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Twins born on 12-12-12 weigh 12 lbs. 12 oz.

By Geoff Liesik | Posted - Dec 16th, 2012 @ 9:01am

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VERNAL — Will and Levi Boekwig were supposed to be New Year's Day babies.

They have a much more memorable birthdate instead.

The twins' mother, Becky, wasn't expected to deliver the boys until Jan. 1. But when she began experiencing complications Tuesday, her doctor decided to deliver the babies by Cesarean section the following day.

So when the boys were born at Ashley Regional Medical Center on Wednesday, Dec. 12, they increased the size of John and Becky Boekweg's family from 10 to 12, joining sisters AnneMarie, Nicole, Samantha and Leah, and brothers John Jr., Evan, Jason and Hans.

But the "twelves" don't stop there.

"I was still in surgery, so (a nurse) came in to tell me how much they weighed and the oldest, Will, was 6 (pounds) 4 (ounces) and Levi was 6 (pounds) 8 (ounces)," Becky Boekweg said. "So all of the sudden I added that up and it was 12 pounds 12 ounces."

Luckily, both boys are in perfect health, despite arriving three weeks early.

Others hope that luck might rub off on them, too.

"I went and got on and tried to get our insurance updated and the insurance person on the other (end of the) line said, 'If you get them a lotto ticket, I want one,'" John Boekweg said.


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