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Strange mesh bag found in gallon of milk

By Ashley Kewish | Posted - Jun 28th, 2013 @ 5:20pm

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Alison Quenneville often shops at the Smiths grocery store near her home in Saratoga Springs. She buys the usual things, the same things virtually every family does — including milk. That's why it was so disturbing for her to find a fine mesh bag in that she and her family had almost entirely finished.

Neither the store nor Alison have any idea where it came from.

At eight months pregnant, Quenneville admits she still gets a little queasy from time to time. But when she poured the white bag out of her Mountain Dairy 2 percent milk, she almost went over the edge, she said.

"We were disgusted and grossed out, so we didn't fill up the sippy cups with the milk," she said.

At first she believed it to be a hairnet, but now she's not so sure, and has more questions than answers.

"If that can get in the milk with nobody noticing, what else could get in the milk," she said.

Administrators at Smiths call the issue "perplexing" because "this item shown in the photos is not something found in any part of our milk processing operations, so this mystery will require further investigation."

If that can get in the milk with nobody noticing, what else could get in the milk.

–Alison Quenneville

They said the store was able to trace this particular jug of milk back to its Layton factory, but managers still are not sure how it got there.

In March, Smiths came under scrutiny when a man and woman claimed they found razor blades in doughnuts sold at the store. That couple was later arrested when those claims turned out to be fabricated.

Quenneville said she isn't looking for any kind of financial compensation, she just doesn't want to see it happen again.

"I just want them to provide better quality control on where they get their milk from," she said.


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