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New discoveries reveal the real causes and solutions for ED

New discoveries reveal the real causes and solutions for ED


There is a lot of misinformation propagated about the causes of ED. More accurately, there is a lack of information about the true causes. Anyone doing a web search will find thousands of articles that speak in broad terms of possible causes but little describing the underlying root causes.

Dr. Whit Roberts of Health Utah says that the solution to ED is found in small details that are often overlooked. In his clinic, providers pay attention to those details in order to prescribe the most appropriate care. He says the one-size-fits-all approach most clinics take is not sufficient. Finding the root cause determines the appropriate customized care each patient receives at Health Utah.

The biggest detail is nitric oxide

Recent scientific research shows proper erectile function depends on the prevalence of an important molecule called nitric oxide. You either have enough of it or you don't. If you don't secrete enough of this molecule you will experience one of two problems: either you won't attain rigidity at all or you won't be able to keep it.

Problem #1—Nothing happens

It's most likely a nervous system problem if you're unable to achieve an erection at all. An erection is triggered when nerves release nitric oxide. The nitric oxide relaxes smooth muscles that most of the time remain tight. Once relaxed, blood begins to flow into the area.

New discoveries reveal the real causes and solutions for ED
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Why does the nervous system fail?

That's where it gets both interesting and complicated. Anxiety, depression, drugs and pornography can alter normal brain chemistry inhibiting the normal excitation of nerves in the area. Or if there is excess sugar in the bloodstream from diabetes or excessive consumption, small blood vessels are damaged or killed resulting in damage or death of the nerves that release nitric oxide.

Problem #2—The process starts but recedes quickly

if you can attain rigidity but it doesn't last long enough or much at all, the problem is likely related to blood vessels. Once the nervous system initiates an erection, the blood flow into the small vessels of the area stimulates the release of more nitric oxide from the cells that line the vessel. This causes more relaxation and more filling.

New discoveries reveal the real causes and solutions for ED
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Why do cells fail to release nitric oxide?

Relatively new scientific discoveries have finally explained the failure of these cells to release nitric oxide. There is a fragile inner lining of blood vessels called the glycocalyx that looks very much like a thick, bushy beard. As blood cells flow through, it agitates these hairlike projections attached to the first layer of cells. This agitation stimulates the cells to release nitric oxide. The failure comes when these hairlike projections are damaged and begin to look more like stubble than a full beard. In that state, blood can pass through the vessels without stimulating the release of nitric oxide.

So what damages the glycocalyx?

Roberts says, "This is the million-dollar question." The answer is anything in the blood that shouldn't be there such as excess sugar, high levels of cholesterol, high levels of insulin and the chemicals of stress.

Sometimes the cause is not what's in the blood but how often it's in the blood. As indicated earlier, the glycocalyx is fragile. It needs periods of time where the blood is free of these things to allow for healing and repair. Sipping soda all day, for example, causes damage to the glycocalyx and doesn't allow time for healing. Additional causes are described further down.

New discoveries reveal the real causes and solutions for ED
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The impact of damage to the glycocalyx

If the damage is too prevalent, capillaries, the smallest blood vessels begin to collapse and die. If this happens extensively such as in the case of uncontrolled diabetes, a man can lose thousands of miles of capillaries. Additionally, the loss of the glycocalyx can result in atherosclerosis, the buildup of fats, cholesterol and other substances in your artery walls (plaque), which can significantly restrict blood flow. This is why ED can be an indicator of a more serious problem like cardiovascular disease.

New discoveries reveal the real causes and solutions for ED
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Every individual Is different

Every successful approach to solving ED must start with identifying the root causes of low nitric oxide. Unfortunately, this is rarely the approach taken. You might find a clinic here or there testing for one of the many possible contributing factors. For example, one clinic might test for low testosterone. Another might test for low blood flow. These have some value but are inadequate by themselves. All the possible causes of low nitric oxide need to be identified and considered.

"The goal at Health Utah is to identify all the contributing factors and address them all. Doing less than that can result in a less than satisfactory outcome," Roberts says. "The key is testing."

At Health Utah, every consultation includes extensive same-day testing and evaluation. The cost is $59 for all the testing, the evaluation and the consultation. You can call 801-810-CARE (2273) or visit today to schedule.

If you want to learn more about the testing and solutions provided at Health Utah, watch the extensive video explanations below.

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