Have You Seen This? Strongman has strange way of showing strength

A Chechnyan stuntman who refers to himself as "The Rock" has an unusual way of showing his strength.

A Chechnyan stuntman who refers to himself as "The Rock" has an unusual way of showing his strength. (WashletJP on Twitter)

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UNKNOWN LOCATION — Imagine that you're a bodybuilder and a professional stuntman. As part of your training, you do macho things like bench press large trees and roll boulders across the field. Sometimes you even hitch yourself to a truck and pull it up a hill.

But how do you truly set yourself apart? After all, people have been hefting trees for thousands of years. And is it really that creative to pull a truck around these days?

If you're the Chechnyan stuntman who refers to himself as "The Rock," you mix things up by getting two cars to smash you.

As you can see, I wasn't using figurative language when I referenced "getting two cars to smash you." This guy really does have his friends hop into their cars and drive into him.

My favorite part of the video comes at the 24-second mark, when a random citizen happens to drive by and sees a hulking man trapped between two vehicles. With tires screeching and smoke filling the air, it must've looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Unsurprisingly, the driver declines to stop and offer assistance. I imagine they went straight home and walked into the kitchen with wide eyes, saying, "I think I just saw something I wasn't supposed to see. Honey, we need to leave this place tonight if we want to live."

Hopefully, this frightened citizen stumbles upon the Rock's Instagram account and sees that the Rock is a professional stuntman and that he's all smiles at the end of this "car crunch" video. Turns out that he often does this "car crunch" stunt. I guess it's kind of his trademarked thing.

But definitely don't try this car stunt at home, dear readers. It's a sure way to injure yourself. And any people who happen to drive by while you're doing the stunt will likely be traumatized.

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