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By The Associated Press | Posted - Dec. 2, 2019 at 8:55 a.m.


Pompeo says it’s “unfortunate” that House panel will hold hearing while Trump is at NATO summit

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says it’s “very unfortunate” the House Judiciary Committee will be holding its impeachment hearing when President Donald Trump is at the NATO summit in London. Lawmakers on that committee will review the Intelligence Committee’s report on its impeachment investigation and decide whether to draw up articles of impeachment. The White House counsel has turned down an invitation to appear before the first meeting of the Judiciary Committee, scheduled for Wednesday.


Trump to tariff steel and aluminum from Argentina and Brazil

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Monday accused Argentina and Brazil of hurting American farmers through currency manipulation and said he’ll slap tariffs on their steel and aluminum imports to retaliate. Trump also called on America’s central bank to take action to prevent other countries from devaluing their currencies. Both South American nations were among a group of U.S. allies that Trump had exempted from steel and aluminum tariffs in March 2018. The president’s threat to reverse that decision and impose the metals tariffs on Argentina and Brazil is another example of his mercurial approach to trade policy. Businesses have delayed investments, sapping economic growth, because they don’t know if the agreements Trump reaches with other countries will last or what countries or products he will target next.


Pelosi says leaders should stick to science

MADRID (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says leaders should “stick with the science” when it comes to climate change.

Speaking to reporters Monday in Madrid at a U.N. meeting on climate change, Pelosi was asked about comments by Spain’s interim prime minister that “only a handful of fanatics deny the evidence” of man-made global warming.

Pelosi, responded by saying she had “three words that describe how we address this: science, science and science. And maybe four: science, again.”

She added that “if we can stick with the science I think we can come up with some sane solutions to it all.”

Pelosi led a delegation of more than a dozen Democratic members of Congress to the climate talks to declare that they stand by the 2015 Paris accord, from which President Donald Trump recently announced the U.S. would withdraw.


Wintry storm snarls travel, cancels classes

NEW YORK (AP) — The threat of heavy snow is closing schools from West Virginia to northern New England.

Parts of West Virginia are expecting 2 inches to a foot. Four counties there closed schools as of midmorning Monday.

Hundreds of schools in New Hampshire closed after the storm’s first wave dumped more than half a foot on parts of the state. More snow was on its way Monday night into Tuesday morning.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu says that “it’s going to be a long, difficult storm.”

The nor’easter is expected to drop 10 to 20 inches of snow by Tuesday morning from Pennsylvania to Maine.

Flightaware.com reports that more than 280 flights into or out of the U.S. are canceled and more than 1,200 delayed. Many canceled flights were at New York and Boston-area airports.


Democrats aim to catch up to Trump’s 2020 cash advantage

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats are narrowing President Donald Trump’s early spending advantage, with two billionaire White House hopefuls joining established party groups to target the president in key battleground states that are likely to determine the outcome of next year’s election. Priorities USA and American Bridge, two of the leading Democratic outside groups, are ramping up operations. The organization ACRONYM recently pledged to spend $75 million. And former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has pledged to spend $100 million on ads targeting Trump, while California billionaire Tom Steyer promised $50 million. The billionaires have come under fire from some Democratic rivals for trying to buy the presidency.


Democrat Steve Bullock ends struggling presidential campaign

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana Gov. Steve Bullock announced Monday that he’s ending his Democratic presidential campaign, saying it’s become clear that he won’t have a shot at being his party’s nominee. The two-term governor and former state attorney general tried to make the case that he was the best bet to beat President Donald Trump because he was the only Democratic candidate to win in a state that Trump won in 2016. But he got a late start, announcing his candidacy in May and joining nearly two dozen other Democratic candidates competing for attention and campaign donations. “While there were many obstacles we could not have anticipated when entering this race, it has become clear that in this moment, I won’t be able to break through to the top tier of this still-crowded field of candidates,” Bullock said in a statement.


China to suspend US Navy visits to Hong Kong over new law

HONG KONG (AP) — China said Monday it will suspend U.S. military ship and aircraft visits to Hong Kong and sanction several American pro-democracy and human rights groups in retaliation for the signing into law of legislation supporting anti-government protests in the semi-autonomous territory. While the nature of the sanctions remained unclear, the move followed Chinese warnings that the U.S. would bear the costs if the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was approved. The steps are “in response to America's unreasonable behavior,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in Beijing, adding that the legislation seriously interfered in China's internal affairs.


Spacewalking astronauts add new pumps to cosmic detector

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Spacewalking astronauts attached new pumps to a cosmic ray detector outside the International Space Station on Monday in a bid to extend its scientific life. It was the third spacewalk in nearly three weeks for Italy’s Luca Parmitano and NASA’s Andrew Morgan. And it marked the culmination of years of work to repair the $2 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. The spectrometer has been up there hunting for antimatter and dark matter for 8 ½ years, longer than anticipated. Without four new pumps for cooling, the device would be crippled and, ultimately, useless. NASA compares this series of four spacewalks — the most complex since the Hubble Space Telescope missions — to heart bypass surgery because they are designed to bypass the old, degraded pumps.


Florida flight diverted after woman fakes medical emergency

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A woman demanding a larger seat on an American Airlines flight is in custody after faking a medical condition that prompted the pilot to head back to a Florida airport. Flight crews summoned authorities once the Miami-bound flight arrived back in Pensacola early Friday morning. A Pensacola police spokesman says the plane was evacuated when the woman refused to deplane. Authorities and the plane’s pilot eventually succeeded in talking the woman off the plane.


Dictionary.com chooses `existential’ as word of the year

NEW YORK (AP) — Climate change, gun violence, the very nature of democracy and an angsty little movie star called Forky helped propel “existential” to Dictionary.com’s word of the year. The choice reflects months of high-stakes threats and crises, real and pondered, across the news, the world and throughout 2019. “In our data, it speaks to this sense of grappling with our survival, both literally and figuratively, that defined so much of the discourse,” said John Kelly, senior research editor for the site, ahead of Monday’s announcement. The word earned top of mind awareness in sustained searches at Dictionary.com in the aftermath of wildfires and Hurricane Dorian, and mass shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, and El Paso, Texas.

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