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Singer songwriter


Roy, UT | 8 Hours
Singer /songwriter in search of local talent. I've been performing for over 20 years. I am looking for a lead guitarist and a bass player. I have a large cover list and am also working on originals. Not into metal or anything extremely heavy. Please let me know if you are interested in getting together and see if things click. more
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Title Cleaning


Magna, UT | 11 Hours
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2010 Limite 98 millas levantada ningún problema más información tel.801 696 09 77 more
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Do you like breaking Benjamin


South Ogden, UT | 18 Hours
Looking to start up a alt hard rock band similar to 3 days grace breaking Benjamin skillet korn disturbed ETC. My name is Brian Smith I have played guitar for 15 years and have pro gear. If interested hit me up I prefer text my number is 3856264799 more
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Country band looking for committed musicians


Spanish Fork, UT | 1 Day
My girlfriend & I are looking to put together a professional country band. We both have well over 20+ years of playing experience. I myself have traveled the country on tour, shared the stage with top Nashville Stars as well as opening up for several of them. Have been on Channel 2 morning news 2 times, have played major events and much more. My girlfriend has well over 20+ years herself as a singer/song writer/guitarist has performed several fairs, public events and much more. She has several original songs with one of them being played in 6 states currently. We are seeking professional musicians to join us in an incredible music venture. We do have a Nashville Manager waiting for us to get things going, and they will help with gigs and much more. We are only looking for serious musicians. We need Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & Steel, Dobro or Fiddle. I also have a couple people who have studios lined up for recording us as well. more
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Bassist Seeking Band


Springville, UT | 1 Day
I'm looking to play bass in a band in Utah valley. I play a variety of instruments. Looking to jam and occasionally perform. Mostly looking to join an alternative rock group.Text Robert 209-380-0435 more
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Better bass, beats, bears, battle star galactica


Bountiful, UT | 1 Day
Is this all that you have?If so? I'll let it be...Hiding yourself so, illogically.You got no stones so throwintegrity, to the passing wind you know you'll never be..So meet me face to faceyou'll see me as I am. I challenge us to meetwho is the bigger man?So stand up, stand out Show yourself to meunless you are afraidof my following feet. more
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Youth Rock Band


West Point, UT | 1 Day
We are still looking for a serious minded bass player, singer, and possibly one more guitar player. We currently have a drummer and guitar player.--------------I am personally in an active band that has been performing from Salt Lake to Idaho. I have had my son learning drums from serious teachers. He has stage/band experience and performs very well.We are looking to start a rock band for teenagers. The ages are open to whomever wants to make this happen. The intent would be for them to practice weekly and perform regularly as shows can be scheduled monthly or bi-monthly (TBD). I will be finding shows for the band to play.I am in search of one or two guitar players, bass player, and a singer. Other instruments will also be considered. My son also plays bass guitar, so if there is a bass player that can also play drums they can switch off. If someone wanted to play an instrument and sing that is doable also. I have a band room and equipment. Band members must have their own instruments; guitar players will also need a simple effects pedal for distortion. I am located in the north end of Davis County. I don't care where you live as long as you can get to practice every week.Auditions will be required. more
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Vocalist Available-Stylistically Versatile


Layton, UT | 1 Day
My name is Allen, I'm a writer and vocalist. I have a main project but I'm really looking to expand to1) get more experience recording, collaborating, and performing2) explore more genre and style3) expand a reference portfolioYou can surf through my instagram @mrallenrose for doses of writing and audio or I can send you rough recordings.I find I'm stylistically more R&B but I tend to go more rock/metal/posthardcore for my full band ventures, but I really would love helping with recording projects, fill in projects so get at me. I'm open to any genre as long as I dig the sound. Text works best, thank you! more
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Vocalist Available-Stylistically Versatile


Layton, UT | 1 Day
My name is Allen, I'm a writer and vocalist. I have a main project but I'm really looking to expand to1) get more experience recording, collaborating, and performing2) explore more genre and style3) expand a reference portfolioYou can surf through my instagram @mrallenrose for doses of writing and audio or I can send you rough recordings.I find I'm stylistically more R&B but I tend to go more rock/metal/posthardcore for my full band ventures, but I really would love helping with recording projects, fill in projects so get at me. I'm open to any genre as long as I dig the sound. Text works best, thank you! more
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Vocalist Wanted For Studio album


midvale, UT | 2 Days
Rock guitarist with tons of original songs looking vocalist . To record and perform latest album. Call 801-512-4460. more
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Looking For Drummer And Bass Players


LAYTON, UT | 2 Days
Country band looking for drummer and bass player. We are fun, laid back, mostly to very talented and raring to entertain. Looking for people that want to play music and just HAVE FUN!!!Text Rj at 801-663-0222. more
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Vocalist Needed


Provo, UT | 2 Days
We are a power trio rock and roll band in our early 30s that is writing and performing original material. Looking for a vocalist who is skilled and creative. We are serious and committed. Currently practicing just south of Provo in Spanish Fork. We have a lot of material but I have included three completed songs in the link below. Not the best sound quality as this was recorded live in a single take on a zoom recorder in the middle of the practice space but should give you a rough idea.https://soundcloud.com/user-532461577If you are interested, call or text Dave at (775) 250-2930 more
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Recording Studio and Film Production


North Ogden, UT | 2 Days
JJM Sound and Video is ready to help make your dreams come true! Book a FREE Consultation or session today! www.jjmsoundandvideo.com Rates start at $30 an hour. Other services and special pricing available. more
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Looking for singer!


Orem, UT | 3 Days
We are a local band looking for a singer. We currently have a guitarist, drummer, and bassist. We played in a trio for a while but our guitarist doesn't want to sing. We play indie rock, blues. We are all around the ages of 22. We're looking for someone committed to joining a serious band. more
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Vocals And Drums Needed! Metal


roy, UT | 3 Days
This project is well on its way to becoming something big, 12 originals have been recorded, all available to any drummer or vocalist interested in this add. We play groove/progressive type style of metal. Influences are wide, but some are lamb of god, trivium, all that remains, ffdp ect. We have a practice base in west haven with professional gear and studio capabilities. Please text or call if interested more
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Drummer seeking DJ to collab for club gigs


Holladay, UT | 3 Days
Hi there, I'm looking for a good dj that can collab and make a set list with a drummer. I'm thinking of a drum-step/dub/house/trap thing. I really would want to put on a show, light up drums, triggers, dancers etc.... Please have pro gear and be ready to rehearse asap. Below I left my drum reel and an example of a drummer I found on YT playing along with some dub-step, should be pretty close to what i want to do.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z38sQpNC-johttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSz7HV2LAGYcall or text anytime 801-520-2144 more
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Memories Never Die seeking Bassist


West Valley City, UT | 4 Days
We are Memories Never Die strong established band. We are a local salt lake city metal band. We sound a lot like a mix of Red, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Coheed and Cambria, Disturbed. We need someone willing and able to commit to at least twice sometimes three times a week for practice,and shows occasionally. We wont be doing shows for a few months since we were trying to concentrate on recording our first album that is in progress so there will be time to get ready. Must have own gear. We need someone who can commit to this as we are not doing this as a hobby but a career. We are putting everything we have into this project to go far with.NO FLAKES. We need someone reliable and drama free. Serious and someone who shares the same interests! 21+ (Rhythm Guitarist/ Bassist) We play in drop c must have own equipment and transportation. Must be flexible. To hear our EP check our site @ : www.reverbnation.com/memoriesneverdie Text Jason @ 801-884-2699 more
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Rock n roll


Ogden, UT | 4 Days
Guitarist with a basement jam space looking to play some kick ass rock n roll. Supersuckers, zeke, Nashville pussy, social distortion, motorhead, Sabbath, ramones, acdc etc. I don't have a PA or anything but I just really want to start playing. Ideally the ability to play some metal stuff but lay back and play rock n roll if that makes any sense. Let's get together and have fun! more
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Seeking Bassist


Ogden, UT | 5 Days
We are Out of Anger, a heavy metal band out of Ogden, we are seeking a bassist to complete the band. We practice in Ogden. We use in-ear monitors for practice, but if cab sound is important to you for practice, then we can work that in. Must have gear, own transportation, and a willingness to put on a show for the audience. This is us at Club Sound in SLC. https://youtu.be/fr6TfiyiA5wPlease feel free to call or text. more
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Park City, UT | 6 Days
~wanted for jam/rock duo .... I sing, play guitars, and live loop multiple layers creating a big sound for 2!Improv is at the heart of my music .....seeking a drummer who goes after it .....improvs, solos, plays with loops.......original music mostly with blues, funk, jazz and reggae grooves. I have gigs booked! more
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Alternative band looking for creative drummer


Clearfield, UT | 6 Days
Alternative band in Northern UT is looking for a drummer who is more than a "keeper of the beat." We do mostly originals, so we would like to set up a time to jam and see if you are a fit with what we are doing. Text please. more
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Trash Bats Seeks Drummer


Cedar City, UT | 7 Days
DEAD BOYS / JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS / THE RUNAWAYS / THE STOOGES / THE VELVET UNDERGROUND / DAVID BOWIE / THE SWEET / MC5 / RAMONES / KISS (1974-1975) / THE JONESES / SEX PISTOLS / MODERN LOVERS / LOU REED / THE SUMMER HITS / ROXY MUSIC / KEVIN AYERS/ NEW YORK DOLLS / THE DAMNED (FIRST RECORD).We have it all together except for a drummer. Completely realized and arranged original material. Vaguely similar to the groups listed above except for the fact that our songs are much better. We definitely have improved upon anything BOWIE has ever done..If you are a drummer who's arms and legs can work completely independent of one another and you can remember an arrangement that's probably a good start. This is a relatively simple rock n roll outfit but it has proven itself challenging to drummers who are not accustomed to striking the high hat 64 bpm on a 128 bpm song while maintaining a steady kick pattern. I am not a drummer so I don't know the correct terminology for what I mentioned above although I have no problem actually doing it perfectly well on a drum kit.If you listen to Paul Cook's Drumming on "Nevermind The Bollocks" or better yet, his drumming anywhere on The Sex Pistol's Twelve Day US Tour, that's exactly what's needed here. It is the sacred blueprint for all our sleazy... drumming needs. Nothing more is needed. No Fancy Flourishes and No Neil Peart Worshipers Required. For example, if somebody were to show up with only a kick, snare, high hat and a crash or two and played the beats heard on our demo's below without speeding up, we would be completely blown away. No need to spice things up, just a simple fill on a lonely snare is enough. I must mention here that we are not a jam band, we don't get lit up and binge watch "Pineapple Express" and "Superbad" while taking excessive breaks. We aren't punks, rockers, or juggalos. We are working, blue collar, family oriented peoples with very cool detective pets who will screen you immediately upon your possible arrival to sense whether you are a relatively good and genuine person (or not). We own many firearms. We are old. No drug issues, flakes or power trips please. We are a true democracy with all input being unbelievably equal and this balance can not be upset be some blowhard bastard who has something to prove. This group must remain a single organism. This group will rock.Here's the demos (copy paste): https://soundcloud.com/black-magic-summer more
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Drummer looking to start or join black metal band


Herriman, UT | 8 Days
This is a project I've been meaning to be a part of for many years, but have found no luck due to the lack of commitment or lack of love and talent from other people I have tried to work with. I want to work with professional musicians who love the genre as much as I do and are talented with their instruments, but also have a creative sense of musicality. I've been playing drums for 7 years, and extreme metal for close to 4 years. I can play to a metronome even at fast tempos, which is also expected of you. My influences range from inquisition to dimmu borgir, so I'm good for raw and powerful, to epic and atmospheric. I have a practice space located in herriman. I am 18 years of age, so don't complain if you can't play at bars, because bar shows are not the priority, the priority is beautiful music. If you are interested and would like to schedule a time to jam, send me a text, or email me at metalbubba1@gmail.com. take care more
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Are 14 to 17 and love to play great 60s,70s music


Riverton, UT | 8 Days
Want to play in a fun classic rock ‘n roll band ?If you are 14 to 17 and love to play great music we would like to hear from you.We are looking for lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and vocals.We will be playing 60's, 70's, and 80's music: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Kansas, and the Beatles.If this sounds fun please give us a call. We will be practicing in Riverton. No charge, just a band to have a lot of fun. We may even be able to find a few gigs in the future.Ren Field 801-718-3691. more
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