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Doug Wright & the Movies- "Transformers", "License to Wed"

Doug Wright & the Movies- "Transformers", "License to Wed"

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Doug Wright Reporting

If Reverend Frank's preparation for marriage course were required for everyone, civilization as we know it would end and nobody would tie the knot.

Fond memories of childhood and family ties lead sweet Sadie Jones-played by Mandy Moore-to seek the blessing of Reverend Frank-played by Robin Williams-in the new film, "License to Wed."

Along with her fiancé, Ben-played by John Krasinski-they're subjected to the Rev's grueling, refining fire that includes eavesdropping, voyeurism and swat-team-like intervention if the couple is about to stray from the rigid guidelines.

If they don't pass, they don't get his blessing and can't be married in the church.

Williams is an enormous talent but what a waste here. The all too scarce sweet or even funny moments in "License to Wed" are no where near justification for enduring this film.

I kept waiting for Sadie and Ben to file a lawsuit for clergy abuse.

Just 1 ½ stars for "License to Wed," and it's rated PG-13. The big movie this week is "Transformers."

Shia LaBeouf stars as Sam Witwicky, who acquires a vintage Camaro that seems to have a life of its own.

Ah, but it's no coincidence that Sam ends up with this vehicle…..seems Sam is related to, and has a critical piece of information from an arctic explorer who many years ago made a revolutionary discovery, but was discredited and labeled "crazy" so the startling ramifications could be hidden by a secret branch of the government.

But when the war between Autobots-the good guys-and Decepticons-the bad guys-makes its way to Earth, everybody gets a rude awakening, especially Sam who finds out his Camaro is really an Autobot.

The fans of transformers were transfixed in the screening I attended, but for me…well, it was a little overwhelming and started to feel long.

But still, the characters were appealing, the story, while complex, is compelling and it was fun to just buckle up and go along for the ride.

"Transformers" gets 3 stars and it's rated PG-13.

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