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Brawl between neighbors leads to police standoff

By Jessica Ivins | Posted - Mar 17th, 2013 @ 8:56pm

MILFORD — Police stormed a Beaver County house and arrested a man inside after he allegedly threatened to kill his neighbor.

Beaver County Sheriff Cameron Noel said a fight broke out around 4 p.m. Sunday between 24-year-old Samuel Weiss and his neighbor. Weiss pulled out a .22 long rifle and threatened the other man's life, Noel said.

When police arrived, Weiss barricaded himself inside his home at 748 S. 100 West. Officers tried unsuccessfully to get him to come outside, so they called a SWAT team to assist.

The team fired tear gas into the home, and finally broke through the door to take Weiss into custody, Noel said. The standoff lasted close to two hours.

According to neighbors and police records, this wasn't the first time Weiss had been involved in a violent encounter.

"We found out that he has had quite a few run-ins with his neighbors and people that he's worked with," said Noel. "He's made threats of killing employees that he worked with in the past. A lot of that had not been reported to us until tonight."

Weiss has a lengthy criminal record that includes multiple arrests in New Mexico and Nevada for violent crimes and assaults on peace officers. Investigators learned he'd been seen walking along Main Street on Saturday holding the same gun used in the assault.

"He really posed a danger to the community," Noel said.

Both Weiss and the neighbor sustained minor injuries in the fight. Noel said Weiss was under the influence of alcohol the time.

He was booked into the Beaver County Jail on suspicion of several felony charges — including brandishing a firearm and assault.

"Everything went well for a small community and the resources we have," Noel said. "We were able to take him into custody without anybody getting injured and that's what we're happy about."

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