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Question for the candidates: Morgan Philpot (R)

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Candidate Questionnaire: Morgan Philpot (R)1. What is your top priority for the United States?Stop the out-of-control spending and start getting America's economy back on track. This can best be accomplished by; 1) renewing our belief in a smaller federal government limited in its scope and power by the U.S. Constitution; 2) requiring Congress to pass a budget and to balance that budget. Also, given the failure of Congress to control its spending I believe in imposing spending limitations on Congress.

  1. Describe your solution to the U.S. illegal immigration problem. What specifically should be done about the over 10-million illegal immigrants who are now in the United States? Do you favor or oppose some kind of pathway to legal status for the current illegal immigrants? A pathway to legal status has come to mean amnesty. Amnesty is an option that is not fair to legal immigrants, the American people, or to those waiting to immigrate legally. We should start with securing the border. Then we work on removing incentives and creating a more streamlined immigration process. We will need to revisit quotas for legal immigration and guest worker programs and make sure that they represent a realistic number. Given our current unjust laws and failed enforcement policies we should look at streamlining and eliminating penalties for re-entry for illegal immigrants who self deport.
  2. Do you support the Affordable Care Act (health care reform)? If not, how would you fix America's health care crisis? I will work to defund and repeal Obamacare. I believe there are much more reasonable solutions that cost far less and do far more than what was passed in March. Health care is best left to the states and at a very minimum (if repeal cannot be achieved) I will seek ways to provide waivers to states who can achieve better solutions. We could also look at opening up health insurance to be purchased across state lines. We need to look at tort reform and the list goes on and on.
  3. What can be done to improve the U.S. economy?First, we need a Congress that believes in creating economic certainty for American businesses and that respects the free-market principles that have made America the most abundant and prosperous nation on the face of the earth. Instead of adjourning my opponent should have acted and voted to make permanent the Bush Tax Cuts. I will support all efforts to make these permanent. Second, we have to pull back on all the burdensome regulation that creates an undue burden on small business. The 1099 tax form reporting (which was pushed into Obamacare) is a perfect example of the kinds of regulations that punish business and drive up costs.
  4. Utah is famous for its beautiful landscapes. What will you do to protect and promote these areas? Utah does have beautiful landscapes and the State, Counties, and people of Utah deserve a more prominent seat at the table when it comes to protecting, accessing, and controlling the roads and lands within our boundaries. We are a sovereign State not a geographic area administrator for the Federal government.
  5. What are your views on federal funding for embryonic and adult stem cell research? I am opposed to embryonic stem cell research.
  6. Are you willing to work with members of other political parties to accomplish changes in Washington? Compromise in and of itself is not a virtue. For example, when Washington D.C. compromises our children's future through reckless Stimulus spending, adjourning before extending the Bush Tax cuts thus bringing about one of the largest tax hikes in American history, and raising the debt ceiling by two-trillion dollars, we should be outraged. If compromise means accomplishing positive change that moves us toward a smaller more limited government and putting more power back into the hands of the States and the people, then I am all for compromise.
  7. What are your views on nuclear testing? I am absolutely opposed to it, and given that we are further away from underground nuclear testing than ever before, we need to be wary of politicians who exploit the issue to create fear and to distract attention away from some of the most critical issue of our time.
  8. When you are forming an opinion on an issue, who do/will you ask for advice and information? I have a deep and abiding love for Liberty and the Constitution of the United States with its accompanying document the Declaration of Independence. When it comes to legislation, I turn to the principles of good government found in these founding documents. I am also not an expert in every policy issue and so will look to personal beliefs and trusted friends and advisors to help me assess legislation presented in Congress.
  9. What is the one personal trait/characteristic that you want voters to know about you, and why is that important in this race?As a Utah Legislator at the age of 28, I developed a reputation as a fighter not easily deterred by what seemed impossible to some. Nothing in Washington comes easily. It takes someone with tenacity and conviction to fight for the things that will make our nation freer and less reliant on what has become an excessive and unsustainable federal government.


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