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Feeling the Monday blues? 5 moments that made someone's day

By Faith Heaton Jolley | Posted - Apr. 28, 2014 at 11:06 a.m.

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SALT LAKE CITY — Life can be hard. However, there are always those small moments and people that make it worth getting out of bed that day.

Each Monday, we hope to share moments from our readers’ lives that made their days great. Whether it is a kind note from a loved one, an act of kindness or a person with an inspiring attitude, we want to hear about it. If you are having a case of the Monday blues, here are some stories that will make you feel better.

Richard P.

On the gift of giving:

“When my daughter was attending elementary school, the school had an annual spring fling carnival. The kids could earn raffle tickets through good grades as well as helping the teachers and other stuff.

“The last day of the carnival they held a drawing for prizes. If your raffle ticket was picked, you could win a variety of things, from pencils all the way up to the best prize, a brand-new bike. When the last prize of the day was up for grabs, all the children waited to hear the numbers called out by the principal.

“My daughter, Monica, had the winning ticket and was brought up on stage. She whispered words into the teacher's ear and with that the teacher spoke: ‘I would like everyone to hear what Monica just told me. Monica said her birthday just a few short days ago, and her parents bought her a new bike for her birthday. She is wondering if there was someone who didn't have a bike that needed it more than her.’

“I only heard about this kind act after work and to this day hold it in my heart as one of my fondest memories.”

Kerry H.

On helping others:

Have you seen any moments of service or kindness? Do you want to share a story about something that made your day? Email a brief story (100 words or fewer) along with any photos or video to

"A few weeks ago we attended the Home & Garden Expo with my daughter, son-in-law and 2-year-old granddaughter. We didn’t have anything planned for dinner, so my husband and I told them we’d meet up with them at a local restaurant in our town.

"They got to the restaurant before me and my husband arrived. While they were waiting for us, they noticed a young couple pulling out all of their change to pay for the meal they had just shared with each other. My son-in-law and daughter watched as this young couple counted out their change. My son-in-law motioned to the waitress, told her to bring him their bill and he would cover it. He also asked the waitress to do it nonchalantly and keep their little secret between them.

"She walked back over to the young couple's table and told them their bill was covered and to have a good night. I’m so grateful for my daughter and son-in-law's thoughtfulness and willingness to help others in their times of need."

Peggy A.

On looking for the silver linings:

"I was shopping at the Smiths store in Ogden. A store employee with an arm full of flowers approached me and asked if I would like a free rose. I replied ‘I really do need one of these’ and selected a beautiful red rose.

"True, the flower had been marked down as it was past its prime. To me, it was the most beautiful rose I had ever seen. My husband had just been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, and I was at the store trying to find something for him to eat.

"The employee reminded me no matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, to raise my sights and see the possibilities — always see them, for they are always there. The kindness of the employee brightened my day."

Lisa D.

On thoughtful strangers:

"A few weeks ago I went to the neighboring convenience store and bought two or three items costing about $7 or so. When I reached into my purse, I realized that I'd forgotten my wallet at home. I apologized and said I'd come back later.

"The gentleman behind me said he'd pay for it, and I politely declined as it wasn't a matter of life or death. His buddy behind him said, 'If he doesn't pay for it, I will.' I finally caved and said OK.

"It was very sweet. They were working on a construction project and happened to be at the store the same time I was. Nice to know there are such nice people around."

Craig J.

On paying it forward:

"Two weeks ago, my wife and I were stopping at a local drive-thru for lunch, and this gentleman in the vehicle in front of us paid for our meal. We did not know this until we pulled up to the window and the young woman who was working the window said that our meal was already covered.

"At first I was some what sceptical, but it was the real deal, and I had to fight back tears because I couldn't believe someone was so generous to us. Four words came to my mind. First is 'gratitude,' then the following three are 'pay it forward.'"

Have you seen any moments of service or kindness? Do you want to share a story about something that made your day? Email a brief story (100 words or fewer) along with any photos or video to

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