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Student plane crashes at Provo Airport; pilot uninjured

PROVO — A student involved in a plane crash at the Provo Airport Thursday walked away uninjured.

According to Provo Fire Capt. Tom Torgersen , the student was flying a single-engine training plane from Spanish Fork Diamond Flight Center when the plane crashed.

The plane was coming in for a landing and was either going too fast or coming in too hard into the runway, Torgersen said.

Witnesses said the landing gear bounced off of the runway and back into the air; and then the plane's right wing touched the ground and spun the aircraft around. It came to a stop at the north end the airport.

"When we arrived, our first crew went out there and assessed it," Torgersen said. "The student was out of the plane, he was walking around. There was no fuel leak, there was no fire and no real emergency."

The crash temporarily closed two of the runways, but one was reopened shortly after while emergency personnel remained on scene.

The closures affected only private flights, Torgensen said.