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Local man opens food truck at Utah Lake

By Faith Heaton Jolley | Posted - Apr 28th, 2014 @ 6:59pm

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LAKE SHORE, Utah County — A Utah man has taken a business venture that includes tasty food to the shores of Utah Lake.

Dan Poulsen approached the Provo Engineering and Parks Division in 2012 with the idea of bringing grilled food to the masses camping and boating at Utah Lake. The idea took awhile to get approved due to gathering zoning and health department permits and planning with the building department, said John McMullin, Engineering and Parks Division manager.

"We'd never been involved with (anything like that) that before," McMullin said. "Lincoln Beach is getting more use every year with camping, but also with access to the lake. I think (the food truck) is a good idea if it’s run properly. I think it will be a benefit for everyone that goes down that way.”

The Provo Engineering and Parks Division approved the idea for having a food cart parked at Lincoln Beach, but by the time the modifications were made and the permits were granted, Poulsen said it was too late in the season to launch his business. So he put his idea on hold and waited until Easter weekend of 2014 to launch the DD Grill.

Poulsen said he thought the idea of having a place to get food near Utah Lake was long overdue.

"I just boat down here my whole life and I've just always thought it would be nice if there was somewhere to get some hot food — where you didn't have to pack an extra cooler," Poulsen said. "When you go out to the lake for a day, you have the option of packing a cooler and eating a soggy sandwich three hours later."

The 40-foot cooking trailer currently serves hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken strips, hot dogs, corndogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, onion rings and french fries. Poulsen said they will also sell bags of ice.

Poulsen said the DD Grill had over 150 customers their first weekend and he is optimistic about the business. He currently serves food from 10 a.m. to dusk every day of the week except in inclement weather. Poulsen said he plans to keep the grill open until Labor Day weekend.

The DD Grill is located at 4700 South Lincoln Beach Road at the south end of Utah Lake. Poulsen said people can get to the DD Grill by driving west on 4th North in Spanish Fork until they reach Utah Lake.

Visitors at Utah Lake also have the option of calling in food orders to (801) 358-5773 if they want the food ready when they dock at shore.


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