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Photo of mother dismayed at baby announcement goes viral

By Cait Orton | Posted - Jul 17th, 2013 @ 12:31pm

SALT LAKE CITY — Brittany Frisbie has been surrounded by boys for most of her life; she grew up with four brothers and now she and her husband have four sons.

The Frisbies, who live near Provo, are expecting again and had high hopes for a girl. However, a recent sonogram revealed they are going to have a fifth son.

“We thought it would be nice to have a girl somewhere in the mix so my wife could have someone to do girly things with and dress her up like a princess and do hair braids,” Isaac Fisbie, Brittany’s husband, told ABC News.

They went a less traditional route in announcing their baby’s gender. The couple posted a photo on Reddit where it went viral with nearly 4,000 comments.

The photo shows Brittany hunched over, hand on her forehead and pretending to cry. She's surrounded by her four sons standing on a couch dressed and posing as superheros. Her husband joined in on the fun as well, dressed in an outfit he said was “geek-related” with a lightsaber toy sword.

“With a house full of boys, you can imagine how many (costumes) we've acquired throughout the year,” Isaac Frisbie said in an interview with Yahoo! Shine. “We threw tissues on the floor to make it seem like Brittany was crying, and the boys jumped around.”

I was going to be the one pretending to cry while my wife danced around wearing a tutu and a crown and waving a wand.

–Isaac Frisbie

Reddit commenters shared their own family experiences, some posting about parents wanting one gender and then getting twins of the other. Isaac Frisbie said the couple had never done gender announcements for their kids before and didn’t expect the photo to gain traction on Reddit.

As a backup plan in case of a baby girl, the Frisbies were planning on a similar style photo for the announcement.

“I was going to be the one pretending to cry while my wife danced around wearing a tutu and a crown and waving a wand,” Isaac Frisbie said.

Brittany Frisbie, along with two of the couple’s four sons, were hoping for a baby girl, but the family was more happy that the baby is healthy, regardless of the gender.

“We wanted a healthy child, which is what we have,” Isaac Frisbie said. “That’s ultimately all we cared about. We just wanted to make sure it was healthy.”

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