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New art gallery opens at City Creek

SALT LAKE CITY — An art gallery at City Creek just opened in downtown Salt Lake. The owner said the gallery offers inspirational works from artists throughout the country.

Art that inspires and uplifts is the theme of the new gallery. 36 artists from 14 states showcase their works here, including Jeff Legg.

"I truly believe that our spirit can get into the painting, into the work and it's a reflection of The Creator," Legg said.

Co-owner Jane Bell Meyer named her new gallery "Illume." She said it means the spreading of light.

"A non-denominational gallery that's filled with inspirational art seemed like it needed to be in Salt Lake City," Meyer said.

Meyer owns two successful galleries in St. George. She said the location of Illume, at the corner of South Temple and State Street, was carefully chosen.

"We did want street access, so we're at the very outside corner," Meyer said. "It doesn't have the feeling of the mall."

Meyer said the artists are excited about the new showcase for their work. Award-winning filmmaker, Lee Groberg, is creating a documentary about the artists focused on freedom — a theme he's used in previous projects.

Illume gallery information

At Illume, the artists have the choice to paint or sculpt what they wish to create. Lori Putnam, an artist from Nashville, said she was drawn to the freedom of the gallery's mission.

"A lot of people wait a long time to find a gallery who says to them, ‘I just want you to paint. I'm not going to tell you what to paint, I just want you to be inspired,' " Putnam said.

The owners and the artists said they hope the artwork brings beauty to the city center. They hope visitors will leave feeling better than before they came because of the art.