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Man missing on snowmobiling trip found

By David Self Newlin and Faith Heaton Jolley | Posted - Dec 16th, 2012 @ 3:04pm

WASATCH COUNTY — A man who has been missing since Saturday after leaving his home to go snowmobiling near Strawberry Resevoir has been found.

Michale Evan Robison left home Saturday afternoon to go snowmobiling alone, according to Lt. Jeff Winterton with the Wasatch County Sheriff's Office.

Robison did not tell anyone where he would be, Winterton said, and was not dressed appropriately for the weather.

About ten miles north of the Strawberry River Trailhead, Robison's snowmobile became stuck and he was unable to extricate it and leave the area. Winterton said that Robison was unfamiliar with the area, which led to his stranding.

Robinson spent the day working to move the vehicle, but was unable to do so and began walking back down the trail, according to Winterton.

After Robison didn't return home his family began searching for him Sunday morning.

Three search and rescue teams adding up to 25 people were also dispatched on snowmobiles to search for Robison in three locations along the trail, Winterton said.

His blue van was located in the parking lot at the Strawberry River Trailhead at about 10:15 a.m. Sunday. About an hour later, one of the teams found Robison .

"He broke all the cardinal rules of snowmobiling or recreating in the outdoors," said Winterton, who claimed that Robison told no one where he was, did not bring a partner, was not familiar with the area and was not dressed appropriately.

Robison was not injured. Medical personnel checked and released him Sunday morning.

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