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Sunday Edition: Legislature 2013, talking about race and Snake Valley water

By Richard Piatt | Posted - Mar 31st, 2013 @ 9:00am

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SALT LAKE CITY — In this Sunday Edition, Governor vetoes, possible overrides and a closer look at how well the Legislature did on dealing with the issues most important to voters. Plus, race and language. See what happened when Utah students and parents explored the volatility of the "N" word. And, Utah versus Nevada over water rights in the Snake Valley: Doug Wright offers his opinion.

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The governor has already vetoed the controversial "constitutional carry" gun bill from the 2013 Legislature, HB76.

But it's not clear if he'll veto any more. That point is important, since Many Lawmakers predict an override session could unlikely if only one bill is involved. But the Governor has until Wednesday to decide. Joining Richard Piatt to discuss that and the successes and failures of the legislature: Lisa Riley Roche with the Deseret News, Majority Whip Greg Hughes and Steve Kroes, president of the Utah Foundation.

Segment 2

We think it's important to talk frankly about race and language. So did a group you're about to meet, which invited civil rights advocate, Pastor France Davis to get the conversation going. In this investigative report, News Specialist Jed Boal shows what happened when basketball players and parents explored the volatility of the "N" word.

Science and religion often butt heads, but there is agreement on one point: Forgiveness is an important part of a full and healthy life. In today's Deseret News reporter Lois Collins wrote a special feature on the topic and she stopped by to discuss why she chose to write about forgiveness.

Segment 3

A water battle between Utah and Nevada is brewing in the Snake Valley. Utahns fear Las Vegas will suck dry the fragile area, and its aquifers. Governor Herbert has been sitting on a bi-state agreement. In Doug Wright's opinion, Nevada has stacked the deck against Utah.

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