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Have You Seen This? Devilish ducks escape after causing car crash

By Katie Workman, | Posted - Jun. 17, 2019 at 2:36 p.m.

A RUSSIAN ROAD — We’ve all had to swerve to avoid wildlife on the road before, but few animals can cause as much chaos as this family of ducks.

In a dramatic twist of the age-old adage “why did the chicken cross the road?” these ducks make it painfully obvious that they’re as clueless as the rest of us.

It takes not one, not two, but six people, a car wreck, and two stopped lanes of traffic to help this feathered family make it to safety.

This thrilling saga of twists and turns follows not only the devilish ducks causing the initial accident and proving themselves to be the Aflac mascot’s arch-enemy, but also the aftermath.

A good-natured passerby helps this fowl cabal of criminal overlords make it across the street, but then there’s a new problem: curbs.

See, mom can hop the towering cement barrier with no problems, but her birdbrained ducklings don’t yet have the size or flying ability to follow.

So mom has a tough decision to make — and in a move I’m sure we can all relate to — leaves her deadweight children behind.

But then, what a twist! She hears their high-pitched tweets which can only be a birdy version of “But MOOOOOM!” and stops. Mom turns and comes back!

And then we’re stuck exactly where we started, with ducks ducking and weaving in the road and a very-confused buildup of traffic behind.

It’s only through the good Samaritan aid of our cameraman and five others that finally, in a climax to rival "Fly Away Home," the winged whippersnappers escape into the woods.

We can only assume that mother duck is indoctrinating her children in the art of causing future motor vehicle accidents, and the naive humans which helped her escape are none the wiser.

Katie Workman

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