Norwegian teens return more than $80K found on train

By Faith Heaton Jolley | Posted - Apr 22nd, 2013 @ 10:32am

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OSLO, Norway — Two Norwegian teenagers proved to be modern-day Good Samaritans after they found $81,500 on a train and returned it to the the rightful owner.

Bendik, 16, and his friend were traveling on a train running between Oslo and a small town in southeastern Norway when they made the discovery, The Raw Story reported. After opening the bag found on the train seat, the teenagers discovered 467,000 kroner (around 62,000 euros, or $81,500) inside.

"When I opened the bag, the first thing I saw were these wads and wads of bills," Bendik said. "My first thought was to call the police."

After further investigating the bag, the teenagers found a passport identifying the owner, a man in his 70s. The man was expected to pick up the money from police on April 11.

Police said they did not suspect any foul play behind the large amount of cash, and they said they did not know if the man had rewarded the teenagers for their honesty.


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