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Greg Wrubell's #CougarQuiz No. 8

By Greg Wrubell, | Posted - Jul 5th, 2016 @ 4:14pm

Cougar Nation has topped 50% in four consecutive weeks, as the 12-week run of Cougar Quiz postings takes us up to the start of BYU football training camp in August.

See the seven-week stats, with the average results and times taken for each week's quiz.

Week 1: 58% (8,626 times taken)

Week 2: 38% (6,884 times taken)

Week 3: 47% (10,766 times taken)

Week 4: 55% (8,605 times taken)

Week 5: 55% (7,047 times taken)

Week 6: 58% (9,118 times taken)

Week 7: 51% (7,104 times taken)

Take this week's quiz below, and feel free to pass it along to friends, family and co-workers. If you do particularly well, take to social media to let us know about it.

Good luck!


Greg Wrubell

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