Have You Seen This? A trio of toddlers try to talk their way out of trouble

LaTasha McClendon-Dove, Facebook

Have You Seen This? A trio of toddlers try to talk their way out of trouble

By Martha Ostergar, KSL.com Contributor | Posted - Dec. 27, 2020 at 1:54 p.m.

THE NAUGHTY STEP — The golden rule of toddlers is that if you can't hear them, they are doing something naughty.

But that tried and true piece of advice didn't work for mom LaTasha McClendon-Dove this Christmas when a trio of toddlers were bumping around her house.

"Of course, if they get quiet you get concerned but I was certain from all the giggling they were doing that they were just happily playing with toys while I cleaned Finn's room from the triple toddler tornado that had just came through," McClendon-Dove explained on her Facebook page.

What trouble did they get into? Marker murals on little bodies. But it's not the trouble they get into that makes the featured video hilarious, it's how her son, Finn, tries to talk his way out of trouble.

Two blank-faced toddlers flank Finn, and the (obvious) commander-in-chief faces mom.

In a particularly mature and emotionally controlled conversation, and with his head hung low but not a tear in sight, the little guy explains their situation when mama asks why they drew all over themselves: "We were trying to be bad guys (fake sniff) and we are soowy (fake sniff)."

But everything that comes out of Finn's mouth is a shiny gem of hilarity.

"Maybe we can think about what we've done?" to get ahead of the punishment.

"Maybe if we take a bath it will," the boy says when it's suggested that thinking about what they've done won't get the marker off.

"But I need to draw!" is said when the threat of no more markers comes into play.

And, because they are southern, the conversation respectfully ends with a "yes ma'am" from the articulate toddler.

And if you think the mom's tone is a little harsh for the crime, she admits it was an act: "I sound like I was going to snap, but I swear I was only stifling giggles."

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