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2013 GMC Sierra Denali offers more than just a truck for hauling cargo

By Brian Champagne, Contributor | Posted - Apr 14th, 2013 @ 7:01pm

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SALT LAKE CITY — Junk you gotta haul is one reason to buy a truck. Another?

“You can pull it out anywhere and park it,” says USU student Jenna Lynn. “And you lay in the back and you can look at the stars. It’s romantic.”

Fellow USU student Tmera Bradley adds: “It’s really loud, and it’s powerful. And it’s pretty attractive.”

Lynn and Bradley don't just love the vehicles. Lynn notes that all of her boyfriends have driven trucks. Bradley says that a lot of the guys she dates drive trucks, too.

Lynn notes that having a truck isn't a requirement for dating her — it's just worked out that way so far.

Because they're big fans of trucks, Lynn and Bradley were allowed to take a 2013 GMC Sierra Denali for a test drive.

Their conclusions? The Sierra Denali is equipped for everything.

"It’s big, but it’s not too big," Lynn said.

Apparently she doesn’t mind making three-point U-turns.

Bradley considered it smooth and easy to operate. “And it has a lot of cool features like the seat warmers and the sunroof,” she says

But the ladies claim the features say less about someone than the truck itself.

“It’s just cool because if you ever need anything, they’ve got a truck;” Bradley says. “They can do anything; they can go off-road; they can haul all your stuff; they’re the biggest thing on the road. They own it.”

To drive a 2013 Denali, the owner has to be able to afford 16 miles-per-gallon fuel economy. And with all these added features, the Denali retails for over $53,000.

Automatic downshifting, traction control, power pedals, memory seats up front and power foldaways in back — the Denali is loaded with everything, including your dog. But not someone’s junk.

Brian Champagne has reported on cars for more than nine years. He holds a Masters Degree in Communications from the University of the Pacific, and teaches at Utah State University.


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