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Have You Seen This? Sleepy baby loves his pizza

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Jun. 18, 2019 at 3:01 p.m.

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THE KITCHEN — I am not a talented man. I once thought I was a good baseball player, but the high school coach let me know I wasn't by abruptly cutting me. I thought I was a pretty good artist, but the laughs from judges at an art competition when I was a preteen helped me touch base with reality.

Over the years, I've discovered two gifts of mine: one is napping and the other is eating pizza.

Four-plus hour naps are easy for me. Give me a comfy spot and some air conditioning and I'll marathon a nap like no one's business. When it comes to pizza, I'm like a dog. As long as it's in front of me I'll keep eating, for better or worse. But while I thought I'd finally found something I was a real standout at, I came across this video and I'm humbled once again.

This is 1-year-old MJ and he is eating pizza while he naps. This is next level mastery. This boy is an eating/sleeping ninja, and I realize I have much to learn at the feet of MJ.

You may think this video is adorable, as the little dude can't really make up his mind between delicious pizza and blissful sleep, but I find this video inspiring. My new purpose in life is to master my two sole talents into one incredible superpower just like MJ has done.

Thank you for your inspiration and determination, MJ. I promise to make you proud.

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