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Authorities searching for connections to home robbers posing as police

By Andrew Adams | Posted - Oct 5th, 2012 @ 12:33pm

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SANDY — Sandy Police are reaching out to other police agencies to see if a group of home robbers posing as cops may have committed other crimes together.

Sgt. Jon Arnold said Friday the group showed a significant level of coordination in raiding an elderly couple's home Thursday morning, and that suggests they may have worked together before.

"It appears that it was planned out, they knew what they were doing, what they were looking for specifically," Arnold said. "Whether or not they had the right house? Unfortunately that portion of the planning may not have been correct."

Clayton Green told KSL Thursday the suspects, after tying him and his wife up, asked repeatedly for the combination to an old safe. Green said he didn't know what the combination was, and there was nothing of value inside it.

Burglars impersonate police, ransack elderly couple's home

Though detectives had already begun the process of calling around to other police agencies to investigate any possible connections to other crimes, Arnold declined to disclose what the findings were.

Arnold said the suspects' level of coordination was "pretty good."

"They have to plan that out so that everybody knows what the other person's doing," Arnold said. "They have to have that coordinated, otherwise it doesn't work and this group appeared to be well-coordinated.

Arnold said police still did not have a very detailed description for any of the suspects, other than the race of a couple of them. They were last seen by a neighbor driving away in a white cargo-style van.


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