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Brian Stanton via Facebook

Good Samaritan hopes to locate owner of gold wedding band found in Mona pond

By Christie Taylor, KSL TV | Posted - Aug 18th, 2018 @ 10:23pm

Update: The ring's owner, Jake Harris, was located and the ring was returned, Brian Stanton confirmed in a message to KSL TV.

MONA, Juab County – A needle in a haystack — or a ring under water.

A man, who was visiting from Texas, was watching his boys play on the rope swings at the Burraston Ponds in Mona when a couple asked him for help finding a missing ring.

Brian Stanton wrote a Facebook message to KSL TV, saying that the husband asked him if he had goggles or a snorkeling mask he could borrow because he lost his gold wedding band in the water.

“I went to my car and gave him two masks so he and his wife could look for it,” Stanton wrote. “They were unsuccessful and returned the masks to me.”

They told him they lived in Provo, but Stanton did not get their names.

After the couple left, a man in a boat asked if Stanton could throw him a shirt he had left on shore.

“After I threw him the shirt from the wooden deck I was standing on, I looked down into the water for about a minute and saw a slightly bright sliver among some big rocks,” he wrote.

It was about a foot deep into the water, and Stanton thought it might be the ring.

“I climbed down the deck ladder into the water, reached down and picked it up and sure enough, it was the gold ring,” he wrote. “My wife wrote a short note and left her number with nail polish on a tree near the deck because the couple said they might come back the following day with a waterproof metal detector to look for it.”

Stanton never heard from the couple, and he wants to try to find them to return the ring.

They were all at the ponds on Tuesday, Aug. 7, when the ring went missing. Stanton hopes the owner will see this story and reach out.

If you are the owner or have any information on who the ring might belong to, you can direct message KSL TV on Facebook, or reach out to Stanton on Facebook.


Christie Taylor

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