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Make Your Week: Kind stranger helps mother free stuck SUV

By Faith Heaton Jolley,  |  Posted Nov 21st, 2017 @ 2:01pm



SALT LAKE CITY — It’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday.

If you are like me, you are anxiously counting down the hours until the Thanksgiving holiday and your workload is hovering like an obstacle keeping you from freedom. Sometimes, life can be stressful and the holiday breaks can’t come soon enough.

If you are feeling particularly tired or down, we have a boost for you. The “Make Your Week” column features uplifting stories sent in from people outside the newsroom.

To send in the stories that have made your day better, email them in 100 words or less to Photos and videos are encouraged.

Getting help when needed

Kristy H.

“My 5-year-old daughter and I had an amazing time attending the Thursday performance of "Disney On Ice" together. When we returned to our car in the north Gateway parking garage, I realized how close to the cement wall I had actually parked. As I attempted to back out, I heard a loud scrape. I immediately placed my vehicle in park and jumped out the passenger side (my driver’s side was too close to the wall to even get out) to see what I had done. The side step of my SUV was completely wedged against the cement wall. I knew if I pulled forward I would take out the door and if I reversed I would destroy the rear fender. I was stuck.

“There is no cell service in the parking garage, not that it mattered since my husband was at home with our baby nearly two hours away. I stood against the back of my car, facing exiting traffic, and repeated over and over again in my mind, ‘Heavenly Father, please send me someone who can help.’ I stood there for several minutes reciting my plea until I decided I had better walk back around my car and get my daughter out so I could figure out what to do. By that point, we were both in tears.

“As soon as I unbuckled my daughter, a beautiful woman was behind me and asked, 'Do you need help?' I just started to sob and said yes. She said she would get her husband, but he was already on his way to my car. As she went back to her own car, full of undoubtedly worn-out kids as it was nearing 10 p.m. by this point, her husband proceeded to guide me out of my parking spot without adding any further damage to my vehicle.

“I don't know how that kind father managed to get me unstuck, but I do know who sent him to me. I told him he was a direct answer to my prayers and he immediately credited his sweet wife who told him he needed to stop. I am so thankful for that sweet family.”

Faith Heaton Jolley,
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