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Have You Seen This? Watch one of the world’s newest instruments in action

By Mary Dalrymple,  |  Posted Dec 28th, 2017 @ 1:02pm



THE BAND — When I was in fifth grade, my claim to fame was that I played the glockenspiel in my school choir's Christmas concert.

My choir teacher made this task sound like a great honor, something that would be way cooler than just playing the recorder like everyone else. I practiced for weeks before the day came to audition and luckily my few years of piano lessons were enough to make me the most qualified fifth-grade glockenspiel player.

When the night of the concert came, I was happy to have my own solo while everyone else played their easy little recorder song in unison. Basically, I just wanted to be doing whatever was the coolest, most unique thing and because I was impressionable and my choir teacher convincing, I believed at the time that the glockenspiel was that cool, unique thing.

But not anymore. Now, the cool, unique thing is much more like the recorder than anything else.

Monday's Have You Seen This?

In a video created by Quartz, we get a look at one of the world's newest instruments: the Venova.

The Venova is a single-reed instrument designed by Yamaha, and it does sound pretty cool. The instrument is a mix between a recorder and a saxophone, and apparently, its unique shape makes it easier to play. According to the video, musicians can play a full two-octave range in the key of C.

Enjoy listening to these musicians play their Venovas, and you're welcome for introducing you to this cool new thing before it takes off. If you too are someone who always wants to be doing the most unique, new thing, try to get your hands on one of these instruments as soon as possible.

Mary Dalrymple,
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