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Woman found by scouts was dependable, friends say

By Devon Dolan | Posted - Oct 13th, 2013 @ 11:15pm

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TOOELE CITY — It was unlike Jane Ashby to disappear, friends said.

Boy Scouts discovered a body that police believe to be the remains of Ashby Saturday. She has been missing since July 31.

Coworkers at the Utah Farm Bureau, where she worked for three years, said she was hardworking, dependable, cheery and never missed a day of work.

When she went missing the tight-knit group of coworkers said they shut down the company and went searching. Ashby was the Vice President and Chief Financial Advisor for the Utah Farm Bureau.

"In my heart of hearts I knew she was gone," said coworker Susan Furner. "But there's always that little ‘but maybe she's not; maybe she's somewhere; maybe we'll find her; maybe she'll come back.' There's always the hope."

Ashby was healing from the loss of her husband Grant, according to coworkers and family. Grant died in December from cancer.

They had been together for about 40 years and Ashby had become his caretaker while he was sick, her stepdaughter Cindy Wylde said. When he died, Ashby lost her sense of purpose, she said.

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"I think she tried to fight it; I think she tried to get involved in other things," Wylde said. "But that was her personality, to be a caretaker. And when that was gone, she just didn't recover like we all thought maybe she was."

Family said they're relieved her body was found and now they hope to find closure.

According to police, her car went off a road in Tooele County and plummeted 800 to 1000 feet down a mountainside.

Ashby was a devoted member of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, her family said. She planned to go on a mission for the church. She had started a group for widows, taught genealogy and was part of a rotary club.

The CEO of the Utah Farm Bureau said they held out for two months to fill her position, hoping she would return.

"Jane left big foot prints. Her shoes are going to be hard to fill," said Chief Executive Officer at the Utah Farm Bureau Randy Parker.

She leaves behind a daughter and four step-children.


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