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Trailers from chemical depot donated to school district

By Dave Cawley | Posted - Apr 8th, 2013 @ 8:26am

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TOOELE — The Tooele Valley has been vital in American efforts to dispose of chemical weapons. Now that effort will directly benefit school kids.

The stockpiles of deadly nerve agents are gone, and government contractors are tearing down the Deseret Chemical Depot. Much of the equipment there has to go through rigorous cleaning and dismantling. But two trailers that served as office space are finding new life in the Tooele School District.

Following a full screening and bidding process, no organization was interested in the trailers. So, URS Corporation directly contacted local agencies and found that the school district was interested.

"(School district officials) came down and we did a walk-down of the trailers with them. They seemed to be pleased and they wanted to go ahead and re-utilize those for some classrooms," said Robert Herrera, URS logistics supervisor.

"They're planning on using them for the Stansbury Elementary and Stansbury High School," he added.

URS said the trailers are in good shape and will only require minor renovations.

A statement from district Superintendent Terry Linares said in part, "TCSD is appreciative of the donation from Deseret Chemical Depot and is grateful for their support of the schools and their activities."

The trailers have a combined worth of about $80,000.


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