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Researchers launch new study to see if hyperbaric oxygen treatments enhance concussion recovery

By Erin Goff  |  Posted Dec 21st, 2017 @ 6:43pm



MURRAY — While a majority of concussion patients recover quickly with rest, some experience long-lasting effects years afterward.

Intermountain Healthcare researchers are launching a new study to see if hyperbaric oxygen treatments will help those patients.

"Some people believe with a blunt force injury to the brain times goes by that perhaps the brain is idling in a way, it's dysfunctional and these "supra" doses of oxygen help," said Dr. Lindell Weaver, medical director of Hyperbaric Medicine at Intermountain Medical Center and LDS Hospital.

Researchers are looking for 90 adult patients who received a concussion and a year later are still experiencing symptoms.

"Symptoms are often headaches, dizziness... if they're not thinking like they used to, things like that, Weaver said.

The treatments are free. Each hyperbaric oxygen treatment lasts about an hour.

Approved participants will undergo 40 hyperbaric chamber sessions during a 12-week period.

Researchers will blindly divide the participants into three groups. Some will receive normal air with 21 percent oxygen. Others will receive pressurized air with 21 percent oxygen or pressurized hyperbaric oxygen, with 100 percent oxygen.

"This particular (study) is funded locally by the Intermountain Research Medical Foundation and a local philanthropy funding organization," Weaver said.

If interested in participating, call 801-408-3623 or email

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