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Have You Seen This? Dune buggy makes impossible climb

THE DUNES — Some of us humans are all about physical safety, and others are all about the adrenaline rush at almost any cost.

This column has featured such death-defying feats as wingsuit-plane tricks, too-high slackline walks, and crazy skateboard tricks, and many more. We continue to highlight videos like these because we know that even if you’re a pro couchsurfer (like me), there’s something inside all of us that can’t turn away from watching what feels like pure insanity.

Maybe we watch out of morbid curiosity, maybe we watch because of our collective human spirit that has urged each generation to push further into our limits, or maybe we watch because we’re a bit bored. More scientific studies are needed.

But no matter why you watch or where you fit on the scale of “amount of adrenaline you can handle in one activity,” watching a video like this one will probably entertain and amaze you in one way or another.

In the video, you’ll see a dune buggy climbing up a closer-to-vertical-than-not cliff. Now, being in Utah, that doesn’t sound super special, since all sorts of vehicles are climbing red rock at any given moment somewhere in the state. What makes this video special is that the cliff being climbed is made out of sand.

Do you know what sand does when assisted by gravity and a heavy vehicle with spinning tires? It moves and slips and slides at great speeds. So it takes exceptional will and skill for whoever is driving that buggy to feel when they need to switch directions and otherwise maneuver to keep the vehicle going more up than down.

The building tension of the impossible climb is only made better by the winning resolution. Three cheers for the indomitable human spirit.