Jamaal Williams is ready to shine in BYU's opener

By Alex Kirry | Posted - Sep 2nd, 2016 @ 8:44pm

GLENDALE, Ariz. — It's hard to imagine a world where opposing defenses and pro scouts could underestimate BYU Senior running back Jamaal Williams, but that’s exactly what is happening. After a year away from the BYU football program, Williams is eager to get back into the spotlight. “Just ready to do my thing,” said Williams, when asked about Saturday’s opener in Glendale, Arizona against the Wildcats. Williams’ ‘thing’ is going to end with him being the most productive BYU running back of all-time when all is said and done.

“Beast Mode” 2.0

The word “beast” is used a lot when describing Williams by the coaches and other players because he kills linebackers on blocking assignments, finds the tiniest of holes to gain yardage, and catches literally every ball thrown to him. It sounds like hyperbole, but in all of fall camp and practices leading up to the University of Arizona this week, only one player didn’t drop a charted pass; Jamaal Williams. Every competitive throw is charted on video and marked among copious stats by the coaching staff and video coordinators after practice. Williams has been perfect and hasn’t officially dropped a ball since spring practices according to Mahe.

Scouts Are Drooling

It didn’t take long and word has gotten out among the pro scouts in the last few weeks of Williams’ bigger size, better hands, and crazy motor. Every few days, pro scouts wander off the field, past the media, donning logos of the NFL teams they represent, and keeping to themselves who they are looking at. It shouldn’t be any surprise that Williams is often the most sought-after target for these scouts who say that he’s not a secret anymore among those who are “in the know."

Alex Kirry

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