5-year-old cancer patient becomes a pop star

By Amanda Taylor | Posted - May 8th, 2014 @ 9:03pm

SALT LAKE CITY — Five-year-old Addy was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer last year. Inspired by the music videos she watched while going through chemotherapy and radiation, her wish was to be a pop star in a music video.

Make-a-Wish Mid-Atlantic and Blue Sky Films jumped on board to make Addy’s dream come true. She recorded her own version of the song and shot a dream-like video of herself performing for stuffed animals, classmates and the world.

Blue Sky Films was asked by Make-A-Wish to help with the video after seeing their other charitable films.

"As hard as my entire Blue Sky team worked, and we worked really hard, the success of this video all really came down to Addy- Her personality, her spirit, and her absolute bravery of what she's been through at such a young age," Martin Andrews, director of Addy's film, said.

According to Make-a-Wish, pop culture and art were Alexandria, Virginia, resident Addy’s biggest distractions during her difficult battle with cancer. She has since beat the disease, thanks in large part to her cheerful attitude.

"If you met Addy today you would never even know or guess she had just gone through so much," Andrews said. "She's full of life and smiles and laughter and simply put just so much fun to be around. I think each day our crew left the set feeling nothing less than inspired."

Addy loves “cotton candy, chocolate chip ice cream, sparkles, rainbows, reading and coloring — particularly with pink and purple.” Obviously, she is also a Katy Perry fan. Inspired by the lyrics to “Roar,” the 5-year-old is becoming a star as her video is picked up by major outlets.

"When we started this project Addy was a little girl who had just finished her cancer treatments, insecure about her short hair which was just growing back, nervous to meet new people, a bit shy," Andrews said. "By the end of filming, Addy had blossomed into a confident, proud, and ultra-outgoing kid."

Perry herself has not yet commented, as her tour just kicked off in the UK. But she has a history of inspiring fans just like Addy.

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