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Have You Seen This? Utah crowd helps after Rachel Platten forgets national anthem lyrics

By Mary Dalrymple, KSL.com | Posted - Apr 16th, 2018 @ 1:15pm

RIO TINTO STADIUM — One thing I am 100 percent positive I could never do is sing by myself in front of a huge crowd.

Public speaking, I am relatively OK with. But just the thought of public singing makes me want to curl up and hide from the world for a few hours. I've never even done karaoke for this reason.

So, I am often impressed by the confidence (and talent) of people who do this regularly, as a career or even just for fun. It's hard to have a huge crowd expecting a lot of you, but it's also pretty nice when that crowd has your back when you make mistakes.

Yesterday's Have You Seen This?

Fortunately, the second scenario is what happened when pop singer Rachel Platten came to Rio Tinto Stadium to perform the national anthem for the Utah Royals' first home game. Despite a bumpy start wherein she seemed to mix up the lyrics, the crowd had her back and cheered her on.

Platten handled the situation well, apologizing and starting over each time she made a mistake. Her response was definitely endearing and made me respect her even more. You can see it all go down in this video, but be sure you listen for the crowd singing along. According to one of the comments, the whole stadium joined in to help Platten out and together they gave "The Star-Spangled Banner" the strong finish it deserves.

Mary Dalrymple

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