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Hoarder Awareness Group


Orem, UT | 1 Day
Picture for emphasis- I am in search of people who may be willing to help me in a cause. I have loved ones who are hoarders and I know of other hoarders here in Utah, I am wondering if we could do some sort of online group for support. If you have any suggestions of how we could do this please text me. Hoarding is a mental disorder that from what I have seen can be caused from trauma- hoarding isn't just with things, it also can be with animals, it really can be with anything (video games, books, newspapers, etc.). This group would just be for support as I don't have the skill set to treat or diagnose hoarding. We are writing this out of love to get help for our loved ones or friends. I'm not trying to get funding or money, I'm just trying to create a group for awareness. more
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Day Trade Our Money!!!


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
Take Control of your financial situation!!! Take Control of your retirement!!Have you ever wanted to learn how to Day Trade but have been to afraid of the market? Do you think that you need to set up an office full of monitors to be able to watch the market and that has you intimidated.? Let us show you have you can trade with just a standard laptop or desktop computer. We have a one month day trading education and software package valued over $700 for just $100.We are so confident that we can teach ANYONE how to use our indicators, that after we train you and teach you, we fund a trading account for you using OUR money and split profits 60/40 or 80/20 (you keep 60%) You can reach me (Mike) by e-mail at or on my cell (Text or Call) 385-529-6566. Text or e-mail for more information. Limited spots available to trade our money!Mike Smith more
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down payment


orem, UT | 25 Days
we made a 400 down payment to belavista in Lindon for a wedding and the wedding was canciled. the down can be sold and used before Nov. 2017. my loss, your gain more
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