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Have You Seen This? Ice encased car gets professionally defrosted

By Mary Dalrymple,  |  Posted Jan 3rd, 2018 @ 3:30pm



LAKE ERIE — When one driver parked his car on the shore of Lake Erie a few winters ago, he probably didn't expect to return to the vehicle to find it looking more like an ice castle than a car.

The Weather Channel released this video Tuesday of a car that became completely encased in ice after a 2016 winter storm. The car is pretty cool to look at, with thick icicles cascading all across it, but I definitely wouldn't want to be the one to have to remove all that ice.

According to the video, the car's owner parked his vehicle by the lake before heading out for a night with friends, but as meteorologist Mark Elliot puts it, "You might want to try to leave the car slightly further from the lake before the night of fun begins."

I can tell you that if I came back to my car looking like this, whatever night of fun I'd had probably wouldn't feel worth it anymore. And even though this happened a few years ago, since it's apparently so cold in some parts of the country right now that sharks are dying, I think the risk of this happening again is high.

Yesterday's Have You Seen This?

After we get a good look at the frozen car in the video, The Weather Channel gives us a little explainer on how to free a car stuck like this, and yes, professionals had to be called in.

"First, apply 350 pounds of calcium flakes," the video says. "That calcium powder is just going to eat through this ice with its heating power... You know, law of thermodynamics here."

Well, good to know, and thank you for the information, The Weather Channel, but I think I will just go ahead and stay safely away from all bodies of water during all future freezing windstorms.

Mary Dalrymple,
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