Natural remedies for your family's winter maladies

Natural remedies for your family's winter maladies

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SALT LAKE CITY — Winter is upon us and with it comes the usual set of maladies: colds, coughs, flus and doctor visits. Assuming you're like me and don't like waiting in rooms full of sick people — and if you like to keep money in your pocket — you do have options to overcome illnesses while staying away from the doctor.

Nature has provided us with an abundance of tools. With the proper knowledge, we can sometimes benefit without needing an appointment or prescription. It stands to reason that many of the ingredients in pills are found naturally — you just have to know where to look.

If you’re a parent whose children has stained the carpet with vomit or whose sleeves have gone hard and dark from wiping their nose, there is good news. You have solutions. Here are a few of them:



Cinnamon is a powerful purifier and oxygenator. Chinese people found cinnamon to be helpful for colds, nausea, diarrhea and even flatulence. Cinnamon is an anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal. Cinnamon has also been found to stop medication-resistant yeast inspections.

If you are using cinnamon as a spice, simply ingest the product any way you prefer: Cinnamon twists are a tasty alternative. If you’re using oils, cinnamon can be placed directly on the area of concern. It can also be rubbed on the feet or sometimes it can be taken internally. If you buy cinnamon oil and intend to take it internally, make sure you get a brand that can be used that way.


Thank goodness for citrus. Lemons are a wonderful discovery: Lemons are so powerful the Romans used them as a treatment for poison. Lemon is an excellent way to deal with infections or to break a fever. Lemon juice is also a natural antiseptic — use it anywhere that you might choose to get rid of germs, virus and molds.

Any more suggestions?
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But there is more to citrus than the mighty lemon. Grapefruit contains a good deal of Vitamin C, which supports the immune system. Wild orange is excellent for killing bacteria, virus and pathogens.

There are a number of ways to use these citrus miracles: The first and easiest is to stock them in your home, then make your children eat them. When force-feeding fails, or when you don’t necessarily want to smear an orange all over your counters, there are other options. If you have oil extracts, they can be used in a solution with your house-cleaning efforts. A few drops of lemon oil on a rag can do wonders to decontaminate the kitchen counter — and the rag. Finally, don’t forget to apply a drop or two of lemon juice to the water you drink — it’s good for you, and tasty.


Rosemary is a common herb, but the benefits of its creation are not as well known. Rosemary has been used to treat a wide range of ailments, including upset stomachs and digestive disorders. This wonderful herb may also provide an important defense against cancer. Rosemary can be used in any number of recipes and you can buy it almost anywhere.

Doctors: a time and a place

By all means — if you need to see a doctor, go see a doctor. If your child is bleeding out, their skull is cracked open, or if your husband looks like a walking zombie — please see a doctor. On the other hand, you can reduce your waiting-room visits with a few simple steps. After all, do you really want your children sitting in seats that were just occupied by someone with a scurvy disease?

They don’t call them "waiting rooms" for nothing. Avoid them when you can, and save your family money and time in the process. With natural remedies and the knowledge of how and when to use them, you can really be the natural household healer your family relies on you to be.

A health coach and natural healer, Julie Haslem is a mom that believes in empowering parents everywhere. Find her online at or on Facebook by searching "The Natural Healer."


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