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Record-setting 40 time not official; how to make a Louisville Slugger; and badminton is awesome

By John Clyde | Posted - Mar 6th, 2013 @ 12:32pm

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MINNESOTA— The University of Minnesota had its pro day on Monday, and a wide receiver from the University of Northern Iowa, invited to participate, ran the fastest 40 in the NFL in the last 30 years, kind of.

So, Terell Sinkfield ran the 40 three times and clocked a 4.27, a 4.19 and then a 4.44 because he tripped.

With a 4.19, Sinkfield would be the fastest 40 ever at the NFL combine, beating out Chris Johnson. The reason the record is up in the air is because apparently Sinkfield's 4.19 was not clocked electronically.

While the 4.19 may not be official, it's safe to say that Sinkfield is incredibly fast.

Making a Louisville Slugger

Whether you like watching baseball or not, it's a part of America. The smell of the grass, the feel of the dirt and the sound and feel of the bat. And you know what, that bat is usually a Louisville Slugger.

Dick's Sporting Goods teamed up with Louisville Slugger to make this video of how a bat is made. At the end, we realize it's just a commercial informing us that Dick's sells wooden Louisville bats, but let's just focus on the cool part of the actual construction.

We get a glimpse at how personalized bats are made for MLB stars. We see an order for Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder Ben Revere as his custom bat is carved out of a piece of pine. I assume it's pine, I don't know if that's true.

For some reason it's cool as a baseball fan and former Sandy Babe Ruth Baseball little-league legend to see this iconic piece of sports equipment made.

Badminton is cool

I know more about soccer than badminton, and that's saying a lot because I know you kick a ball in soccer and fake injuries, that's about where my knowledge ends. However, just because I don't know much about badminton doesn't mean it's not awesome.

During a match between Julien Maio and Romain Eudeline, an insane volley takes place. Is it called a volley in badminton?

Anyway, the two go back and forth for a while, and after Maio's second diving save, Eudeline thinks it's his chance to take advantage of his opponent being facedown on the ground. Eudeline unloads with a strong hit and Maio extends his arm in one last-ditch effort and manages to return the shot and win the point.

Both players are exhausted and in shock after the shot. If you're not careful you'll miss how impressive the shot is, so you may want to run through it twice.

John Clyde

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