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Sunday Edition: Legislative review, adopting from Haiti and the anti-discrimination bill

By Richard Piatt | Posted - Mar 17th, 2013 @ 9:00am

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SALT LAKE CITY — In this Sunday Edition we'll review the 2013 Legislative Session with leadership from both parties.

Plus, a family who recently adopted children from Haiti explains why the process was difficult. And Doug Wright offers his opinion on the anti-discrimination bill and why he believes the Legislature needs to make more forceful action.

Segment 1

The 2013 Utah Legislative session is now history. A 13 billion dollar budget has been passed, and several hundred laws are set to go into effect later this year. Richard Piatt discussed the session with leadership from both parties.

Segment 2

Haiti has received a lot of criticism for the way they have handled adoptions.

Orphanages are packed with children who are not actually orphans but because of dire poverty their parents gave them up.

Haiti has changed adoption laws and that has made it a lot more difficult for families in the U.S. to adopt. The Wunderli family recently returned from Haiti with their three adopted children and shared their experience.

Segment 3

Proponents of a statewide anti-discrimination bill have tried for years to get one passed. This year they came closer than they ever have before but it still failed. In Doug Wright's opinion the legislature needs to take more forceful action next year.

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