Have You Seen This? Guy in NFL booth goes bonkers on air drums

Have You Seen This? Guy in NFL booth goes bonkers on air drums

Have You Seen This? Guy in NFL booth goes bonkers on air drums (Daniel Jeremiah, Twitter)

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THE STADIUM — Working for a professional sports team might sound amazing on paper, but more often than not it feels just like any other corporate job. You sit at a desk. You stare at a computer. You feel the monotony begin to pile up day after day.

That's the place the fellow in this video found himself. He's a popular analyst and gets to watch games for a living. Yet he's still sitting at a desk, working on a laptop.

Then, when he least expected it, he was given an opportunity to release his frustrations in a spontaneous moment of intensity. Interestingly enough, my personal research suggests that a staggering 87% of these moments of spontaneity come while listening to "In the Air Tonight."

Those famous drums tap into something inside all of us. As Rolling Stone put it, "No other drum fill has ever wormed its way as deeply into the popular consciousness as Phil Collins' descending 10-note tom-tom break on 'In the Air Tonight.'"

Oddly enough, Collins himself isn't nearly as obsessed with his drum fill as the rest of the world seems to be. He once compared the sound of it to "barking seals." Who knows? Perhaps if you sit at the same drum kit for that many decades, even your music starts to feel like just another corporate gig.

Have You Seen This?

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