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Have You Seen This? Young basketball player helps teammate score

By Xoel Cardenas, | Posted - Mar 20th, 2019 @ 3:00pm

THE HARDWOOD — It’s March and that means spring, trees getting green and warmer, longer days.

Oh yeah, and the madness that is the NCAA Tournament.

People around the country will be filling out their brackets and watching games at work beginning Thursday. We at also have our own bracket challenge going on, as we’re asking Utahns to select which high school is the best in the state.

Hoops fever is in the air, and we have a feel-good video that shows one little boy’s passion for basketball and his teammate’s effort to make his goal of scoring a reality.

In this clip, a boy named Austin, wearing the No. 0, is playing a game of five-on-five. He and his blue team teammates are trying to make a basket. The kid wearing the No. 50 grabs the rebound and, instead of putting the shot back up, he looks for Austin to try and help get him a bucket.

Assisted by No. 50, Austin’s first shot is short. Another teammate grabs the ball and shoots, but his shot is off the rim. The rebound is taken by another blue team player. The boy wearing No. 50 asks for the ball, a la, Shaquille O’Neal in his prime.

From there, No. 50 knows it’s time to get Austin his basket.

Austin gets ready, No. 50 gets ready, and they put up the shot.

It’s in!

The crowd goes wild as Austin gets his bucket. His teammates clap in celebration.

Austin is ecstatic, running down the court, looking at the crowd as happy as could be. The blue team’s coach comes onto the court to give Austin a high five. Austin is so thrilled, he starts giving double finger guns to the crowd while gameplay continues on.

“We're so blessed to have so many people support him,” Christina Weaver, who filmed the moment, said in a Facebook post. “A huge thanks to his team for always helping him and even bigger thanks to Coach Mike for everything he's done for Austin.”

Teamwork, passion, hard work and dedication: these are some of the pillars of sports, and they perfectly describe what Austin, his teammates (in particular, No. 50) and his coach did on this night, to say the least.

He may be the smallest one on the court, but from his celebration, you can tell Austin’s love for basketball is the biggest among his peers.

March Madness is here. Let’s go!

Xoel Cardenas

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