activities, and curriculum follow the Utah Core guidelines. We have two sessions available, Morning and Afternoon. For more questions or to check availability please contact squilter@alpinedistrict.org. more
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Summer Kickoff with Adventure Playdate


Provo, UT | 20 Days
Come celebrate summer and the new Summer Brainquest kickoff at the family friendly event, Adventure Playdate!USE CODE " KSL" for $5 OFF YOUR TICKET!!! Click here to get a family ticket https://www.eventbrite.com/e/adventure-playdate-tickets-33216523516Travel along our adventure trail stopping at our different explorer stations where you will craft, move, laugh, and learn with you and your littles. Each ticket includes one Brainquest summer activity book (retails $12.99), fun activities for the whole family, trail mix bar, swag bags, photo booth, giveaway prizes, and more. This event is best enjoyed by families with children ages 3 - 12 but all are welcome. Lets go on an adventure!This event will be held at the Manor at the Riverwoods in Provo, Utah on May 30th from 1-4 pm. Every family will receive their own summer Brainquest workbook which is an interactive and personalized quest to keep kids excited about learning all summer long. Additional workbooks available for purchase at the event at a special promotional price. You can read more about these awesome workbooks here. Ticket pricing is for one household. Tickets questons: hello@canaryjane.comSPONSORSSnacks Sponsored by:Redmond FarmsGiveaways Sponsored by:Freshly PickedRad SwimTubby ToddRod WorksSkip HopBabyganicsKneadersMaewovenOpposite of FarHolster BrandsFun Swag from:$20 Kids Glasses from Kortni JeanTubby ToddSeaquestBabyganicsRod WorksHolster BrandsInspirational Nursery RhymesAnd more to be announced! more
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Kaysville, UT | 22 Days
Did you know that Hogwarts is coming to Kaysville this summer? Harry Potter Academy is a 2 week long summer day camp at Jefferson Academy that uses the brilliant books of the Harry Potter series to not only entertain, but expose students to literature, chemistry, plant science, astronomy, zoology and sports. In addition to many fun projects and crafts, Harry Potter Academy has partnered with Mad Science, Clark Planetarium, Utah Crimson Fliers, and Kim's Cold Blooded Creatures to provide a variety of magical classes including Astronomy, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Wand Making and Quidditch. Students from any school are welcome, but are required to have at least completed 2nd grade before attending. Fee includes all materials and uniform. Space is extremely limited, so sign up today at www.harrypotteracademy.com to secure your spot. more
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Discovery Tree Preschool


Bluffdale, UT | 27 Days
Now Enrolling for Fall 2017 classes. A premier Preschool serving Draper, Bluffdale, Riverton, Herriman and Lehi since 2012. Our unique music based academic approach sets our preschool apart. Come Discovery the FUNdamentals at Discovery Tree Preschool. 801.879.5183. Check us out at www.discoverytreepreschool..com Conveniently located just off of I-15 and 14600 south. more
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